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Last year 2K Sports started up their Community Team-Up Program for NBA 2K13, giving the biggest NBA 2K fans an exclusive look at the game. IpodKingCarter, Chris Smoove, KSpade64, vannwolfhawk, ShakeDown and sma11z99 all accepted their invites, while Da_Czar declined and Shady00018 couldn't make it.

2K Sports has just started up another Community Team-Up Program for NBA 2K14. It would be great to see someone from the OS community get in on the action.

With that said, speak up now. Who are your recommendations?

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# 1 LD2k @ 07/22/13 03:09 PM
# 2 MarvinOida @ 07/22/13 03:09 PM
I dunno....

The roster makers in the roster Subforum?

Shady or the PC guys over at NLSC for Art and Presentation?

Smoove, Czar, or another Youtuber for gameplay?

JaoSming for being JaoSming?

There's a lot of guys who should go, but I would like one or more of the community guys from OS/NLSC to go. (Like vannwolfhawk from last year)
# 3 jayman504 @ 07/22/13 03:10 PM
Get the Czar in there....
# 4 LakerPride @ 07/22/13 03:14 PM
Chris Smoove has to be there.
# 5 mrbigshot @ 07/22/13 03:24 PM
I'm endorsing Chris Smoove. honestly I would love it if he actually worked for 2k some day. He is so passionate about the series and I just love his enthusiasm for all things 2k

also jasosming (sp?) that guy is under-appreciated as well and creates some great mods and knows his material.

But really...I want someone who will get in there and advocate for ASSOCIATION MODE! that mode has been untounched for so long i would like to know the news regarding it!
# 6 JerzeyReign @ 07/22/13 03:34 PM
Vote in an OS guy - forget those guys who only look for YouTube views or barely visit this forum.

I'm voting for Jersez and JasonWilliams55. We have some more on here that I will edit in but off top - these two are good money.
# 7 thedream2k13 @ 07/22/13 03:39 PM
Da czar. Reppin sim nation
# 8 Bexthelegend @ 07/22/13 03:46 PM
No question on Da_Czar, sim nation needs to be represented in full affect. After seeing the same problems on defense in 2k for 4 years straight, someone's gotta speak up for the sim ballers.
# 9 ratedmoney @ 07/22/13 03:57 PM
I hope they go for guys who know basketball and not make this some popularity contest based on YouTube subs.
# 10 Phreezy P @ 07/22/13 04:04 PM
Me please?
# 11 HakeemOlajuwon @ 07/22/13 04:16 PM
It's just a marketing stuff, i expected a real news about nba2k14
# 12 LoSoisNiCEx414 @ 07/22/13 04:16 PM
I vote for any OS user that plays 2k every yr. More hardcore fans, less youtube celebs
# 13 Steve_OS @ 07/22/13 04:20 PM
FYI. Da_Czar is bowing out again this year. So you guys can stop voting on him.


LOL, yeah I'm out. No need taking up a community spot.
# 14 Jakeness23 @ 07/22/13 04:31 PM
Definitely Shady, I'm sure he could help A LOT with next-gen art.
# 15 Sportzfan0290 @ 07/22/13 04:35 PM
Wish I could make it in there especially with my Euroleague knowledge.
# 16 Da_Czar @ 07/22/13 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
FYI. Da_Czar is bowing out again this year. So you guys can stop voting on him.


LOL, yeah I'm out. No need taking up a community spot.
Thanks Steve, I thought you guys knew but I have access to 2k and the dev team already so I would never want to take a spot someone else who hasn't been or has a voice can use.

Sincerely appreciate the votes though family!!!
# 17 HakeemOlajuwon @ 07/22/13 04:39 PM
Unfortunately,I don't think Shady can... he 's from the Philippines.
2K should pay him the travel and give him a job
# 18 Kushmir @ 07/22/13 04:43 PM
Bedwardsroy. PERIOD. Dude does so much good for the community roster-wise.
# 19 ForeverVersatile @ 07/22/13 04:46 PM
Myself, Jersez and thedream2K13
# 20 jtswag187 @ 07/22/13 04:48 PM
QJB needs a spot there

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