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Kotaku has posted their NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team preview.

There will be real football players, using their real names, in the debut of NCAA Football Ultimate Team this year. They just won't be anyone suiting up on a college football field this fall.

A deal with the NFL Players' Association gives NCAA the rights to use up to 2,500 current NFL stars, pictured in their alma maters' uniforms, and build a pool of virtual trading cards just as large as Madden Ultimate Team, where the collection-and-player-management game has been running since 2010.

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# 1 RebelHog @ 05/15/13 11:50 AM
Uh wow

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# 2 BleedGreen710 @ 05/15/13 11:54 AM
thought it was gonna suck

it actually looks awesome

# 3 CM Hooe @ 05/15/13 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
Ultimate Team is not needed in NCAA Football right now. There are so many other things that should be a priority.
Every other sports game has a microtransaction-based gameplay mode, and NCAA was going to struggle to stay relevant without one, from an economic perspective.

To the end of the continued existence of the series, this mode was and is necessary in the context of the evolving climate of the video game industry. Indeed, the target audience of this mode isn't this message board's general population, but that is independent of the previous observation.
# 4 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 05/15/13 12:43 PM
I love FIFA ultimate team and have for years. This mode actually looks pretty good so far.
# 5 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 05/15/13 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
having or not having this mode is not what has made them #3 in sales. It's the combination of college football + exclusive license. They've been falling lower & lower in terms of quality when compared to games like Fifa, MLB the Show, NBA 2k, etc. not because they don't have Ultimate Team Mode, but because the quality of the game is not where it should be. People love to excuse EA on a lot of their issues or when they're still missing things people will say they need to allocate resources a certain way or don't have enough time/man power/money to do certain things... and then each year you find a BRAND NEW mode they add that very few request. Instead of improving on what they already have, they feel they need to come out with something brand new each year. Those other games that have this mode at least put out quality gameplay and got down the heart of the game because they took the time to add this.

NCAA is just adding this because they think it's required these days. It's just too bad that other things that you'd think would be required, like IN-GAME SAVES, would be in the game.

I've said what I have to say on this Mode.
This is a popular game mode on every other game. Why not add it into NCAA? I don't think they are adding it because it's "required". Why can't they just add it because people like it? It's not like they won't focus on other things because they are adding this. Chill.
# 6 StayPlation82 @ 05/15/13 01:48 PM
Just addressing the Joe Flacco's of the world. I think they should just call the cards FCS Greats. Maybe even star them up.
# 7 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 05/15/13 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
That quote pretty much tells me that they feel it's something they needed to add to prove they are a top tier sports game.

People give me that last line all the time when I talk about missing equipment or art issues and that's usually my response but in this case you're talking about creating a new mode. That takes away more resources from improving the gameplay then fixing the cleats and equipment does. They add new game modes every year because they feel they need to do it when people would be much more satisfied if they cut down on the extras and locked down the basics.
A mode that will make the game more enjoyable for many people. They have to cater to the crowd that wants all of this new stuff in the game. If they stopped adding new stuff and just "focused on the basics" they would lose a lot of sales. It's a business.

If they were developing the game just for you, sure they would focus on all the little details. Truth is they can't and you have to understand that. You should try to be happy with what they do produce instead of looking at the game and berating EA for everything that is missing. You can't go through life doing that. I have enjoyed every year of NCAA I have played for the most part with this attitude. You are setting yourself up for disappointment already and the game is a couple months away.

This is not to single you out. I think everyone that regularly posts in this forum could benefit from a change in mindset. We are the minority in gamers. Expecting a company like EA to cater to us and alienate many other casual fans just doesn't make sense. I think they have made great strides giving us some of what we ask for and will continue to do so. Collectively we all continue to focus on the negative and fail to enjoy a game for what it is, a game.

