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GTPlanet has posted another Gran Turismo 6 gameplay video. This one features the Grand Valley East track.

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# 1 jenglund @ 06/07/13 11:16 AM
It LOOKS great of course, but the RACING still looks rather dull. I understand that GT games are mostly about the "beauty of cars" or something, but if they want to take this series to the next level, they have to better incorporate damage, they have to vary the AI, and they have to make the racing aspect more visceral.

I understand the NFS Shift series has its issues, but I love how the racing looks and feels. You actually feel like you are racing, rather than driving a fancy version of Pole Position. I think Forza needs to add that as well.

Anyway, hope this turns out well.
# 2 inkcil @ 06/07/13 03:28 PM
Jenglund I couldn't agree with you more. Even the "arcade" mode is like drinking a cup of tea with no sugar or honey. You know it's good, but it's just missing...fun. That's why they always say its a "driving" game and not a "racing" game. They mean what they say.

I'd like to see a video with a pack of cars racing each other...

I wouldn't dare mess with the formula that has proven to to sell so well and amass such a following, but I wish they would add some kind of arcade mode that was really arcade and more kin to grid or project gotham. Or add a fun career mode with a story instead of the lifeless grind through levels.
# 3 Blzer @ 06/10/13 12:44 AM
That looks eerily identical to a track in GT5, only there's no bridge.

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