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Editors Note: This is a guest post from Josh Schulze. a longtime fan of NBA 2K and member of Operation Sports. You can find Josh on Twitter @TheFakeJoshS or you can connect with Josh via his blog.

NBA 2K13, in some ways, is the most superior sports simulation on the market. But when I start up a game with the hopes of enjoying a realistic basketball simulation, Iím inevitably grounded by a few shortcomings within the game which I believe need to be addressed in the future.

And while I can paint with a much wider brush to critique this game, Iíll narrow this down to some attributes for NBA 2K which will revolutionize the series.

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# 41 Thrilla13 @ 07/04/13 04:36 PM
This brought up some good suggestions. I would also like to see more blocks when people drive the lane as well as steals when a character has off the chart ratings for this particular attribute. Seeing a foul called instead of a block or steal kind of gets frustrating...even if you have a undefeated 44-0 record lol.
# 42 vtcrb @ 07/05/13 03:44 PM
Here are a couple suggestions for NEW Attributes that I would like to see Added. I know it is TOO late, but never hurts trying. LOL

1. Shot off Pick(players shooting ability running Off pick)

2. Court Vision(meaning players, Mainly PG know when and where to make pass at right time)

3. Reach(meaning players with LONGER wingspan, can get disrupt Passing Lanes, Block Shots, etc.)

4. Lateral Quickness(meaning side to side, not running up and down court or making a dribble move)

5. Leadership(makes their team better, keeps guys where they need to be on Floor, etc.)

6. Fingeroll(George Gervin needs this) or make it a TENDENCY

7. TAKE AWAY Shoe BOOST, this ISNT Space Jam, shoes DONT make you play better.
# 43 LoveBasketball @ 07/06/13 01:15 PM
I also think "Athleticism" should be added as an attribute along side with "dunk"......carmelo can dunk easily so that attribute should be high but he shouldn't be throwing down crazy JR smith like dunks lol
# 44 bumpyface @ 07/08/13 04:59 AM
2k sports should give you a full-time job right now. I hope that with the power of the next gen consoles, 2k puts more of an emphasis on gameplay. Also, I hope EA is listening to the complaints for 2k, as well as Live. With both companies competing again, 1 of these titles should be worth a damn.
# 45 MrGundru @ 08/20/13 04:43 AM
They should make emotion mean something. For example, if you increase the emotion attribute, then you unlock more answers in the press conference and more celebrations when you make a shot or dunk it
# 46 arimamba @ 08/25/13 12:51 AM
defense? we talking about defense?

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