Anyway, flame away. I can take it.
# 8 Greekcian @ 05/15/13 03:59 PM
It states the guys who make MUT are also in charge for the NCAA Ultimate team mode. Let's hope they don't ruin this one with all those over the top boosted 99 overall cards...
# 9 BleedGreen710 @ 05/15/13 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by Greekcian
It states the guys who make MUT are also in charge for the NCAA Ultimate team mode. Let's hope they don't ruin this one with all those over the top boosted 99 overall cards...
yeah like Dwight freeney with 99 speed HAHA EA SPORTS THATS REAL FUNNY
# 10 westview33 @ 05/15/13 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by BleedGreen710
yeah like Dwight freeney with 99 speed HAHA EA SPORTS THATS REAL FUNNY
some people will be thrilled with this mode. but as you stated to me it's not going to be very realistic in a sense where EA actually captures the true player on the field.

they will release every single legend with 99 overall rating and some of the legends will have so many ratings assigned to them that are unrealistic it's not even worth my time.

Eddie George with 99 speed and acceleration making him no different from Deion Sanders on the field.

but ea can get away with this because i don't think too many people will care that all of the legends are coded to be 99 overall.

i'd rather just download a classic roster set for free where some guy makes the ratings more realistic than ea's ratings.
# 11 saunders45 @ 05/15/13 05:56 PM
Not a fan of pay2win modes. This is ridiculous.
# 12 IlluminatusUIUC @ 05/15/13 06:09 PM
Ultimate team seems like a natural fit for NCAA because it lacks a fantasy draft mode. But it drives me up the wall that there's no team overall matching, leaving my 67 OVR newbs ready to get shellacked by team after team of 99 overalls. There's no way to build yourself up without grinding the CPU or buying a team. They need to have weight classes.

Also, it breaks immersion for me to make my team Whatsamatta U or whatever, but be forced to play in a stadium branded DUCKS everywhere with uniforms that say GATORS. They should let you customize your own unis (even if only from existing parts) and have generic or customizable stadiums.
# 13 kingsofthevalley @ 05/15/13 07:01 PM
I'll tell ya the only thing thats on my mind honestly. Fingers crossed that all of the scanned face models and any unique equipment in this mode is open for use in the standard editor. I.....will......be.....in......heaven if it is. If any of the game changers or ANYONE that has a link to the devs please tell them not to lock the aesthetic options. Any equipment, face models, etc need to be available in the standard dynasty mode editor.

Actually, does anyone have one of these guys twitter? Is it Chase B thats on the team now thats a member here? Seriously, I need to get at one of these dudes most expediently before its too late. I dont think this would be a complicated task at all. Its just if they're prompted to do it or not is what it comes down to I think.
# 14 iamgramps @ 05/15/13 08:45 PM
This mode is not for everybody. Some will like it, some will not.
# 15 bgdg824 @ 05/15/13 09:28 PM
no reggie bush no play for me its a joke ea!
# 16 TryHard_Nation @ 05/15/13 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by bgdg824
no reggie bush no play for me its a joke ea!
You should discuss that joke with your school my friend.
# 17 thedudedominick @ 05/15/13 10:10 PM
I don't get the backlash for this mode. Well I do get it because a lot of people here bash EA for every choice they make. I personally wont play this mode, but it can do nothing but help the series. If the microtransactions bring in extra revenue that can't hurt future development or in season support. Besides I am not going to say "adding this probably ruined everything else" because we have no clue what kind of dynasty changes there are at this point. People that don't like the game will continue to not like it because one year isn't enough to completely rewrite the game engine.

I have people on my friends list that play MUT, FUT, and HUT pretty much exclusively. It's a smart move by EA to get this mode in NCAA.
# 18 jello1717 @ 05/15/13 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by bgdg824
no reggie bush no play for me its a joke ea!

EA asked USC if they could put Reggie Bush in as a Trojan. USC told them "no."
# 19 BV11 @ 05/15/13 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by jello1717

EA asked USC if they could put Reggie Bush in as a Trojan. USC told them "no."
Sucks too, he would have been probably the most exciting player in the mode to me. College Reggie Bush was something else.
# 20 canesfins @ 05/15/13 10:59 PM
Pay to win, no thank you.

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