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The middle of July is known as the doldrums of sports with the only major sport in season currently being Major League Baseball. What do you do during this time? Is baseball enough to keep you entertained or do you find something else to do besides sports?

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# 1 Majingir @ 07/10/13 12:36 PM
Abit of 1st and 2nd. 1st if team is doing good, 2nd if team is doing the same stuff they've been doing for past 20 years.

July is most active month of entire hockey and basketball offseason, so it's still fun to read up on nba/nhl news/rumors.
# 2 bghost @ 07/10/13 12:40 PM
I am pathetic, this is the time of year I catch up on the basketball games I may have missed by watching NCAA tournament games and high school AAU games.

soon college football will occasionally distract me, and then the NBA season will start again soon enough.
# 3 porkys8077 @ 07/10/13 12:43 PM
Only Baseball.
# 4 RedPhazon8 @ 07/10/13 12:56 PM
Baseball? *yawns* Bring on the next season of the big trio already...
# 5 LingeringRegime @ 07/10/13 01:00 PM
NBA Summerleague, Prominent Court Trials, MMA, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Australian Rules Football, Golf
# 6 cusefan74 @ 07/10/13 01:04 PM
I love my baseball but, football is always number one for me.
# 7 druez @ 07/10/13 01:16 PM
There is this really cool sport, not sure if you guys heard of it called Soccer? Yeah, there is an American Professional League called the MLS? Still haven't heard of it?

I mean it runs all summer long and is growing in popularity. Their attendance is doing very well and people actually follow it.

You are a sports gaming site, might want to try and list soccer/MLS next time for a poll like this.
# 8 Joe Koo1 @ 07/10/13 01:16 PM
I play the videogames for the out of season sports(currently NCAA 14).
# 9 TreyIM2 @ 07/10/13 01:28 PM
I'm more of a NFL and NBAer but when baseball season starts, I watch my Yankees here and there and now I find myself watching soccer here and there to coincide throughout the year so right now I'm being held down by baseball and MLS.
# 10 stlpimpmonsta @ 07/10/13 01:33 PM
NFL Pre season is only a month away......... must..........survive.
# 11 NinerFan1983 @ 07/10/13 01:33 PM
Baseball? No. I can't watch that sport. Too slow and dull for my liking.

For me, I love football and basketball, so usually when June rolls around and the NBA Finals wrap up, it begins the dead period in sports for me.
# 12 JMU_Devil_Dawg @ 07/10/13 01:36 PM
I've been enjoying the international soccer competitions. Hoping the USMNT has a successful run at the CONCACAF Gold Cup.
# 13 Cod @ 07/10/13 01:45 PM
Baseball, world football (soccer), and Formula 1 keep me busy year round.
# 14 Armor and Sword @ 07/10/13 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by 55
Baseball is the best sport in the world. No doldrums for me.


Baseball is King.
# 15 RoundingThird @ 07/10/13 01:52 PM
I never get tired of baseball, especially since I play it. I do look forward to football and basketball. I love watching football, and basketball is my best sport. In July, baseball keeps me going though.
# 16 T-Moar @ 07/10/13 01:58 PM
International soccer and MLS should hold me over.
# 17 bhurst99 @ 07/10/13 02:11 PM
I don't consider this the sports doldrums at all.

There's always so much free agent stuff in hockey and basketball going on that I don't know if there's an off-season for those sports.

Following baseball, CFL, MLS, and NFL/NCAA arrest season.
# 18 LowerWolf @ 07/10/13 03:34 PM
I love baseball, so I'm perfectly happy with it. But I'd be lying if I said there's not a part of me that looks forward to football every July as well.
# 19 Polaris @ 07/10/13 04:34 PM
I love Baseball also because it is the ONLY sport I would attend with my family in person, I also love American football, but only after the World Series has ended. In the olden days of the NFL and NCAA football the season didn't start until after October. The style of football I also like is NOT the NFL style, it is College Style because of the coaches being more aggressive by going for it on 4th Down and running more "gadget plays" like the run option and other trick plays that are shunned by the NFL "standard".

Soccer I only watch if the USA is playing in international play for the CONCACAF or World Cups. The NHL is like football in my mind is a cold weather sport, so in my mind I would not watch it in the Spring and Early Fall like in September and Mid-October because it is still warm where I live.
# 20 MattRobinson17 @ 07/10/13 05:40 PM
We are Penn State! Let's go Rangers!

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