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EA Sports just sent us the details for the NCAA Football 14 Uniform Pack DLC, which arrives tomorrow (timing based on 1st party). 21 teams and more than 120 individual uniform pieces are included in the free DLC.

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# 1 JoshC1977 @ 07/22/13 06:20 PM
Woo hoo! They got Ohio's green helmets!!
# 2 boomersooner31 @ 07/22/13 06:21 PM
Wow that's a lot of fixes!! Cannot wait until tomorrow to get home from work and download these.
# 3 Mckinley Cash @ 07/22/13 06:24 PM
I'm so pumped! WVU is in!
# 4 Exile04 @ 07/22/13 06:25 PM
Of course Washington didnt get the gold helmets fixed, or their black alt helmets. But all and all the list is good
# 5 WVUWILD12 @ 07/22/13 06:25 PM
WVU's new jerseys are in!!
# 6 speedy43 @ 07/22/13 06:26 PM
Wow, that is a lot more than I was expecting
# 7 chrisolson32 @ 07/22/13 06:27 PM
No chrome green helmets for Michigan State? I am beyond disappointed!
# 8 The JareBear @ 07/22/13 06:28 PM
That's actually a pretty solid list for a free download.
# 9 merchant1874 @ 07/22/13 06:28 PM
Good stuff. Got all the main ones I was looking for. Would like to have seen the new Kansas and Indy lids but hopefully see them later.
# 10 Wahooworld15 @ 07/22/13 06:31 PM
Still didn't add Virginia's orange helmets... Still a good list!
# 11 Gotmadskillzson @ 07/22/13 06:33 PM
Free download......can't hate on that.

School Type Description
Arizona jersey Blue jersey
Arizona jersey White jersey
Arizona jersey Red jersey
Arizona pants Blue pants
Arizona pants White pants
Arizona pants Red Pants
Baylor helmet Gold - shiny (alternate)
Baylor helmet White
Baylor helmet Black
Baylor jersey Black (2012)
Baylor jersey Green
Baylor jersey White
Baylor jersey Black
Baylor pants Black (2012)
Baylor pants Gold
Baylor pants White
Baylor pants Black
Bowling Green baselayer Orange (Ay Ziggy Zoomba) (2012)
Bowling Green helmet White (2012)
Bowling Green helmet Orange (2012)
Bowling Green jersey Orange (2012)
Bowling Green jersey White (2012)
Bowling Green pants Orange (2012)
Bowling Green pants White (2012)
Cal helmet Matte Blue
Cal jersey Blue
Cal jersey Gold
Cal jersey White
Cal jersey Gray
Cal pants Blue
Cal pants Gold
Cal pants White
Cal pants Gray
Cincinnati gloves 2013 adiZero with "C" logo
Cincinnati jersey Black jersey (Red Base layer)
Cincinnati jersey White jersey (Black Base layer)
Cincinnati jersey Red jersey (Black base layer)
Cincinnati pants White pants
Cincinnati pants Red pants
Cincinnati pants Black pants
Idaho helmet Black (2012)
Maryland baselayer Main - Black and gray pattern with logon on sleeve
Maryland gloves Main; MARYLAND (in yellow with gray)
Maryland gloves White Ops; state and MARYLAND in grey
Maryland helmet Black
Maryland helmet White
Maryland jersey Red
Maryland jersey White
Maryland pants Red
Maryland pants White
Maryland pants Black
NC State gloves 2013 adiZero with NCS logo
NC State helmet Red Helmet
NC State helmet White Helmet
NC State jersey Red jersey (with red Base layer)
NC State jersey White jersey (with White base layer)
NC State pants Red pants
NC State pants White pants
Nebraska jersey Red jersey (with red Base layer)
Nebraska jersey White jersey (with White base layer)
Nebraska pants White pants
Nebraska pants Red pants
North Carolina helmet Blue
North Carolina helmet White
North Carolina helmet Black
North Carolina jersey Blue
North Carolina jersey White
North Carolina jersey Black
North Carolina pants Blue
North Carolina pants White
North Carolina pants Black
Notre Dame jersey Blue jersey
Notre Dame jersey White jersey
Ohio helmet Matte green (2012)
Oregon State gloves Black with Beaver head logo
Oregon State helmet White
Oregon State helmet Orange
Oregon State helmet Black
Oregon State jersey White
Oregon State jersey Orange
Oregon State jersey Black
Oregon State pants White
Oregon State pants Orange
Oregon State pants Black
Southern Miss jersey Black jersey
Southern Miss jersey White jersey
Southern Miss pants Black pants
Southern Miss pants White pants
Tennessee jersey Orange jersey (orange base layer)
Tennessee jersey White jersey (white base layer)
Tennessee pants Orange Pants
Tennessee pants White pants
Texas A&M gloves
Texas A&M jersey Maroon Jersey (with Maroon base layer)
Texas A&M jersey White jersey (White base layer)
Texas A&M pants Maroon Pants
Texas A&M pants White pants
UCLA gloves 2013 adiZero gloves with UCLA script logo
UCLA jersey Blue jersey
UCLA jersey White jersey
UCLA pants Gold pants
UConn helmet White
UConn helmet Blue
UConn jersey Navy
UConn jersey White
UConn pants Navy
UConn pants White
West Virginia helmet Blue helmet
West Virginia helmet White helmet
West Virginia helmet Gold helmet
West Virginia jersey Blue jersey
West Virginia jersey White jersey
West Virginia jersey Gold jersey
West Virginia pants Blue pants
West Virginia pants White pants
West Virginia pants Gold pants
Wisconsin gloves 2013 adiZero gloves with "W" logo
Wisconsin jersey Red jersey (Red Base layer)
Wisconsin jersey White jersey (red base layer)
Wisconsin pants White pants
Wisconsin pants Red Pants
# 12 J-Unit40 @ 07/22/13 06:33 PM
Solid list for first go around. Glad Baylor's new look made it in.

Surprised Florida's new uniforms (font change like UGA) didn't make it in the first round.
# 13 noplace @ 07/22/13 06:38 PM
Didnt know Nebraska had any errors other than the facemask...
# 14 BleedGreen710 @ 07/22/13 06:38 PM
You gotta be kidding me.. no Wyoming? I hate how they only focus on the big name schools..
# 15 kbones21 @ 07/22/13 06:40 PM
Now I can start my dynasty
# 16 apoulton1 @ 07/22/13 06:40 PM
# 17 Adder15 @ 07/22/13 06:42 PM
Not sure if this the right place but what about new field art has anyone asked if that will be upgraded too?
# 18 dhs22p @ 07/22/13 06:43 PM
What's interesting about this list is that Louisiana Tech is not on it. It was said earlier that Louisiana Tech was going to be in a uniform pack at the end of August. Which makes me think there will be a second uniform pack(not one with alts but one more with new regular unis).
# 19 KANE699 @ 07/22/13 06:45 PM
They add new uniforms for the likes of WVU and NC and don't even put the conference patches on, this is just like the SEC teams with missing patches......

Seriously why keep half doing stuff?
# 20 hargroverichie @ 07/22/13 06:45 PM
Isn't the 2013 Tennessee uniforms already in? Only thing I can think that needs fixed is the collar for the away Jersey should be orange.

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