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Yesterday's pre-E3 press conferences showcased (at different times) just about every major sports gaming franchise. From FIFA Soccer 14 to NBA 2K14 to Madden NFL 25, several franchises' next-gen efforts were shown off to gamers worldwide. The graphics have certainly taken a huge step forward, and gameplay seems to have some huge additions -- but we're still waiting to 'see' each game in action as they will be played.

What did you think about next-gen sports gaming's debut? Vote in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums and leave a comment on your impressions of yesterday's reveals.

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# 1 DirtyJerz32 @ 06/11/13 11:07 AM
Live 14 is the only one that I was upset about. Showing another CG is just showing you have nothing. Madden and Fifa looked awesome as expected. UFC was a ehh for me, I couldn't tell what was gameplay and what was CG. If it was all gameplay then I'm sold!
# 2 murph17 @ 06/11/13 11:11 AM
i'll feel alot better in 2014 when there is some next-gen NHL to be had.
# 3 Rhouston @ 06/11/13 11:17 AM
I feel like no one can really adequately answer this poll question unless you have actually played the games or seen actual gameplay footage of people playing. So far, we've seen graphics, a few details about EA's new Ignite engine (though no REAL gameplay of it in action yet) and some trailers. Once gameplay comes out, then we'll have a better idea, but I feel like this question should've been asked at the end of E3, not the end of Day 0.
# 4 wallofhate @ 06/11/13 11:17 AM
I was impressed by the next gen previews. Madden nba2k and even that game ryse and metal gear. I lied to myself saying I wouldn't rush in day one and purchase but I almost have tho after seeing the power and graphics on display
# 5 eaterofworlds888 @ 06/11/13 11:24 AM
I honestly don't know how to answer this as we haven't seen a lot. However, I am pretty optimistic and I was somewhat impressed but I wouldn't say "very" impressed
# 6 mmartin68 @ 06/11/13 11:43 AM
I am excited about Madden but am really looking forward to MLB The Show 14. Should be great!
# 7 MattyEdgeworth @ 06/11/13 12:10 PM
I'm somewhat optimistic, graphics look great and the features sound good. Key word is sound though.
# 8 Riogho31 @ 06/11/13 12:12 PM

# 9 ccoaxum @ 06/11/13 12:45 PM
i think i agree with most ppl graphics was good or ok but not sure what was real and what was cgi(so can yall conformed this for us since yall at E3 looking at these games? Other then i can't really judge these games but i will say i just left gamestop and got these games preorder for the ps4! Can't wait
# 10 jpdavis82 @ 06/11/13 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Riogho31

Looks right to me

# 11 Birdman18 @ 06/11/13 12:54 PM
Nba2k looked great.. LeBron and Kobe looked and moved like it was real
# 12 The_Wise_One @ 06/11/13 01:22 PM
I need gameplay from Madden before making a decision but 2k and FIFA impressed me.
# 13 jpb07 @ 06/11/13 06:30 PM
I got my preorders in within minutes of the consoles going on sale. Got my Xbox One Day One order in seconds after it was posted for sale. Lagged a bit on the PS4 order. Didn't get that one in until it had been on sale for 15 minutes. I play mostly sports games but until I see gameplay video showing otherwise, I am going to assume this Madden will be another Madden 06 debacle.
# 14 bxphenom7 @ 06/11/13 06:42 PM
what's up with his elbow?
# 15 trainerdave @ 06/11/13 07:20 PM
I'm surprised to see so many people jumping on the pre-orders. One thing I have learned through the current gen is wait and see. Madden 05 looked amazing in the initial trailer, and was a huge let down. Until developers can show me a quality product worth my $60 (which I won't be able to sell/trade for any value) I will wait and see. What does it say about the gaming industry when one of the best games released so far is by an indie developer and only costs $20???? Anyways I think GTA5 will keep me busy enough until I can get a good grasp on the new systems.
# 16 jpb07 @ 06/11/13 07:42 PM
I was SHOCKED by some of the prices on the preorders for NEXT GEN games ($99.99.) Seeing how games went from $40 to $60 during the last generation move, I went ahead and to be safe, locked in the prices for those games which still were still at this gen's prices.
# 17 NowAndLaterCARZ @ 06/11/13 09:25 PM
maybe i'm the only one, but maddens graphics didnt impress me. after watching the ignite trailer, i thought the graphics would be on the same page. maybe because its an early build idk.

but nba 2k14's graphics were really impressive, watching that trailer again and pausing it at times it looks close to real life. everybody looks real, bron, metta, kobe, and ray-ray. even the reflections on brons shoes were amazing. watching the 2k14 trailer alone made me preorder my ps4 today at gamestop
# 18 jmaj315 @ 06/12/13 12:00 AM
madden looks sick... which makes me want that and NCAA
Live looks terrible.... even without gameplay...
Fifa has me wanting more.
I want to hear more about NHL
# 19 dragonjaii @ 06/12/13 01:14 AM
99.99? omg i might as well get myself a new nintendo ds
# 20 gigadkc @ 06/12/13 03:40 AM
what I expected. Better graphics, (probably) same gameplay. Unfortunately not vice versa.

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