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Watch the new Xbox revealed live here.

We will be updating this post throughout the show with thoughts on the new system and whatever next-gen sports games are revealed which will include FIFA at least.

1:03 - Theme seems to be the new Xbox is about you and becoming the entertainment centerpiece of your living room. Tons of big names in the opening video.

1:06 - New Xbox is an all-in-one entertainment system. The Xbox One. New controller.

1:08 - Design is multi-colored. Looks a bit strange to me, but very sleek.

1:10 - Voice activated system, will literally turn the console on for you and can be controlled completely by voice. A look at the new home screen.

1:12 - New feature called Instant Switching literally switches your app instantly. Incredibly flawless. Wow.

1:13 - Snap mode allows your TV to do more than one thing at a time. Flawless. Can use your smartphone and Smartglass to control it all. Wii U, your controller is ineffective.

1:16 - XBox/ESPN partnership. Complete fantasy team integration from ESPN as you watch games. Yeah. So many implications.

1:25 - XBox one is practically silent. Soul of the system is the Xbox One architecture, three OS's in one. "It changes everything." The new Kinect sensor packaged with the new Xbox One, will recognize you instantly and the console will adjust to you and your needs. Kinect sees your world (living room) in 1080p, which allows for better communication between you and the console. The new controller features 40 design innovations, but looks incredibly similar with a few new buttons.

1:35 - SmartGlass is now natively part of the platform. Three ways to control the console. Kinect, controller, SmartGlass. The new Xbox Live is more powerful, more personal, and more intelligent. 300,000 servers will be powering Xbox Live on the Xbox One. Content is available and stored in the cloud so everything is available anytime, anywhere. Playing games will allow gamers to edit and share moments on the cloud -- achievements are dynamic and engaging. Game developers can drive computation from the servers to allow more gamers online to allow for huge online matches and such.

1:40 - EA Sports' Andrew Wilson is up, partnership is now official. EA Sports games will be dynamic, intelligent, rich with emotion, and more. FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC are coming to XBox One, will launch in the next year.

EA Sports Ignite, a new engine will power all games. Will blur the lines between the real and virtual. Will power emotion, dynamic environment, true player motion etc. Living, breathing worlds - the essence of sports. Living worlds, with realistic crowds and scenes of sports. 4x more calculations per second. Ignite engine is about inches and angles, 10x more detail on animations and angles. Athletes are fueled by crowds, 3D crowds, dynamic sidelines. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will have exclusive XBox One Content.

1:45 - Forza Motorsport 5 is an Xbox One Launch Title. There will be 15 First Party XBox titles, 8 of which will be new franchises. See Forza Screens from the trailer here.

2:00 - Xbox One will be released later this year. Lots more info coming at E3.

Member Comments
# 1 darknmild @ 05/21/13 12:37 PM
Madden still looked stiff just saying but the X-Box 1 looks real nice
# 2 Ziza9Noles94 @ 05/21/13 12:40 PM
FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, UFC...where for art thou NHL and NCAA?
# 3 Bremser_Rules @ 05/21/13 12:41 PM
Ea sports trailer was pretty blah.
# 4 cadalyst17 @ 05/21/13 12:42 PM
Yup......ahhhhhh....not impressed with the graphical jump EA Sports. I like the lighting but not impressed with the textures.

XBOX 1 does look great though. I am highly impressed
# 5 Bolt957 @ 05/21/13 12:43 PM
My question is can you finally move the Xbox while its playing a game WITHOUT the worry of scratching the disc?? If not, then oh well.
# 6 Bolt957 @ 05/21/13 12:47 PM

Image of Madden, BTW.
# 7 waytofailself @ 05/21/13 12:53 PM
Madden still looks like Madden. So not super excited.

What I want to know if they fixed Live. Time will tell.
# 8 Bremser_Rules @ 05/21/13 12:53 PM
Still have the Goodyear blimp ball.
# 9 jWILL253 @ 05/21/13 01:07 PM
It's 2006 all over again...
# 10 Rules @ 05/21/13 01:10 PM
I'm getting both systems. Besides, Call of Duty: Ghosts looks awesome!
# 11 darknmild @ 05/21/13 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by Rules
I'm getting both systems. Besides, Call of Duty: Ghosts looks awesome!
I agree 1000% its going to be on the ps4 right? I hope its not exclusive to X-Box 1
# 12 swiftychampleone @ 05/21/13 01:20 PM
Here's my thing: a Kinect will be bundle with each system. Doesn't it make the price of the console go up?
# 13 carvis#15 @ 05/21/13 01:21 PM
Man I don't know about ya'll but if the players move like that in the next gen Madden...I'm buying. If that's how the game plays that seems very fluid. But I'm waiting to get confirmation if that was actual gameplay. I know for certain that RGIII wasn't running with a hunchback.
# 14 infemous @ 05/21/13 01:24 PM
Why would anyone want a box that records their entire room?

When I skype I like having the liberty to not show who I'm chatting to everything thats going on.

Voice recognition always messes up and leads to irritation, there is no way to perfect it as a system.

My PS3 can flip between a game and a TV channel by me hitting pause and pressing a button on my remote control.

I don't see how anyone is going to use the complete functionality of this new xbox. Its all glossy stuff that works perfectly in their studios but will be a pain or unnecessary in regular useage.

The reliance on internet connectivity is going to be an issue until ISPs can make sure that everyone gets high performance internet, which is not going to be the case for some time.

The controller did look nice and the improvements to XBox Live are impressive, but there is no way that anyone will catch me paying to play online.
# 15 darknmild @ 05/21/13 01:25 PM
Does anyone know if Sony has released what the PS4 will look like?
# 16 DubTrey1 @ 05/21/13 01:25 PM
I approach all of the EA stuff with a TBD approach. I think once E3 gets here, we will have a better idea as to what EA is really working with. If anything, it really made me excited thinking of what others in the sports gaming space can do... like 2K etc with existing franchices. This will be a strong generation for gaming IMO.
# 17 etched Chaos @ 05/21/13 01:26 PM
EA footage gave me bad memories of Next Gen Madden, they should've shown gameplay footage not some juiced up CGI ad.
# 18 jagsrock95 @ 05/21/13 01:36 PM
Not buying it. No way the games looks like that, especially not with EA's track record.
# 19 ZoneBlitz @ 05/21/13 01:38 PM
Awesome reveal! EA Sports were their usual underwhelming self.

Xbox One rocks!
# 20 DJ @ 05/21/13 01:56 PM
So does the EA-Microsoft partnership mean that the PS4 won't get any EA games?

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