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With the news that has leaked out over the past week, we know that you can receive the Ultimate Warrior as a playable character in WWE 2K14 if you pre-order the game. This is the Warrior's first official appearance in a WWE game, which is a noteworthy arrival for such a historic (if polarizing) figure in sports entertainment history.

You can read our hands-on preview of WWE 2K14 from a recent press event here.

Have you made a pre-order decision based on The Warrior being a bonus, or are you waiting it out until more details are released on this year's game? Vote in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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Member Comments
# 1 GlennN @ 07/16/13 01:37 PM
No option for "There is no chance in Hell I will be buying this game under any possible circumstance"?
# 2 jyoung @ 07/16/13 01:38 PM
And more recently, WWE All-Stars.

# 3 Majingir @ 07/16/13 02:09 PM
I'm sure most people are choosing the last option,mostly cause they aren't WWE fans lol.

But I'm choosing last option because WWE 2K14 really isn't any diff from WWE 13. WWE 2K14 is WWE 13 with a slightly diff roster.

WWE 2K15 is when people should start to hope for more changes, cause WWE 2K14 is WWE 14 but with 2ks logo all over it since the same team for last years game is working on this years game. I wouldn't be surprised if they were starting to work on WWE 2K15 real soon.

Though I hope WWE stops having annual releases. Or at least a diff schedule(like 18 months or something)
# 4 xman2k @ 07/16/13 02:28 PM
I have a vision (and a wish) AKI will also be involved next year, super smooth gameplay and perfect flow to a match
# 5 CGMoney70 @ 07/16/13 03:08 PM
I'm as big a pro wrestling fan as the next guy and have played every WWE game since PS1 but getting The Ultimate Warrior in the game doesn't do much for me.
# 6 DKHardee @ 07/16/13 03:27 PM
I wish it was a different model Warrior. While I know he painted his chest, most of my memories the chest paint wasn't there... No big deal though, I'm preordering.
# 7 eaterofworlds888 @ 07/16/13 04:14 PM
Normally I would pre-order in an occasion like this but WWE '13 had such dumb A.I and game breaking glitches ( to me anyway) that I'm going to wait until it's out and see some gameplay and what others have to say about the CPU vs CPU A.I
# 8 doomsday72499 @ 07/16/13 05:19 PM
I had already pre-ordered so UW is fine for me as a freebie.
# 9 bigdoc85 @ 07/16/13 09:14 PM
I promised my son I would buy this game so I guess I'll pre-order to get "The Warrior" -- I have no idea who he is!
# 10 DJ @ 07/16/13 09:19 PM
I will ... only if there's an 80's-90's era mode similar to WWE 13's Attitude Era mode. Otherwise I'll just play WWE 13 and two other games with Warrior; All-Stars and Legends of Wrestlemania.
# 11 iory_yagamy @ 07/16/13 10:13 PM
this is WWE 13 with a couple of new things... not buying this game until 2K grabs the full bull by the horns and deliver WWE 2K15 at a NBA 2K level
# 12 seventwenty3 @ 07/16/13 10:29 PM
That model is the same one from WWE All Stars. Total joke.
# 13 sarlndr @ 07/17/13 02:30 AM
No type of pre-order with in game bonus like that here where I live. Such a shame.
# 14 Scrmbld @ 07/17/13 05:04 AM
I'm not even sure if I'm buying it but I know for sure I don't care about the Warrior.
# 15 JazzMan @ 07/17/13 03:25 PM
If the Wyatt Family is in, I'll consider buying the game.
# 16 mestevo @ 07/17/13 10:20 PM
Interested in any game that has a career mode, no reason to buy this day 1 though.
# 17 brent3419 @ 07/17/13 11:08 PM
honestly i felt like the last few games were rather disappointing career mode wise so im probably skipping on buyin this one too
# 18 ScrambledBird @ 07/21/13 03:13 AM
I'm not even sure I'll buy the game but I really, who cares about The Ultimate Warrior?

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