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Bleacher Report has posted a new Madden NFL 25 video featuring various receivers playing for their new team. These players include the following.
  • Mike Wallace (Miami Dolphins)
  • Greg Jennings (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Wes Welker (Denver Broncos)
  • Anquan Boldin (San Francisco 49ers)
  • Percy Harvin (Seattle Seahawks)
The video showcases a few new moves and animations as well. Madden NFL 25 hits store shelves on August 28th for Xbox 360 and PS3. We'll hear more about the release date for next-gen Madden, when the release date has been announced for those consoles.

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Madden NFL 25 Videos
Member Comments
# 1 LovejoyOTF @ 07/12/13 07:24 PM
those niners pants look to be pretty golden right there.
# 2 ImmovableObject @ 07/12/13 07:24 PM
I hope they can get rid of that "stiffness" of the players during transitions for the Next Gen versions.

Seems like whenever a player transitions to another animation, they "tighten up" and have an odd stiffness in their motions. A lot of the sprinting of the WRs in the video shows signs of it. But I assume that's still current gen limitations.

These guys need to "loosen up" more in Next Gen.
# 3 JJT @ 07/12/13 07:53 PM
Lol its gonna be next gen or nothing for me, hope its good.
# 4 kmart2180 @ 07/12/13 08:38 PM
I know this is a small thing but I hope they can get the colors corrected for next gen. Ive been asking for the 49ers helmets to be a darker gold for years now. I guess its not as simple as editing the color.
# 5 SageInfinite @ 07/13/13 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by ghettogeeksta
Need more catch animations, not every receiver catches the ball perfectly with their hands every time! Sometimes they let the ball come near their chest and stomach area and sometimes they bobble the ball.

Exactly. A majority of the animations captured for Madden just don't look like professional athletes when they are transitioned into the game. They have got to do better next gen. Things have just got to look more natural. Even the best receivers in history don't always catch the ball strictly with their hands. Just baffles my mind how they bragged about capturing all these new catch animations and a majority of them still don't look natural.
# 6 GiantBlue76 @ 07/13/13 02:26 AM
Every single one of those receivers ran routes the exact same way. Every elite receiver in madden plays exactly the same. Never mind the fact that Wallace is more of a burner and deep threat and welker is a possession slot receiver. They may as well be the same person.
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ 07/13/13 05:15 AM
I don't think you can read too much into a highlight video as they aren't going to showcase bobbles and drops. That said I must say I didn't care for some of the WR stiff arms and trucks from the smaller guys. Greg Jennings, Wallace and Welker all ran through or knocked over a DB. Fine for Brandon Marshall (not shown) or Boldin but that's not really those guys game. I'd have preferred seeing Wallace go deep! I did like Harvin's cut and then back stepping out of bounds. That was cool to see.
# 8 Gronk4M13 @ 07/13/13 07:11 AM
Very cool video, great editing. The Dolphins and Vikings uniforms look great.
# 9 bigdooky15 @ 07/13/13 10:43 AM
Um. Mike Wallace is #11....
# 10 TreyIM2 @ 07/13/13 11:14 AM
Call me crazy but the run animations look BETTER! I liked what I watched. Looks more realistic than before. I dunno if it has anything to do with that True Step animation stuff but these animations in this video don't look like the usual Madden rigamarow animations.

I think I'm a lil more excited for this Madden, now. I was considering bypassing this til getting it for the PS4 but now it's no debate. Getting this for my PS3 to tide me over...after I get my damn PS3 fixed. Heh.
# 11 The_Gaming_Disciple @ 07/13/13 11:26 AM
I wonder if Madden 25 for the PS3 will have the grey face mask glitch that NCAA 14 currently has?
# 12 bigbuckeyeboi @ 07/13/13 12:25 PM
Those new Dophins unis are sick!!!!
# 13 Robcards @ 07/13/13 12:35 PM
Why are the jersey numbers looking so small this year!
# 14 carvis#15 @ 07/13/13 03:18 PM
Lol..man this game just sucks. It has sucked each and every year on this current gen. I give them kudos that this dev team has actually been building on what they talked about but through it all the game still gets boring very fast IMO. Thankfully we have next gen coming this year. Can't wait until I can actually play a football game that capitalizes on all aspects of realism. Please...get this stuff outta here.
# 15 dat boi Q @ 07/13/13 09:17 PM
Those dolphin unis look nice
Might be using them for my ccm
# 16 sarlndr @ 07/13/13 09:27 PM
What's up with the numbers on the back? Also some of the jersey colors just look to be a little off.

Animation wise it looks stiff and a tad robotic at times. I've got low expectations for this one. Maybe it will surprise.
# 17 sarlndr @ 07/13/13 09:52 PM
The Dolphins jersey is one of the "colors" being off I was talking about.

I'm not super picky but when EA makes it this easy, then why not say what bothers you about the video. This is easy picking's for the folks here on OS.
# 18 deacon21206 @ 07/13/13 10:45 PM
Madden just doesn't have enough animations period
# 19 eye guy @ 07/14/13 01:39 AM
I can't believe I might actually buy this years Madden for next-gen. I have M13 but this definitely looks like a step in the right direction.

Yes, I understand the nature of the video, but more than a few things impressed me. So much so, I might buy Madden 2 years in a row.
# 20 DGuinta1 @ 07/14/13 11:11 AM
Arcade like to me. Looks pretty but seems like the same ol. With it being the only game in town, no choice.

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