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2K Sports released their Next-Gen NBA 2K14 trailer during the Sony E3 2013 Press Conference this evening.

The 'NBA 2K14 Next Gen Reveal' segment featured NBA 2K14 cover athlete LeBron James discussing life as "Video Game James" with a digital version of himself, while showing off some of his on the court moves in NBA 2K14. All of the footage was NOT pre-rendered and shown from a pre-alpha PS4 build.

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Member Comments
# 1 wrestlinggod1 @ 06/10/13 10:38 PM
I uhhh can't wait.
# 2 swaggedout @ 06/10/13 10:38 PM
That was something serious. I'm impressed
# 3 SouthBeach @ 06/10/13 10:38 PM
Ahh. Beat me to it.

Close my thread please.

Also...I AM READY.
# 4 yungsta404 @ 06/10/13 10:39 PM
wow that was fast...
# 5 CHIEFxxROCKEM @ 06/10/13 10:40 PM
Lebron's hairline tho
# 6 drlw322 @ 06/10/13 10:40 PM
that was awesome
# 7 cavsfan2 @ 06/10/13 10:40 PM
"lebron will need some of those next gen skills against the spurs tommorow night, amirite?"

Lol I got a chuckle.

As for the trailer, didn't expect much more, and was happy with what I saw.
# 8 basketball444 @ 06/10/13 10:41 PM
Totally exceeded my expectations. And just think this is only the first game on next gen... they will only get better. I need this game!!
# 9 huntt26 @ 06/10/13 10:42 PM
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more
# 10 kgbrolic @ 06/10/13 10:42 PM
Amazing. I need to pre-order now! I just heard that other franchise just committed suicide...again.
# 11 ccoaxum @ 06/10/13 10:42 PM
looks nice just don't like how lebron face looks so fat!
# 12 AlwaysBased @ 06/10/13 10:43 PM
Damn 2k won again lol
# 13 Goffs @ 06/10/13 10:43 PM
Priceless! Virtual LBJ looks just as smug as the real counter part.....time to pick a system to play it on!
# 14 I Djm @ 06/10/13 10:43 PM
i give 2k props actually looks realistic if they get the colors right and fix my player i might actually give 2k14 a try
# 15 KillerHog471 @ 06/10/13 10:43 PM
Did you see those arms? They look longer then the current player models we have hopefully they finally have variable wingspans!
# 16 youvalss @ 06/10/13 10:43 PM
So...was it the actual graphics or just a trailer-specific stuff? Does anyone know?


Oops, didn't notice the line at the bottom. In that case, wow!
# 17 eaterofworlds888 @ 06/10/13 10:44 PM
looks flippin great en't it.

Proper epic
# 18 Dmac1991 @ 06/10/13 10:45 PM
Game did look a little bit too "LIVEY" if you should say. Bodies were too skinny. Look good tho. Hopefully thats just beta graphics and not the Final product graphic wise

oh and PS4 supports used games, Xbox1 doesn't. PS it is
# 19 AlwaysBased @ 06/10/13 10:46 PM
I hope they make more haircuts need some fades tbh
# 20 Nathan_OS @ 06/10/13 10:46 PM
Did ya'll see how Kobe reacted to the ball being stolen by Lebron? That was great. Also that Lebron dunk looked GREAT.

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