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Konami recently had a community event for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. WENB and OPE have posted their impressions. OPE has also posted a Q&A session with PES Marketing Producer, Manorito Hosoda.

I found the tempo to be much more realistic to itís real life counterparts, providing a more calculating match, where you canít just bomb down the wings and out pace your opponents. The pace is much slower, however to address a concern of a member of our forums, this does not mean that players them selves are just slow. I found that using players who are fast, translates across to how they play, meaning that the slowed down tempo wouldnít remove advantages that stats provide. Of course pace and speed still play a part in how you will play but so too will strength, and in a big way. In the games I played, I found the strength of players to be very accurate and this helped dictate games.
Do you have any plans to introduce handballs into the game one day? Not necessarily this year.

One day. We have to make the player have the intention of handball. There has to be something convincing for the users for the whole system around the handball feature. I would say this will be a challenge for PES 2015... I'll do my best!
Defenders are much more switched on, allowing more interceptions and less 'moments of madness', like your centre-back getting nutmegged from 50 yards after making no attempt to cut out the simplest of through balls. I did, however, get the impression that the defensive lines were a little too high at times. This resulted in quite a lot of offsides which was quite frustrating. However, to counter this, when taking goal-kicks, you can press L1/LB to activate 'Position Shift' which will move your entire team up (or down) the pitch. Whether you're desperate for another goal or you just want to protect your lead, I can see this becoming a very popular tactic during online play.

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# 1 RandyBass @ 07/09/13 12:25 AM
Vita please!

Or at least make the PSP version playable on the Vita.
# 2 Krebstar @ 07/09/13 11:50 AM
An area of the game that I was not impressed with were referees. There was far too many yellow cards for small fouls that would never be considered a bookable offense in a real match. In a game I observed there were 5 red cards, which clearly shows that there are some issues when it comes to the referees decision making. There was also an instance, although it was only once, where a player was very clearly offside and yet the decision wasn’t called. Wether that is a part of the game, error in decision making is common in real football as many know, or just a bug, we don’t know but it is something that should be removed before the final release.
So now they'll over compensate, and we'll get no cards, right?

Otherwise, sounds really good. Very excited for this year's version.

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