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WWE 2K14 debuted yesterday with a minute long trailer or so featuring in-game and actual WWE footage spliced together.

Did the trailer get you excited? Calm your nerves about the series future? Did it do nothing at all for you?

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# 1 JJJones135 @ 06/25/13 09:14 AM
Looks to be in good hands thank goodness, wasn't sure if 2k could deliver with this style of game
# 2 nate1986 @ 06/25/13 09:46 AM
I was impressed with it, very polished and crisp like the NBA 2k series is I hope the legends roster spans from the 70s to the 90s
# 3 ratedmoney @ 06/25/13 09:49 AM
Doesnt look much different at all. But we wont see 2Ks fingerprints on this game until next year. But I think they will do well with this franchise.
# 4 bigbob @ 06/25/13 10:18 AM
Fortunately, I wasn't expecting much since they had to bring back THQ for this iteration since the WWE wanted a game out this year. If it's the same with WWE 2K15, I will be disappointed.

I'm glad to see Randy Savage, though.
# 5 SmashMan @ 06/25/13 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by bigbob
Fortunately, I wasn't expecting much since they had to bring back THQ for this iteration since the WWE wanted a game out this year. If it's the same with WWE 2K15, I will be disappointed.

I'm glad to see Randy Savage, though.
Pretty much. Not sure how people can say it looks to be in good hands with 2K since I'm sure this is the game THQ would've put out this year. Obviously 2K wouldn't have had enough time to really jump into this for this year's release.

I'm sure in the future we'll see more 2K-esque elements, but I'm going in under the assumption that 2K14 is a 2K game in name only.
# 6 Majingir @ 06/25/13 10:46 AM
Like others said, seems like 2k14 will basically be WWE 14 by THQ, just under 2K name.

Which really sucks since THQ games haven't been that great in years.

Hopefully 2K15 can be much better. I remember how embarrassed WWE was when advertising WWE 12 and Booker T was on one of the gameplay videos, even Michael Cole couldn't keep a straight face when talking about Booker T(cause of how horribly animated his character was).

But it is WWE, the company that is out of touch with their fans and don't care what they think, as long as WWE makes money off of the fans, quality doesn't matter.
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 06/25/13 11:08 AM
Although I chose that it's about what I expected and will take time, I was actually disappointed in how terrible the player models looked. I will wait for the PS4 version most likely for late next year to get for my nephew to play.
# 8 Bionickle @ 06/25/13 02:17 PM
I'm gonna pass on this one cause it looks exactly like WWE '13, which SUCKED btw!! I'll wait to see what they come up with on next gen and then perhaps I'll be willing to give WWE games another shot. For the time being i'd rather pick up that 5* wrestling game that will come up on the PSN store later this year...
# 9 cattlekiller @ 06/25/13 03:12 PM
I think 2K could have made a big statement in the trailer, and shown that the game has new standards.
But they decided to hype and hopefully have not overlooked the insanely huge bugs in this series.
If they would have devoted 3 seconds of that trailer to a wrestler kicking out at a two count, It would have sent clear message that will wont ignore these bugs anymore.
# 10 DoubleRussia @ 06/25/13 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
Wasn't impressed, looked like the same game. If 2k wasn't going to have their fingerprints on it right away then why come out with the game this year? Oh that's right, money. I'll stick with WWE 13 till they come out with something that looks new.
Not 2k's fault, the contract 2k signed with WWE requires them to make a yearly game
# 11 MarvinOida @ 06/26/13 01:18 PM
I hope that what 2K is involved with in helping with is bug fixes. I'll get 2K14 for Christmas if I see bug fixes and more appealing things. But for now, my CAW universe, attitude era, etc can consume my wrestling fix for now.
# 12 bxphenom7 @ 06/30/13 11:31 AM
Eh, 2k's not really behind the game, and not buying it if it's not next-gen. Next year's game is what I'll really be waiting for.
# 13 armymed68 @ 07/02/13 06:09 AM
one thing i saw that bugged me is Ryback... i mean come on the Rock looks like he is more buff than him. Dont get me wrong the Rock is big but Ryback is beast. other than that i like what i see. it looks like they added more into where and how you can perform finishers. my make or break it will be if they have gm mode back. doing away with that was a big mistake and many people ask every year for them to bring it back. i like universe mode but i like having the control to manipulate the stories and see it effect my ratings of the match and my show.

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