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Andrew Wilson, the Executive Vice President of EA Sports, sold his entire stake in Electronic Arts according to an SEC filing on Thursday. The stock, valued at around $687,000, was Wilson's full allotment of just over 32000 shares of EA stock.

EA's stock has skyrocketed this week after news of two huge exclusive deals with both FIFA and Star Wars being inked to the company for years to come.

There is no word from EA on Wilson's status with the company at this time -- but one has to wonder what that was all about for sure.

UPDATE: A second EA executive, senior vice president and general counsel Stephen Bene has sold a large number of derivative securities (vested options) as well. Stock sales of this type (by senior corporate officers) require immediate disclosure as they can indicate a lack of confidence in a company.

We'll be on top of this story if anything develops through the weekend.

Member Comments
# 1 bigdoc85 @ 05/10/13 05:21 PM
Well, that would be a definite example of "sell on the news."
# 2 RandyBass @ 05/10/13 05:41 PM
Buy low sell high; the fact that he sold all tells me he doesn't have much confidence in it going any higher any time soon. Either that or he just needed/wanted the cash.
# 3 RUFFNREADY @ 05/10/13 05:45 PM
A man sells all his stock when things are going or about to go bad! I think he's about to jump ship! LOL imo
# 4 khaliib @ 05/10/13 06:23 PM
Ruff hit it on the head.

Something is swirling in the toilet because you don't just sell "All" of your shares in such a large profitably company, even if there are issues were you must part ways.

Something is about to come to light...
# 5 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/10/13 06:49 PM
Sounds like he about to jump ship because he knows something bad is about to happen in the future.
# 6 SHAKYR @ 05/10/13 07:10 PM
This is a bad sign to me. EA keep firing and rehiring employees, CEO resigned, now this! I guess the investors are nervous.
# 7 RandyBass @ 05/10/13 09:54 PM
And now a second exec? This ain't good.

Could just be something isolated at EA, or even these two guys just wanting to cash in, but I've kind of had a hunch the industry was in slow down even with the new consoles due out soon.

If there is indeed a bear future it won't surprise me a bit. This industry has been running on one thing and one thing only: consumer interest. Home console games cost too much to make so you see pretty much no innovation whatsoever, just a bunch of "safe" bets, Assassin's Creed 9, 11, 12, etc. And the infrastructure isn't there yet for an online subscription service.
# 8 sarlndr @ 05/11/13 03:34 AM
@roadman needs to be in here commenting on this. He's the Alan Greenspan of the OS forums.
# 9 unfriendlyghst @ 05/11/13 08:45 AM
This wont end well
# 10 PAPERNUT @ 05/11/13 12:40 PM
Agree with the others. They know something we don't so it is common one would take care of themselves in a case like that if they knew something was about to occur.
# 11 NikeBlitz @ 05/11/13 06:29 PM
MS reveal in two weeks with (supposedly) a huge support by EA. Makes no sense.

Or he just wants a new boat.
# 12 Crimsontide27 @ 05/11/13 07:43 PM
The stock has risen quite a bit recently, so I would take it more as a way to cash out while the stock is riding high. Many people get burned by holding stock too long, just look at the AAPL plummet from $705ish while 99% of all ratings by the major investment companies were a BUY rating at over $700 and had price projections from $850-$1100 per share. It went from $705ish all the way down to $390 in less than a few months.

EA has seen its fair share of swings too and is currently riding the highest peak its been at since 2009.

I would have sold too.
# 13 RUFFNREADY @ 05/11/13 09:58 PM
I understand people in the financial districts buy low and sell high; but ringing bells, and flashing red lights; are written all over this situation, with two now exec's have now cashed in? And as somebody also stated, E3 being right around the corner? This smells like rotten eggs to me!
I used to have a big gripe with EA and their upper brass; and why they continue to bring in figure heads, from over seas, and not choose somebody homegrown to get the job done! Is the U.K. brass better at videogame marketing, and management then North Americans?
# 14 Dazraz @ 05/13/13 08:59 AM
Maybe both these guys have had an early look at the next NBA Live game!

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