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With the demo releasing today, let us know what you think about this year's game by voting in our poll! You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Nexgenrulz @ 06/18/13 10:48 PM
Just as I thought. No different from the last 6 versions. I'll pass.
# 2 BigManVincent @ 06/18/13 10:55 PM
I think its great i just have to get use to the new controls
# 3 Rhouston @ 06/18/13 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by Nexgenrulz
Just as I thought. No different from the last 6 versions. I'll pass.
Wow, so either you're a troll or you're lying and obviously haven't played it...
# 4 MPB34 @ 06/18/13 11:07 PM
I like it can't wait to see how Madden PS 4. because I got it reserved
# 5 MPB34 @ 06/18/13 11:08 PM
Microsoft seems a little booty this year
# 6 DKHardee @ 06/18/13 11:10 PM
I downloaded it for PS3 and 360. They play the same but PS3 has more jaggies graphically than 360 and Michigan has a grey facemask on PS3 and blue on 360. As for the game... Best one this in years.
# 7 MPB34 @ 06/18/13 11:10 PM
NCAA 14 feels pretty good I like the demo so far
# 8 MAGboyswifT27 @ 06/18/13 11:39 PM
I like the demo and I've actually been impressed with the new changes. This gives me hope and ill be looking forward to the drop date..
# 9 charter04 @ 06/18/13 11:41 PM
Much better than expected. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but, what the heck did the four people that voted it was worse than they expected think we were getting? A full next gen retail version. Lol
# 10 dreads_tattoos @ 06/18/13 11:48 PM
I honestly thought the demo was amazing I loved the graphics I love how u can cut I love how the team will call out the mike linebacker or for example I ran the screen and the defense was yelling screen screen just little things like that man coming from playing football it's so realistic I can't wait for madden 25 on ps4
# 11 Jamake1005 @ 06/19/13 12:23 AM
Sorry but I was not feeling it. Yes it was little different and I do mean a little because it was just the same ole same ole.
# 12 Iamloch @ 06/19/13 12:24 AM
Great demo feels challenging-seems like i will feel like i worked to go undefeated in a season-great job ea-cant wait to start my dynasty
# 13 juggalotusx @ 06/19/13 12:38 AM
Pretty sure I just played a ps2 version, the crowd did not even have faces. Graphics are not every thing but WTH...
# 14 Phreezy P @ 06/19/13 12:41 AM
Yet to download it, I have good feelings about the game though.
# 15 crf2013 @ 06/19/13 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by Nexgenrulz
Just as I thought. No different from the last 6 versions. I'll pass.
if by no diffrent you mean it looks plays and feels better than your right
# 16 Corliss X @ 06/19/13 12:52 AM
Demo graphics are normally worse than the actual retail version. Common sense, make the sample product a little good so they buy the better full game.
# 17 kingsofthevalley @ 06/19/13 12:53 AM
its pretty good. Has a slightly heavier feel to it. I can dig it.
# 18 hawkfan1978 @ 06/19/13 02:24 AM
Played the ps3 version demo. Loved the new cam view, definitely enjoyed the new engine. Need to tweak the sliders and its going to be GREAT! very challenging, but I've been playing 13 on heisman level for a year and I couldn't even score. Really impressed.
# 19 Johnson0311 @ 06/19/13 02:38 AM
PS3 version is awful to be honest. Menu lag and even control lag. 360 version is much smoother.

Next gen will hopefully have this sorted out due to the fact they will both be X86 architecture.
# 20 BUD8 @ 06/19/13 07:59 AM
Best NCAA on PS3! love the blocking in the game, and how the game feels.

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