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The Gran Turismo 6 demo is available now. It includes the following modes on the new Silverstone track.
  • A quick tutorial that includes tips and tricks on the controls and navigating around the track
  • Four warm-up races using two Nissan cars, the LEAF and 370Z
  • Five time trials on the Silverstone track driving the Nissan 370Z, four of which take place on various sections of the track, and one being the full lap. That one full lap time becomes the entry time for GT Academy.
Get in a few laps and let us know what you think.

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# 1 B1MM3R @ 07/03/13 09:38 AM
Need to play this demo and see if they improved the car sounds. Its annoying, after playing forza, how all of the cars in gt5 sound exactly the same.
# 2 Blzer @ 07/03/13 09:40 AM
Might be able to try this tonight.
# 3 BQ32 @ 07/03/13 10:58 AM
Graphically it looks exactly like GT5 to me, but the handling felt different and you notice the new physics engine which is really nice. When I was racing against the AI I was able to bump them off the spot around corners without penalty which I was hoping would finally be changed. Didn't notice any damage effects to the driving . I will say though it feels extremely realistic if you are just focusing on the driving; accelerating/braking/handeling. By far more accurate than any other racing sim. The menus seem very similar to GT5 as well which is a disappointment for me.
# 4 sketchy1 @ 07/03/13 02:10 PM
not so encouraging comments so far, i was going to try this demo out but i don't really want to waste my time either. i hope the ps4/xboxwhatever transform racing games because they are too stale, i agree w/ footballfan41.
# 5 MachoMyers @ 07/03/13 03:45 PM
Playing through it now. The physics and the sense of speed is noticeably better than in past versions. I haven't played Forza so I can't compare. Feels good but definitely an update. At least the load times are way better.
# 6 4X49ER @ 07/03/13 03:53 PM
Okay, well, I guess my opinion is quite different.

The first thing you'll see is the menu. These are much improved, as the layout seems more fluid, the load times are much faster, and they even tied the main menu into the "start" button. Why was this not done from day 1?

The physics are greatly improved. Your first race is in a Nissan Leaf, and the first time you try to "throw it into a corner" you'll notice a tremendous amount of body roll. I find myself cocking my head to the side trying to orient myself in the corners. This is much reduced in the second challenge in the 370Z, as it should be. I'm a Dual Shock racer (no wheel) and I have to say the "feel" of the cars makes everything else I've played from Forza to GT5 feel like arcade games. You feel every bump in the corner rumble strips, accelerating in a tight turn you can feel the rear end start to kick out, and spinning into the grass is a whole different level of feel, from the sliding and bumping just trying to recover. They say with the faster cars you'll even be able to feel the difference in air density from hot noon racing to cool air night racing, but that isn't present in the demo.

The graphics are better, but you need to know where to look to notice it. Cars used to go "low res" when behind or in smoke, no longer. The shadows and glare seem much more realistic to my eye, and if you pay close attention you can even see birds flying overhead and airplane trails (sorry, don't know the tech term for them).

Let me stress, however, that while I love this game, it's certainly not for everyone. It's a driving simulator. It's not really a racing game or car damage simulator (though it does very well on things like gas usage and tire wear, if they trend from gt5 continues). If you're looking to get nitro boosts or do barrel rolls or go 350mph, this isn't your game. If you want to know what it feels like to take a Lamborghini Aventador around the Nürburgring, or try to recreate the Mustang's famous dominance at Leguna Seca, this is the one for you.

This will be a day one purchase for me, and more than likely Forza will be as well.
# 7 Feldman011teen @ 07/03/13 04:28 PM
@4x49er you nailed it on the head. Sense of speed is ridic. When you're doing the in-car on a Nissan Leaf and are like "WTF why do I feel uneasy" you look down and see you're doing 70 and it feels like 70. You can see the car lean like crazy and feel it around corners. Also it really seems drifting is easier in RWD cars b/c of the physics (i hate drifting btw).
# 8 AlterEgoDuane @ 07/03/13 08:53 PM
I haven't played this demo yet, but I think some of the opinions about racing games becoming stale is spot on. But, I also believe that is because we have countless games where all you drive are street cars, like forza, need for speed, grid, GT, etc. Where are all of the games with licensed cars? Why not have a racing game where you can progress up the ranks of racing formulae until you reach the pinnacle, whatever that is deemed to be? And you could pick three distinct styles of racing... Open Wheel, Touring Car, and Sports Car.

Open Wheel would start in Formula Nippon and British f3 or Star Mazda, you could then move up through the ranks and try to make it all the way to indycar or F1. Then with the touring car one, you would start in the Renault Clio series, move up to BTCC, then go to WTCC, then to DTM and finally, the pinnacle being the V8 Supercars. And with sports cars, you would start in the Cadillac Challenge series, move up to the Grand Am Rolex Series, and move through that, then go to the American Le Mans Series.

How sweet would that be?

Sure, there are games like that now for the PC, but there is nothing like that at all for the consoles. It is all just street-based cars. So yes, it is getting very stale. Why not add a bunch of different series from tracks from around the world? It would be great and would keep the game exciting.

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