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The enhancements in this year's NCAA Football centered on the running game, but last year's passing game enhancements are still an integral part of the gameplay. What is your offensive style? Are you a run first or pass first coach?

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# 1 DirtyJerz32 @ 07/09/13 09:56 AM
Ground and pound triple option style.
# 2 Stats85 @ 07/09/13 10:06 AM
whatever style the team plays that's how I row
# 3 weaponz248 @ 07/09/13 10:31 AM
Pretty balance as long as the game is in hand. If I get down a few scores its all passing. I will say this though I take what the D gives me. So if I come to the line with a pass called and see the D is in a good Defense to stop that pass I will audible to the run.
# 4 coogrfan @ 07/09/13 10:34 AM
Air Raid all day.
# 5 Nature_Boy @ 07/09/13 10:39 AM
Run the ball.
# 6 kbomb1upc @ 07/09/13 10:41 AM
Im very balanced. Majority of the times I'm 52-48 percent pass to run. I use the run to setup the pass and it's deadly. Especially when you face the guys that like to put their DL's in pass coverage. They will have to stay honest unless they want to give up a big run. It's very important to keep your opponent guessing on what plays you will run. Gives you a big advantage when you are not one dimensional.
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 07/09/13 10:50 AM
At heart I'm a ground and pound in attempts to fatigue a D line plus I just love the feel of running the ball and intially, it was my best offense but I've come to mix it up, chess style in the last decade or so once I started better learning how to pass effectively.
# 8 MAGboyswifT27 @ 07/09/13 11:00 AM
55% pass 45% run but I have to establish the run first!
# 9 UMRebelCJ @ 07/09/13 11:40 AM
Both, really. I like to mess with different offensive styles. Depending on my personnel, I either run a VERY run-heavy pro/one-back, a run-leaning spread, a pass-leaning spread, or an air raid.
# 10 KNICKSFAN_84 @ 07/09/13 01:54 PM
I've always been a bigger fan of the running game personally. I feel like having an elite HB is more important to a team than an elite QB because even a mediocre QB can succeed on a team that has a strong running attack.
# 11 AshamanCarnage @ 07/09/13 02:24 PM
Definitely run first, so much easier to succeed through the air if they fear your run game.

Still hate play-action though.
# 12 ItsOrangeBaby @ 07/09/13 02:40 PM
I try to mimic my game with the actual team I'm playing with, but when it come to my mentality I always try to be a run heavy player.
# 13 F0rl3fclov3r @ 07/09/13 04:14 PM
Aaron Rodgers.

...but in all honesty I'm the most 50/50 sim player on the planet.
# 14 4X49ER @ 07/09/13 05:01 PM
I'm probably 80/20 run for the first 3 quarters, wear down the D as much as possible, and then if it's still close I air it out during the 4th.
# 15 Tonestarxx @ 07/09/13 06:31 PM
60 run 40 pass nutin like using a two back attack
# 16 cincy14fan @ 07/09/13 07:28 PM
80 pass - 20 run. I suck at running, but do a lot of screens to WR and HB with other stuff. I am fine with a 4 yard out pass than a run.
# 17 JPCaveman13 @ 07/09/13 08:06 PM
Generally, I run with my teambuilder schools so I built a variety of teams with different styles. I do have a couple teams who are out at the extremes (90/10 splits either way) but mostly I find common ground somewhere in the middle ( between 60/40 either way). It's usually run to pass and pass to run with most runs go between the tackles.

When I use real teams, I tend to stick within the team's scheme. Maybe a few seasons into a solo dynasty, I might start shifting my focus recruiting to change up things a little.
# 18 ALEXELWAY @ 07/09/13 08:43 PM
I am a pass first guy , I love to sling the ball around.
# 19 andygilbert @ 07/09/13 08:49 PM
Run first run some more then pass when the do is setup
# 20 Bat @ 07/09/13 09:55 PM
I go through streaks to try avoid becoming stale. I will run and run.. Next game it will be airing it out.

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