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Today's news of the NHL '94 anniversary mode in NHL 14 has sparked some excitement amongst some NHL fans. What do you think of EA Sports reimagining of one of the most revered sports games in history?

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# 1 pjb2329 @ 07/11/13 12:31 PM
I personally haven't purchased a copy of the NHL series in like 4 yrs, but with this addition I'm all but sure going to make this a purchase! I still to this day pull out my Sega Genesis from time to time to play NHL 94. Great addition.
# 2 Fiddy @ 07/11/13 12:59 PM
NHL 94 mode = waste of dev time.. cant play it online, so whats the point?

EA dropped the puck with this one.
# 3 Majingir @ 07/11/13 01:18 PM
NHL 94 mode is a cool thing that I'd try out....if I were getting NHL14.

Tired of video game just having cheap gimmicks to try and get people to buy, in order to cover up the fact that the games aren't anything new/special.

Even the gameplay videos they've shown for NHL14 made it look the exact same as NHL13. I've even seen people who didn't know about NHL games,watch gameplay from each game and didn't even know they were diff games.
# 4 GlennN @ 07/11/13 01:22 PM
Cool idea, and I might try it once to relive the magic, but without even season play, let alone franchise (yeah, I'm spoiled now), it won't get much play from me. I would have rathered the time go into revamping the stale BeAGM mode
# 5 Moose Factory @ 07/11/13 01:48 PM
Yeah kind of curious why this couldn't just be a presentation setting in every game mode!? I'm still wondering what the hell Live the Life mode is going to be like. I'm hoping that it's a major overhaul of the Be A Pro mode and that they haven't said anything about it because they're saving this last bit of info as a big reveal leading up to the release.
# 6 RoundingThird @ 07/11/13 01:48 PM
I find it awesome how Jaromir Jagr played during that season. Makes the 94 mode even more worth it.
# 7 believeinnow @ 07/11/13 01:51 PM
I don't see it as a gimmick but as a I nice little bonus mode. Also, I think for people who don't care too much about the nuances of the sport will enjoy the fact that you can give the controller to a significant other and just have fun with it.

I do also like that they used the classic jerseys in the trailer (they've been in the game for a while, but it was a great touch to the trailer).

Can't wait to see more of it in action.
# 8 Tsuki @ 07/11/13 01:54 PM
For all of you that care: Do you really place this addition as more important than say the ability to not put the puck on any part of the net?
# 9 boritter @ 07/11/13 02:02 PM
I loved NHL 94. But I would imagine that in 2013 the nostalgia will be much stronger than the 20-year old gameplay.
# 10 bghost @ 07/11/13 02:17 PM
I am buying this game , but I really don't care about this mode.
# 11 BROman @ 07/11/13 02:18 PM
will they play "here come he hawks" when chicago scores?
# 12 brianski71 @ 07/11/13 02:19 PM
I like this. A lot. I played countless hours of NHL 94-96 on Super Nintendo growing up. I like that it's a throwback-type mode, yet isn't just a straight SNES/Genesis version of NHL 94. If I want that, I'll use an emulator. I really don't understand why there's not al least a season, though. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose. IMO, it'd be awesome team up with a buddy (old school, actually in the same room!) and work through a season (or at least playoffs) together. Instead, with just random single games, I see myself getting bored with it rather quickly.
# 13 Rufio2031 @ 07/11/13 03:56 PM
Although it's a neat little feature, it's very pointless. As stated, this time could have been spent on improving other aspects of the game.
# 14 Just_Cow @ 07/11/13 05:44 PM
Saw the trailer and thought it was pretty awesome and funny, however, it's not why I'm buying NHL 14 (especially after hearing it's an offline mode). I would have loved to be able to play this mode online with friends or other players around the world in an unranked game for the sake of having fun which is something online this year in general just hasn't been.

Is it a nice tip of the hat to a 20 year old game that started it all, yes. Do I like it, yeah. Will I pay $60 for it? No.

I would have liked to see changes to the presentation like better goal celebrations, better arena designs, COMMENTARY, etc. I see myself playing this mode once by myself and if I have any friends who come over who just want to play for the hell of it, I would play it with them.

Nice trailer, best they ever made, and a nice addition. That's pretty much it though.
# 15 dmslapped @ 07/11/13 06:44 PM
I might get this game, because of NHL 94 mode. Grew up playing that on my dads Sega Genesis
# 16 DJ @ 07/11/13 09:46 PM
It's a nice tip-of-the-cap to a game held in very high regard. I don't play Online but I can see why those that do would be upset about not being able to use this mode, since part of NHL 94's legend was built of head-to-head games.
# 17 elgreazy1 @ 07/12/13 11:31 AM
The 94 mode is enticing enough for me to buy NHL14, but NHL13 was my first NHL game I've bought since **gasp** 1994!!! Think I'll keep learning the game of hockey with NHL13 until XB1 or PS4 versions.
# 18 psymin1 @ 07/13/13 09:00 PM
It's blue ice, and stars under the players with no rules. It isn't exactly NHL '94. It is a waste of time, as Fiddy said. There is so much more that needs to be done. Will I buy the game? Of course, but that's because of my hockey obsession, not because of this silly mode that I may try once or twice.
# 19 BigMacAttack22 @ 07/14/13 11:07 AM
"Gimmicky" -- I'm pretty happy at my decision to definitely not buy the game this year and focus on my NHL 13 GM instead (to see if I can get beyond 1 year for once). It's a nice homage, but really it's taking away resources from doing actual things and it won't even be an online feature, which is just a silly decision. I can see them getting sales because of the nostalgia factor but I would much rather see /actual/ improvements to the gameplay/game modes.

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