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LeBron James was named the cover athlete for NBA 2K14 a few hours ago. Check out the official NBA 2K14 box art for 360, PS3 and PC.

Official box art for the Xbox One and PS4 will be revealed at a later date.

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# 1 dragonjaii @ 06/06/13 11:15 PM
Why not Tony Parker?
# 2 VDusen04 @ 06/06/13 11:15 PM
I'm really not a LeBron James Heat fan, but I like the cover art. Even as a Pistons fan, I'll have to fight the urge to draw my own Cleveland Cavaliers jersey on a piece of construction paper, cut it out, and tape it to the front of the box.
# 3 Phreezy P @ 06/06/13 11:28 PM
I hate the red background. And LeBron looks like a sticker on the cover, he pops out WAAY too much.
# 4 wrestlinggod1 @ 06/06/13 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by dragonjaii
Why not Tony Parker?
LeBron is a household name and more marketable.
# 5 Slava Medvadenko @ 06/06/13 11:35 PM
Does he even do the chalk toss anymore?
# 6 J_Posse @ 06/06/13 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by Slava Medvadenko
Does he even do the chalk toss anymore?
Not sure, but I like it still being in the game and like the cover art. Best player in the league on the cover of the best (NBA) game in the world. Props, 2K/VC!!!!!!!!
# 7 thedream2k13 @ 06/06/13 11:56 PM
he is doing what he does best FLOP
# 8 XenoZograscope @ 06/07/13 12:13 AM
The overall design looks good for the most part, I'm just not a big fan of these ugly red backgrounds 2K has been using lately. I underdstand red is a very dynamic color, but too much of it can be overwhelming from a design point of view imo. It wouldn't hurt to switch it up the design just a little bit lol.
# 9 DR Russell @ 06/07/13 04:18 AM
Yes red every year it is just too repetitive, I know its their brand color, but maybe the background could have been black/gray shades this year. With that Lebron pic in front it would have created a nice effect.
# 10 Goffs @ 06/07/13 04:33 AM
Needs more explosions

# 11 d11king @ 06/07/13 04:44 AM
Not feeling that cover but glad it's LeBron. Probably gonna do a custom LeBron cover.
# 12 sarlndr @ 06/07/13 06:30 AM
It's LeBron....yawn. To people saying it's for marketing, well of course it is. 2K is a well established brand and would sell very well no matter who is on the cover. Just like Madden does.
# 13 bigdoc85 @ 06/07/13 06:37 AM
Well, the fact that 2k has Lebron maybe another reason that NBA Live will be a step behind.
# 14 boomhauertjs @ 06/07/13 06:50 AM
Guess I'm not buying 2k this year...

(I probably wasn't anyway)
# 15 jarod43 @ 06/07/13 07:27 AM
About damn time, Lebron is on the cover of a basketball video game, what was with the long wait!?!??!
# 16 jeremym480 @ 06/07/13 08:23 AM
As much as I dislike LeBron he definitely deserves the cover. However, I don't really care fit it. Personally, I'd rather him be dunking or dribbling, you know doing something with the actual basketball, rather than a stupid pregame ritual.

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# 17 RocketTMac1 @ 06/07/13 09:26 AM
Does anyone else find it funny that 2K has LeBron and Live has Kyrie? I guess Cleveland will always get crap.

# 18 elgreazy1 @ 06/07/13 12:36 PM
MVP, considered the best player in the world right now, at the hight of his career, a pop-culture icon, etc. It makes perfect sense for 2K to put him on the cover. But still, 2K might look silly if he doesn't win another ring this year.

I'm not a fan of the harsh red background either - more so I think the blown up photo of his face as the background is kinda gaudy - but from a branding & identity standpoint, it makes sense 2K applies this same treatment to all their sports franchises.
# 19 Eman5805 @ 06/07/13 07:00 PM
How much he stands out almost makes him look like a CGI model. But no. They just airbrushed it a lil'.
# 20 bigbob @ 06/07/13 08:11 PM
I figured they could have made a better one with LeBron on it, honestly. It just looks plain as hell IMO.

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