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The perfect game. It's one of the most elusive feats in all of sports, much less sports video games. Personally, I have never quite gotten over the hump and pitched a perfect game -- but there are several of you out there that obviously have.

Now it's your turn to share your story! Let us know what game you did it in, who you did it with, the final score, and even (if you want to admit to it) what difficulty level you did it on!

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# 1 LowerWolf @ 05/07/13 02:25 PM
I have, but it was a loooooong time ago. We're talking NES days.
# 2 zkiesel @ 05/07/13 02:37 PM
I've pitched a few no-hitters, but never a perfect game. My last no-no was with Ted Lilly in MLB 12: The Show against the Padres. I also had one with Edwin Jackson on MLB 2K12 against the Mets. Both were on a difficulty level that challenged me to the fullest.
# 3 PVarck31 @ 05/07/13 02:43 PM
MVP 05 with Chris Carpenter.

I recently threw a 1 hit shut out with Clayton Kershaw in the Show 13.
# 4 Monk20 @ 05/07/13 02:58 PM
I can't remember which MLB:The Show it was but I threw one with Franklin Morales.
# 5 Str8Edge4Life @ 05/07/13 03:00 PM
I've thrown no-hitters with Pedro Martinez in MLB 2k5 against the Braves and CC Sabathia in MLB 06: The Show against the White Sox, but I can't remember if they were perfect games as it's been too long for me to remember if they were.
# 6 Sportzfan0290 @ 05/07/13 03:06 PM
Probably one of the older MLB games I did recently when I just got 13 the show allowed a hit in the 8th opening day as Blue Jays with RA Dicky.
# 7 BoTiger @ 05/07/13 03:21 PM
I pitched a perfect game a long time ago with one of the 2K baseball games. I was using Jon Lester of the Red Sox. I just remember hitting the corners and throwing curveballs in the dirt once I got 2 strikes on them.
# 8 sammysosa @ 05/07/13 03:22 PM
Came close once.. I have pitched a no hitter before though..
# 9 Smallfrie09 @ 05/07/13 03:33 PM
I threw one in one of the older 2k games. It was with Ervin Santana before he had his breakout year. I believe it was against the Royals. My heart was pounding the whole game because I had never gone longer than 6 innings of perfect pitching. I remember I relied on the high fastball a lot and the computer couldn't catch up with it.
# 10 scottyo60 @ 05/07/13 04:11 PM
Never unfortunately. I've been close with one hitters, but never quite got to it.
# 11 Amoo316 @ 05/07/13 04:14 PM
1 error, 1 walk no-no is my closest
# 12 garyjr33 @ 05/07/13 04:29 PM
I have come so close while controlling a full team. But I pitched a perfect game this year with my RTTS guy in AA. 17 K's in the outing.
# 13 servom999 @ 05/07/13 05:16 PM
I pitched perfect games in Tommy Lasorda for the Genesis and I've thrown a few No Hitters on Baseball Stars Professional for the Neo Geo.
# 14 BA2929 @ 05/07/13 05:34 PM
I did once a long time ago with Darren Dreifort.

However, I used a code where every pitch I threw was an automatic strikeout, no matter where it ended up. So it was a 27 pitch, 27 K perfect game.

Doesn't count, but it's probably as legit as some of those 2k13 perfect games some of those guys threw.
# 15 MizzouBravesFan @ 05/07/13 05:51 PM
Have thrown one, in MVP 2005 with John Lackey...remember being nervous as hell lol.

Nearly had one thrown against me in The Show last year from John Santana...broke it up in the 8th however.
# 16 G_T_G @ 05/07/13 06:31 PM
MLB the show 11 - Ryan Dempster against the Arizona D'backs at home.

It was a CPU game in an online league. I have screen shots to prove it.

The only (and probably last) perfect game I have thrown against the computer. I have thrown one against a friend of mine before, but I don't think that counts.

# 17 VDusen04 @ 05/07/13 06:57 PM
I completed a perfect game with Zach Day in MVP Baseball 2005 on whatever setting was default. I was a year or two deep into a Detroit Tigers franchise so Day did it as a member of the Tigers. I believe I also threw a no-hitter at one point that year with Mike Maroth, whose stuff always seemed just average enough to induce everything I needed without trying to overpower people or strike everyone out.

Originally Posted by MizzouBravesFan
Have thrown one, in MVP 2005 with John Lackey...remember being nervous as hell lol.
Ha, yeah, I believe potential no-hitters/perfect games may be the most nerve racking moments in my video gaming experience. Palms begin sweating, all of my finger movements get extra touchy, I suddenly have to fight the urge to overthink every single pitch and location.

It'll sound ridiculous, but I honestly wondered if I was more nervous than a real life pitcher going for the no-no because at least then, there's sometimes so many things going on that they just lock into the game itself. Like, I've shot game-winning free throws in a real life big crowd environment, but I admit I felt way more nervous as a fan or coach watching someone else shoot big free throws than when I was shooting them myself.
# 18 BSchwartz07 @ 05/07/13 07:13 PM
Just threw one with Michael Pineda on The Show 13, in the playoffs no less
# 19 CaptainWright @ 05/07/13 07:22 PM
I had one going with Roy Halladay and had 8.2 innings down so I decided before the last batter I was going to change the presentation so I could see what would happen after I threw it. The score was 1-0 and I gave up a game-tying heartbreaking solo homer and ended up losing the game in extras. Sucked all around.
# 20 bxphenom7 @ 05/07/13 07:22 PM
I did in Backyard Baseball 2003 lol great times.

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