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We have posted an NHL 14 gameplay video from our time at E3 2013. Glenn captured the video of some random gamers at E3 2013, so forgive us in advance for the quality.

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# 1 TDNY @ 06/18/13 09:54 AM
Nothing seemed different from NHL 13, I wish someone would have gotten into a fight so i could see how it looked in-game.
# 2 JezFranco @ 06/18/13 10:03 AM
There is a video on the tube from E3 which is only fighting... Looks good.
# 3 GrandMaster B @ 06/18/13 10:09 AM
Without actually playing the game, you can't tell any difference. Didn't look any different.
# 4 Money99 @ 06/18/13 10:25 AM
Yup, that could have been NHL13 and nobody would have noticed.

I see that a deflection or loose puck still magically warps right to a cpu player and that the tractor-beam board-pinning is still present.
Can't wait to pin Chara with Hudler all night long.
# 5 undertaker9999 @ 06/18/13 10:53 AM
he did the pause review glitch ban that sucker 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 6 believeinnow @ 06/18/13 10:59 AM
Hard to judge a game when the people playing are clearly playing it for the first time. Surprised that "Glenn" didn't play the game and get someone to film him; that's why they make and sell Tripods.
# 7 Wiggy @ 06/18/13 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by believeinnow
Hard to judge a game when the people playing are clearly playing it for the first time. Surprised that "Glenn" didn't play the game and get someone to film him; that's why they make and sell Tripods.
Yeah, sorry for the brief video. They got a bit weird about us filming, so I wasn't able to get much. Definitely wanted to get more stuff for you guys.
# 8 Gagnon39 @ 06/18/13 12:03 PM
Without seeing the full celebration I would bet anything that every goal results in showing the opposing goalie, then the goal scorer skating by the bench. Lame, bring back the group hugs EA. The awkward skating in between the cut scenes is terrible. And I agree, it looks just like NHL 13.
# 9 Schmackity @ 06/18/13 12:15 PM
CPU is playing the same way, instead of a quality scoring chance, the CPU receives the puck in the slot and shoots an awkward backhand leading to a Hossa mid-air tip-in, dumb.

Goal celebration is just awkward and dumb. What's the point of having goalie's be live again if after a goal they instantly aren't live?

CPU still skates into dumb awkward situations and doesn't create their own offense. Ugh..... $60 to just fix checking and a dumb fighting engine for 12yr olds....
# 10 Cletus @ 06/18/13 01:15 PM
Couldn't really tell from the video, but does the cpu poke check this year?
# 11 optimi5t @ 06/18/13 01:26 PM
yea that fifa 14 in the background is gonna be the truth!
# 12 MizzouRah @ 06/18/13 01:46 PM
Thanks for the video.. not much to take away unfortunately.
# 13 onac22 @ 06/18/13 03:09 PM
I don't think the huge emphasis was on a dramatic gameplay makeover this year. More was put into the overall experience from what EA has put out. Things like a deeper BAP or the fighting. So from what I was able to see a little cleaner AI play and the physics at play. The hit on Seabrook in the corner looked pretty nice.
# 14 canucksss @ 06/18/13 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
Looks to be a roster update and a new fight engine. Wow.
How about the New Conference/Division?
# 15 GrandMaster B @ 06/18/13 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by canucksss
How about the New Conference/Division?
They probably won't even have that in the game and will have to patch it in because they forgot. I mean it is too much to ask for current announcers and the correct number of officials on the ice. Instead we get the net coming off 20 times and the glass breaking 3 times a game. "EA Sports, it's in the game"
# 16 Simple Mathematics @ 06/18/13 10:10 PM
It just really does not look like they added much of anything into the game this year. It's really a shame. I may be skipping this year unless they come out with some late news regarding BaGM.
# 17 Wiggy @ 06/19/13 12:41 AM
Again, I think you guys will see that the net effect change to gameplay is pretty good. I agree that the presentation is looking pretty stale at this point, but clearly they're waiting till next-gen. For NHL 14, I feel the hitting, fighting, defensive skating upgrades, new deke system and other subtle adjustment are meaningful changes, but clearly everyone isn't going to see it that way. I'd wait till the demo to fully make your decision.

The game play very well.
# 18 Wiggy @ 06/19/13 12:42 AM
^^that should be "plays very well."
# 19 ComaFaction @ 06/19/13 09:10 AM
The awkward celebration into zomebie skate looks ridiculous, as does Quick's brain being deactivated after the puck crossed the line. I know it's just a few seconds of really bad players playing, but I'm underwhelmed.
# 20 Fiddy @ 06/19/13 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by tfer717
Don't really wanna be 'that' guy... but what the heck have they done this year? I didn't noticed anything different about hits or AI. The presentation still looks atrocious. okay so a new fight engine... why couldn't they at least re-vamp the celebrations? that is by far the worst looking thing in the game. Look how terrible it looks after that deflection goal in the beginning... I love ea nhl and i loved nhl 13.... but seriously.... wtf?
i always get slammed for saying this, but i could honestly dig up my thoughts and reviews on the game since 07 and it wouldn't change much at all.

so frustrating. it almost makes me wish i didnt love the NHL in general so much. that way i would enjoy the game a bit more and not try to tweak it to play the way it should out of the box.

i honestly wish they would look at the tweaks some of us have made lately to get the game to play very well. use those type of sliders as default. bc they are for casual guys, up to the hardcore guys, the game plays so much better after some tweaks etc.

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