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Along with the FIFA 14 gameplay trailer released earlier, there were a few articles written and video interviews posted, from around the web today. Below are some that were found. If you find any, please add it in the comments and we'll add it here.

FIFA 14 Producer Talks Revamped Movement, Shots & More - Current and Next-Gen (CVG)
FIFA 14 Hands-On Impressions (CVG)

FIFA 14 Preview: A Different Game, But Not Necessarily a Better One (Eurogamer)
New FIFA 14 Screenshots (MattHDGamer)
FIFA 14: More Power, More Precision (VG24/7)

FIFA 14 Precision Movement Explained (FSB)
FIFA 14 Gameplay Impressions (Futhead)
FIFA 14 Hands-On Impressions (FSB)
FIFA 14: Harder, Faster, Stronger, Maybe Better (IGN)

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Member Comments
# 1 ps3veron @ 06/06/13 09:22 AM
Maybe I didn't read that right but Eurogamer's impression weren't all that positive (and I take them quite seriously). Still, way too early for critical appraisals.
# 2 33repus @ 06/06/13 10:58 AM
The trailer wasn't that impressive, but some of the stuff I read was good, particularly the slower gameplay, so now you can't just hold down the sprint button on your to goal, you actually have to build up play & you're rewarded for that.
# 3 dubcity @ 06/06/13 01:33 PM
Not surprisingly, it's going to look identical to FIFA 13 in terms of graphics. Maybe a little brighter, but definitely not the upgrade we saw from FIFA 12 to FIFA 13.

Looks like they are really trying to slow the game down, though. I suspect that player movement will be closer to FIFA 08 than FIFA 13. Hopefully this results in more fouls.
# 4 Rules @ 06/06/13 05:35 PM
Playing defense is where this series needs extensive work. Trying to make the offsides trap work is an issue. The biggest issue is the lack of defensive skills players can use. Besides the sliding tackle what else can you really use?

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