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One of the biggest gripes of sports gamers over several years of football gaming is that penalties are never properly represented in the games. It's very likely this is a conscious design decision, as the randomness of penalties would surely leave some customers infuriated -- but the problem with that philosophy is that there are no workable alternatives for those wanting a more realistic game. Penalties simply aren't called enough even if you jack the sliders up.

So what do you think OS? Should penalties be called more in football games? Should there be more options for gamers to customize their penalty experience?

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# 1 Majingir @ 07/23/13 11:06 AM
Not just football games. Hockey games too(NHL12-13 had the worst penalty system in the history of hockey games)

Coincidentally, both are made by the same company.....

Guess EA doesn't know much about penalties lol
# 2 NaturalSelected @ 07/23/13 11:14 AM
Just make the sliders more effective. So if you jack them up, there are a bunch of penalties called.
# 3 DubTrey1 @ 07/23/13 11:18 AM
YES! Make a slider for it. At this point, there a games that literally go from start to finish without a call. I had my first call of illegal touching for NCAA last night - i was flat out amazed. And amazed more PI isn't called more after that...
# 4 Majingir @ 07/23/13 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by NaturalSelected
Just make the sliders more effective. So if you jack them up, there are a bunch of penalties called.
Exactly. Sliders USED to be able to completely change games,now they barely do anything at all. EA Sliders are the most broken sliders of all sports games. In MLB The Show, just adjusting sliders 1 or 2 times makes big difference, in Madden and NHL, it doesn't do much.

Some sliders have been PROVEN to be backwards(setting something to 0 actually maxes it out,setting something to max actually minimizes it) and others have been PROVEN to be ineffective(like the NHL13 penalty sliders. If it's on 1 or on max, the same amount of penalties gets called per game(which is only like 1-2)
# 5 drewst18 @ 07/23/13 11:21 AM
I agree, we need more options in terms of penalties.

I would like them to add different options to suit all parties. I would like to see an option added similar to NBA free throw shooting. You can either play with "Real Penalty" which will use statistics to call penalties based on the amount of penalties that player takes on percentage of plays they are in, or use the penalties based on a players ratings.

NHL already has a discpline ratings, combine that with aggression for roughing, stick checking for tripping/slashing it should be very easy to program in.

Madden would need to add a discipline rating to add in personal fouls like late hits, roughing QB and unsportsman like penalties. Then a few others the easiest one should be PI calls based on coverage skills, , maybe offsides/false starts based off of a reaction time rating and that can also effect how quickly the player gets off the ball.
# 6 jmik58 @ 07/23/13 11:23 AM
Yes, as long as it's implemented accurately.

It shouldn't be random, but instead based on individual situations and matchups.

If an O-Lineman has inferior ratings to the guy he's blocking, there should be programming logic that creates a greater possibility of a holding call (Just one specific example). Players could even be given an additional "Discipline" rating that would impact their abillity to avoid penalties.
# 7 mestevo @ 07/23/13 11:24 AM
Sliders should give you the flexibility to nullify or have them called with a frequency bordering on the absurd.
# 8 DirtyJerz32 @ 07/23/13 11:36 AM
Penalties/fouls should be called in ALL sports games, not just football games.

Sliders should also work correctly in ALL games.
# 9 LowerWolf @ 07/23/13 11:45 AM
I'm fine with penalties not being realistic. I play the game to play the game, not watch virtual referees throw flags. That said, there are people that want the game to be as realistic as possible. There's no reason why a penalty slider shouldn't be able to give everyone what they want.
# 10 jtswag187 @ 07/23/13 11:47 AM
part of it is an AI problem, there isn't WR to DB interaction, the CPU doesn't make mistakes and the trenches are to clean cut so even if the refs in the game undersstand it they dont have anything to call
# 11 Rhouston @ 07/23/13 12:06 PM
And the award for "Most Obvious Answer to a Poll Question on Operation Sports" goes to...
# 12 The JareBear @ 07/23/13 12:18 PM
Love this poll, love this topic.

Penalties are beyond ugly right now in EA football games. I remember one time I argued with a guy because he thought 5 penalties a game was realistic, I showed him the stats and he just kinda shrugged it off.

There definitely need to be far more penalties called on default settings.
# 13 TreyIM2 @ 07/23/13 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Rhouston
And the award for "Most Obvious Answer to a Poll Question on Operation Sports" goes to...
I said, WHAT!??! - OF COURSE, there should be more penalties in football videogames. I just didn't get the reasoning behind such a poll just like my man Rhouston

This should be locked, now, or sumthin'. Heh.
# 14 Benz87 @ 07/23/13 12:43 PM
Sliders should have a larger weight placed on them, to the extent that with a maxed out holding slider we should be seeing a flag for this infraction every other play. Not that this would be the proper frequency for it, but just the extent of the penalty slider effectiveness.

I would also like to see a rating for players implemented that would have an effect on penalties, maybe some type of "discipline" rating that would cause lineman to hold or false start, db's to pass interfere, or defensive players to grasp facemasks when tackling, etc...

I do understand why the developers do not implement this or have a larger amount of penalties. As we all know, the realism most of us OS members strive for is not the consensus amongst video gamers. Most gamers will want a Madden they will never see a penalty while putting up 60 points.
# 15 SamDaMan_15 @ 07/23/13 12:58 PM
hell yeah they should call more penalties in there games
# 16 TimLawNYC @ 07/23/13 01:13 PM
Absolutely, yes. One thing that has annoyed me constantly for the past several years is the lack of calls for blocking in the back. How many times have we seen a CPU running back break through the line, only to have our pursuing LB (the only guy with the angle to stop the runner) get shoved from behind by a TE or WR, causing the LB to stumble and freeing the RB for a long TD run? I've probably watched this same thing happen hundreds of times over the years, with no flags on it ever.
# 17 o Elevate o @ 07/23/13 01:25 PM
It's easy to say "Of course" but you have to also consider the casual gamer's view. Most of those guys really don't like being taken out of the action, especially if other dudes are waiting.

But to answer the question, I'd say yeah, but in the form of a "Simulation" slider. Just make them more effective, maybe tie them into ratings. An OLineman with lower awareness could be more prone to committing false starts, or a lineman with poor footwork could be more prone to holding calls.
# 18 USNAggie44 @ 07/23/13 01:28 PM
I'd like it, but not being able to control it would stink, since I'm playing the game, I feel like I'd have to mess up to have their be a penalty. This would be tough since you don't control every player.

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# 19 canesfins @ 07/23/13 02:09 PM
I love how the very first game I played when I got NCAA 14 there was a offensive pass inference called on a left guard.
# 20 braves_94 @ 07/23/13 02:09 PM
I just want to see reason behind penalties being called. Like maybe a DB doesn't have proper position on a WR in the end zone so he holds him to prevent a touchdown. Or maybe in a close game with 1st and goal to go, a LB tackes a TE to prevent a go ahead touchdown before he catches a ball. Or maybe a lineman holding in a mismatch or to keep his quarterback from taking a hit. Facemask in open field situations where the guy has no chance of bringing down the runner otherwise...

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