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With the announcements of Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise and Owner Mode, there were quite a few articles written around the web today. Below are some that were found. If you find any, please add it in the comments and we'll add it here. Some of the writers, which include Game Changers are scattered through this thread answering questions.

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# 1 DeuceDouglas @ 05/20/13 02:06 PM
This pre-determined approach helps the commentary use your team name to avoid dull moments such as the “away team” or “home team” during your games.
Love this. I remember moving my team in Madden 06 and this being the most disappointing thing of it all. Little disappointing things like uniforms are pre-determined but cool nonetheless. Any idea of whether or not CPU teams will relocate?
# 2 Outkizast @ 05/20/13 02:09 PM
Color me x-CITED!
# 3 xcef2005 @ 05/20/13 02:13 PM
32 Team Franchise and NCAA Imports Back In? Yeah...I might have to get this game
# 4 rootofalleli @ 05/20/13 02:13 PM
Meh. I saw some small positives in the video like hiring a scout or something. But the draft and scouting looked the same, which I don't like at all. Bringing back all the owner mode concession price micromanagement is neutral for me. So far not impressed overall.

Edit: The article adds some details. Apparently progression tuning happened this year (Why didn't it happen in a patch last year or via tuner packs? No one knows) so that should be less frustrating. 32 team control is OK if it's just for the folks who want that, but bad if it's a way of punting to the user because EA can't be bothered to have decent AI for trades, cuts, depth chart, draft, etc. I don't play NCAA but the return of imports is good for those who do. Some small positives here & there but overall I'm still not excited.
# 5 Cowboy008 @ 05/20/13 02:14 PM
Looks great can't wait.
# 6 NikeBlitz @ 05/20/13 02:14 PM
OS Owners League anyone ?
# 7 Skyboxer @ 05/20/13 02:15 PM
Waits for the inevitable "about time/ they took it out just to put it back in....etc.." posts.

Really happy they were able to get the NCAA importing in for CCM mode for those that wanted it.

While I never was one to do all the pricing stuff it's cool to have the option.
I just really need to see a lot of game action at this point.
# 8 SoxFan01605 @ 05/20/13 02:19 PM
Fans lashed out at the lack of a “franchise” mode, but most didn’t realize that Connected Careers was exactly what they were looking for in Madden NFL 13.
People really still believe this was the case, huh? Many realized perfectly well what Connected Careers was and, no, it wasn't "exactly what they were looking for."

That gripe with the poor reasoning aside, THIS is what many of us were looking for:

One of the most beloved features in the long history of Madden has been Owner Mode, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s returning this year.
A feature that may not receive a ton of publicity, but well warrants it, is the return of a full 32-team offline dynasty. Players are able to create one owner, coach, or player for every team in an offline dynasty and easily switch between each option using the right-analog stick. It’s a great way to try out multiple positions or to try and feel how different teams can work out using various schemes.
One of the more beloved features in the NCAA Football series roster import/export option wasn’t available last year. Though EA SPORTS added a fantastic list of hand-crafted fake rosters for players to use with unique stories, fans ultimately wanted the ability to draft players from their Dynasty within NCAA Football. That feature is back this year and will be available to use within both online and offline dynasties.
Now, it obviously remains to be seen how well it all actually works, but they've got the right idea, at least.

EDIT: Just saw the menus and I like what I see there as well. From the advisers to responding to the media, there seems to be a lot of potential here.
# 9 NikeBlitz @ 05/20/13 02:20 PM
"You can still lower the price on the Chicken Fried Steak"

Superbowls are won based on this decision, be wise ! Seriously, i hope we can assign the food stuff to the CPU.
# 10 bigeastbumrush @ 05/20/13 02:22 PM
# 11 vannwolfhawk @ 05/20/13 02:25 PM
Now were talking!!!
# 12 GritSnSpeed @ 05/20/13 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by MaddenSaints
If that is the Superbowl celebration from previous maddens then fine but if it from M25 then, the trophy is still dull matte grey and the celebration is the same. Makes winning the SB feel pointless.
Yeah I hate that celebration. Its too dull and bland. I hope they re-did it.

Sent from a place that loves Momma, guns and Jesus. And not necessarily in that order.
# 13 Sheen_O_Mack @ 05/20/13 02:30 PM
This is how felt while watching/reading the article

One thing I thought of while reading was, how is building a new stadium going to work?

Will there be different process for stadiums? For example if I want to build a new stadium for the browns can I build a Jerry Jones like "palace" in Cleveland or will I be limited on what I can build based on the money I have.

And to what extent will stadium upgrades go. Will it actually affect anything or will it be pointless like in earlier iterations of Madden.
# 14 NDAlum @ 05/20/13 02:30 PM
Sweet baby jesus I am PUMPED
# 15 Step2001 @ 05/20/13 02:33 PM
On the pricing......

As long as I can charge $250 for an authentic & $150 replica players jersey's with out the fan complaining it's to high.

That's what jersey's are going for these days.
# 16 ice23 @ 05/20/13 02:34 PM
I can't lie I'm so pumped after seeing that video. Can't wait til late august
# 17 Steve_OS @ 05/20/13 02:35 PM
Will make this the news round-up. Any articles outside of EA Sports and OS will go here. I'll update OP.
# 18 Outkizast @ 05/20/13 02:42 PM
"Some players may be more valuable to you simply because they sell merchandise, despite their talent on the field" - Kotaku

Interesting..... I guess Tebow will be my #3 QB.....
# 19 bamabound2010 @ 05/20/13 02:45 PM
Will Importing NCAA 14 draft classes be available for Online Franchise??
# 20 CarryTheWeight @ 05/20/13 02:49 PM
From Kotaku:

Incidentally, if you play as the San Francisco 49ers, your first season will be in venerable Candlestick Park, and then you will move to the newly christened Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., meaning that venue will debut in Madden NFL 25 a year before it will in real life.
Never did I ever expect Madden to include a feature like this! This was in All-Star Baseball back in the day, but man --- this is a small detail that should make a lot of people happy, myself included.

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