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The big news for sports gamers coming out of the Microsoft Press Conference game wise was no doubt Forza Motorsport 5's new 'Driveatar' feature, which promises 'the end of AI' in the series.

While that phrase is a bit misleading -- Driveatar will learn from players races and driving styles and upload them into the cloud as potential racing opponents for everyone. Thus, while AI is still present it is now 'crowdsourced' so to speak.

Tendencies for players from acceleration, aggression, how they take corners, how they drive in traffic, how their lines look and more are all factored into Driveatar profiles. When a player wants to play a single player race, they will be able to race against Driveatars instead of classic and set AI opponents, which should give single player races more variability if Microsoft has anything to say about it.

However, it will take some time and hands-on to really tell how sophisticated Driveatars are versus the traditional AI opponents and/or typical online human opponents.

We hope to have more info on the Driveatar feature from Forza Motorsport 5 from the E3 show floor starting tomorrow.

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# 1 inkcil @ 06/10/13 07:59 PM
Forza's feature set remains one step ahead of the competition in its genre...

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