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With NCAA Football 14 hitting retail shelves tomorrow -- and with many already playing the game with this year's season ticket early release -- we have to ask one simple question: what game mode is going to get the bulk of your playtime?

Will it be offline dynasty? Online dynasty? Ultimate team? Road to Glory? The Season mode?

Be sure to pick from the options in the poll to your right on the frontpage or above you on the forums. Then, if you vote other (or dynasty), be sure to let us know which mode you'll be playing with in the comments below!

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# 1 RoundingThird @ 07/08/13 09:36 AM
If I do get it, it will definitely be dynasty. That was all I played last year and to be honest it is really the most realistic mode in the game.
# 2 richmondn96 @ 07/08/13 09:36 AM
I usually just play Quick Game or Play Now. I like playing with a handful of teams and I like to pick my opponent, time, weather etc. Still looking forward to starting up a Florida dynasty.
# 3 Hiro1 @ 07/08/13 10:03 AM
Online only. Rather play a cheeser or two than play a soul less CPU AI. Nothing is more gratifying than out thinking/playing another human being.
# 4 kingsofthevalley @ 07/08/13 10:09 AM
Dynasty all day.
# 5 CT Pittbull @ 07/08/13 10:23 AM
im really digging the new season mode it nice to just be able to play and not worry about recruiting . im all about on field gameplay and being able to keep things current with what really going on in college football. season mode just cuts out all of the fluff that I don't need. unless I can get into an online dynasty with player who "PLAY SIM" and don't quit after they lose one game. to many online cheesers looking to start dynasties and they ALWAYS go NO WHERE. so until then season mode it is for me.
# 6 canesfins @ 07/08/13 11:04 AM
Online Dynasty. That's what makes the game special to me. Being able to have recruiting battles and conference game battles with another player.
# 7 den den @ 07/08/13 11:34 AM
Offline Dynasty ! Although next gen will eventually come for NCAA football I might try to mix it up online this year to see where I really stand as average or good compared to others.
# 8 ZekeRoberts @ 07/08/13 11:40 AM
ultimate team has potential to be a huge time suck for me... if they had a web app like FIFA even moreso... however i'm not planning on putting up with a lot of cheese so if everyone's teams look the same and it's no fun i hope i can remind myself to just move on... lol took a few months with FIFA

wouldn't mind trying an online dynasty this year... always do an offline dynasty though!
# 9 Stormyhog @ 07/08/13 11:54 AM
I just prefer to play exhibition or play now in sports games. I like playing with a variety of teams as I become bored when taking one team and playing franchises & dynasty's. Not a fan of building teams as I like to play with the official rosters and setting up matches. If I were to play another mode it would be season without all the micro management elements.
# 10 H to the Oza @ 07/08/13 01:05 PM
starting off tomorrow night with ultimate team. plan on doing season with rutgers and msu.. then start an online dynasty when everyone gets the game.
# 11 rolltide24 @ 07/08/13 01:45 PM
I will do an online dynasty
# 12 DKHardee @ 07/08/13 01:55 PM
Offline dynasty. I like to take the small schools and build them up. I'm thinking Georgia State or ODU this year.
# 13 NothingDone @ 07/08/13 03:59 PM
Offline dynasty - CPU vs. CPU

(I enjoy simulating football on a football simulator... go figure!?)

But yeah, just picking personnel, developing playbooks around them, adjusting subs to get good rotation and improve overall performance of the team...

"Coaching" - I'm well past grinding my thumbs for entertainment... heh.

Other than that just siting back and watching it all unfold. Its fun to watch what my DC/OC come up with out of the playbooks I give them to work with.

And playing online with general pop players has been an exercise in watching how football isn't played - gaming the game mechanics and all that nonsense.

Tedious and boring IMHO.
# 14 Blucbr @ 07/08/13 05:49 PM
Road to Glory- Cornerback
# 15 timjimmie @ 07/08/13 05:57 PM
I usually start with a Road To Glory until the named rosters are released, then start up both and online and offline dynasty.
# 16 Gap Integrity @ 07/08/13 06:03 PM
I will be editing rosters for a few months before I get involved in any dynansties. But when I'm finished, it will be worth it.
# 17 Victory23 @ 07/08/13 07:32 PM
Offline dynasty will be the ticket for me, but I'd love to play on online one for once, just to see what it's like.
# 18 Gronk4M13 @ 07/08/13 08:35 PM
Definitely dynasty mode, but also a lot of Road to Glory and some Ultimate Team.
# 19 Stats85 @ 07/08/13 10:27 PM
i guess ulitmate team before i do my own season with the top 25 teams *mix with upsets and scores from dynasty sim* with named rosters and silders sets
# 20 weaponz248 @ 07/09/13 12:11 AM
Dynasty, Off and on line. Are there other modes? LOL

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