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GTPlanet has posted some more Gran Turismo 6 hands-on impressions from the recent "15 Years of Gran Turismo" event at Silverstone.

Regarding any comparison with sim-racing PC physics, my only point of reference would by GTR Evo, and I wouldn’t say the physics of what I drove in GT6 Demo – for the time I drove it – were more similar to that than GT5, but that’s not any sort of detailed comparison so best to wait on that one. There was definitely the whole ‘Gran Turismo feel’ evident in the demo physics. I do recall that in the high speed left hander of turn 2 at Silverstone I could really sense the roll in the cars at that speed and under high aero load. That was really brilliant, I felt, especially in the SLS AMG GT3.

Regarding force-feedback (FFB), I’d find this a little hard to answer because I’m personally quite sensitive to hardware changes, so running at these events on the Thrustmaster wheels is immediately different for me compared to the Logitech G27 I use at home. I drive almost exclusively with FFB set to 1 on my home setup, so I may not be the best judge of this parameter. Also, I almost always find it harder to catch slides and spins on the Thrustmaster wheels than the Logitech ones. Having said that, I think my initial difficulty in finding the limit was a lot more down to unfamiliarity with the International layout at Silverstone because both Alex and I were able to push boundaries in cars and corners quite well after the initial time spent on the demo.

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