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Last week, it was revealed that recruiting had undergone a major overhaul and coaching attributes/skills were added into this year's game in an RPG like manner.

With all of the new information in mind, how do you feel about NCAA Football's new look dynasty mode?

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# 1 davo1021 @ 06/03/13 12:27 PM
I think the changes are great! Can't wait to try the new recruiting stuff. But I expected more changes.
# 2 Bigsheen @ 06/03/13 12:33 PM
Option #2 for me. I saw some good things last year, and some bad things and one of them was how stale the coaching personalities were, so im kind of liking what im hearing. Obviously i wish there was more, but holding out hope that the gameplay makes it hard to put the game down.
# 3 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/03/13 01:00 PM
I could not get into dynasty due to the recruiting taking FOREVER. I love the new changes.
# 4 volwalker @ 06/03/13 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by TheBleedingRed21
I could not get into dynasty due to the recruiting taking FOREVER. I love the new changes.
Agree 1000%. The changes remind me of the good ole days playing NCAA 06. The recruiting was streamlined and fun. I can believe now how tedious the phone calls were.
# 5 Cowboy008 @ 06/03/13 01:27 PM
As long as it takes a while gain xp and the skills are not over powered the changes they have made to dynasty will be pretty good.
# 6 Iamloch @ 06/03/13 01:57 PM
I agree 1000% with cowboy008-it will b awesome that way but for some reason i have a feeling it will b the opposite-love the stamina change aswell
# 7 KickassJohnson @ 06/03/13 02:12 PM
# 8 Scribe1980 @ 06/03/13 02:43 PM
Just wanna play ball. Don't want my CFB to be a half-baked RPG attempt wrapped in a sports video game.

So jury's out. I voted leaning bad. Of course, that could go the other way once the game is actually available for my consumption.
# 9 Ziza9Noles94 @ 06/03/13 03:32 PM
Recruiting is a huge part of College Football. I didn't really feel like the phone calls needed to be removed. I didn't feel it needed to be dumbed down. I'm all for deeper, more realistic recruiting. It needed an upgrade for sure though. That being said, I like some of the new changes to recruiting. I like the menu changes, as I felt that those are what slowed down recruiting a lot last year. Others, like Coachstradamus I can't really say I am a fan of. They could be really gimmicky and cheap. Like the old collect a card, unlock it, get a boost system that was in older Maddens I believe. Not sold on a points system adding much realism to recruiting, but I need to see it in action. I guess I'm in the middle. Hopeful, but cautious.
# 10 BLACKjersey53 @ 06/03/13 04:37 PM
I was underwhelmed at the dynasty news at first, but the more I read, the more I'm interested in this "skyrimesque" XP system. I hope it's not something where I can fill out my coaching skill tree by my second year, and I hope none of these perks are overpowered or gimmicky. I'm assuming by the description of some of the perks that players will have hot and cold streaks? Something similar to the NBA 2k series I'm guessing. I'm not completely thrilled, but I'm not bummed about the dynasty changes either. Just eager to see some raw gameplay and get my hands on this game.
# 11 bghost @ 06/03/13 04:44 PM
I think it could be a decent addition if it was well thought out, but I dont get the sense that they spent a lot of time focusing on this... so my money is on it being a complete disaster.
# 12 DirtyJerz32 @ 06/03/13 07:15 PM
I'm liking the changes... Looking good so far.
# 13 NinerFan1983 @ 06/05/13 12:37 AM
I'm leaning more towards good, but I'll be able to give a better opinion after I play the game.
# 14 volwalker @ 06/05/13 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by illiterateoption
Love the "back to the future" approach to dynasty & recruiting the NCAA team is taking.

Just because the phone call/pitch recruiting took forever and gave all of us more lovely menus to sift through doesn't make it that much more "hardcore or less casual." Honestly, I felt like I had little control over my recruiting and it felt like a crap shoot. The point system, as we know it from NCAA's before and what we have seen to date for '14, is the best way to offer a balance of resource allocation and control to the user IMO.

Imagine this:

You took a job at Colorado. You went slogged through a 6-6 season trying to implement your read-option attack with holdover QBs with average to below average speed/accel ratings. You have 5,000 recruiting points and there's an in-state stud QB with ratings that make him an ideal fit for your offensive plans. Fans, alumni, and boosters () are all eager to see you get the offensive team rolling. Wouldn't you want to be able to sign only 14-15 kids if it meant allocating enough XP to bring in this stud Frosh QB?? That could mean the difference in you fulfilling your contractual obligations or getting canned?!?! I'm not sure these opportunities exist under the old random phone call system.
500 points is the max you can use on a recruit, excluding bonus points, per week. But in the offseason, if he is still uncommitted, then you can dump all of your points in him. Basically you cannot use the "dump truck" method until the offseason.
# 15 moylan1234 @ 06/05/13 04:20 PM
Love the additions, coaching skills remind me of College Hoop 2k8 which I loved more than any non-basketball fan has right to
# 16 DJ @ 06/05/13 05:37 PM
I think it's a step in the right direction and I look forward to trying the new facets of the mode out.
# 17 cowboy_kmoney @ 06/05/13 08:00 PM
Im liking it so far i just wish they wouldve made the draft classes proformanced base and making AA team along with the awards thats won matter and tie in togather.This way every player that makes AA team or wins and award but have a low OVR will be sent to madden. This way we dnt have to see all the big schools all the time in the draft. Plus its like real life. If a player dont Perform he want b drafted or they draft stock will drop.
# 18 rsump112 @ 06/05/13 08:25 PM
It all sounds good in theory, but I've watched EA break enough to get too excited before trying it out.
# 19 Trick13 @ 06/05/13 09:00 PM
While I like the idea of coaching impacting certain areas of the team's/player's performance - I HATE THE IDEA OF BOOSTS FOR "PHYSICAL" ATTRIBUTES!!!

MCV, ZCV, AWR, PRC, CAR, CTH, CIT, RR, PRS, RLS, ELU, TRK, SAC, MAC, DAC, even tackle and hit power I can live with, but speed, agility, acceleration, jump, throw power - dumb idea IMO.
# 20 Donotfeedmecroutons @ 06/06/13 05:36 AM
The game looks good actually. I've only bought one NCAA game ever ('12) because I don't follow college football but I might consider getting it with how good it's looking.

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