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NCAA Football 14 is dropping today for EA Sports Season Ticket subscribers. The game's most popular feature, dynasty mode, is enjoyed by most everyone who buys the game.

With NCAA Football 14's release, we are curious as to what team you are planning on rolling with -- and what position you plan to take at that school. Be sure to share your destination and the job (OC, DC, Head Coach) you plan to accept.

Me personally? I'm still debating on Colorado and Boston College as my launching pad this year. Sound off with your own plans!

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# 1 boxboy99 @ 07/05/13 10:38 AM
Offline Dynasty: HC Toledo
Online Dynasty: HC Clemson
# 2 solofx7 @ 07/05/13 10:39 AM
huskers and colorado state
# 3 jakeywakey911 @ 07/05/13 10:40 AM
# 4 nfldude @ 07/05/13 10:40 AM
# 5 TryHard_Nation @ 07/05/13 10:41 AM
Offline: OC Kent State (Carosel)
Online: HC Old Dominion (Build up program)
# 6 cbow52 @ 07/05/13 10:42 AM
UTSA head coach.

Hopefully they update their unis though.
# 7 BadAssHskr @ 07/05/13 10:46 AM
Single Person OD: HC Huskers.

I was all prepared to build a pro style offense, but playing the demo, all that option stuff is pretty fun, now I don't know which direction I want to go..

Oh the decisions..
# 8 CcAaRrSsOoNn3 @ 07/05/13 10:48 AM
Online Dynasty - Any 1* school
Offline - Cal or Purdue
# 9 willyfantastic @ 07/05/13 10:48 AM
offline tennessee
# 10 MrSerendipity @ 07/05/13 10:51 AM
Offline #1: Texas State - Offensive Coordinator
This will be my journey to the University of Texas Head Coach Position.

Offline #2: UL Monroe - Offensive Coordinator
This will be me putting in my entire career with ULM, eventually becoming their Head Coach.
# 11 dschreck26 @ 07/05/13 10:54 AM
I'm looking at a lot of options right now. Possibly building up Georgia State or the Minnesota Gophers. Also interested in playing Teddy at Louisville.
# 12 fcboiler87 @ 07/05/13 10:55 AM
Online: OC Old Dominion
Offline: HC Purdue
# 13 dubvcrazy @ 07/05/13 10:56 AM
My teambuilder team, the Nebraska State Roughriders
# 14 macc24usc @ 07/05/13 10:57 AM
I will begin an offline dynasty if I can get the early release after work today - likely with my USC Trojans. Since they had a big step backwards I'm going to put Heisman settings on with adjustments in CPU Pass Block, Pass Accuracy and Field Goals to 35 - I've found some terrific outcomes on the Demo with that.

I am going to try to build the current class USC has and if I am successful with some top guys they're after who are still open, I will rename those players as I see fit. All to say my rosters will be updated first thing with the players currently and then in year 2 pre-season editing the names and sizes of incoming freshmen to match current HS prospects.

With the biggest training camp events in the book NFTC The Opening and Elite 11 I will have a good idea of the types of top flight players in this class and have some fun even say adding a player USC will not get.

As for Online, I'm going to be using UGA in one and I've not decided the other.
# 15 4X49ER @ 07/05/13 10:58 AM
I'm gonna fight fight fight for Iowa, until the walls and rafters sing.
# 16 ratedmoney @ 07/05/13 10:59 AM
Right now im debating between Tennessee, Penn State, UCLA.
# 17 lere2001 @ 07/05/13 11:01 AM
Notre Dame
# 18 Noles4ever @ 07/05/13 11:02 AM
Sticking to just off-line this year, don't have much time for online play anymore. FSU -------->>>>
# 19 GOPOKES6928 @ 07/05/13 11:05 AM
Oklahoma State
# 20 BigManVincent @ 07/05/13 11:09 AM
Huskers GO BIG RED

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