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With NCAA Football 14 on store shelves, the community has some sort of a split opinion with regards to how the recruiting in this year's edition was handled. So we're here to get a pulse on the community and see how you stand.

If you had to pick one, would you pick the recruiting in NCAA Football 13 or 14?

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# 1 DirtyJerz32 @ 07/24/13 01:03 PM
So less annoying and tedious, but deep at the same time...
# 2 nwfdwill @ 07/24/13 01:11 PM
I like the new system, but I do miss recruiting promises.
# 3 The_Wise_One @ 07/24/13 02:04 PM
I picked 13 but 14 recruiting has a ton of potential if they build on it.
# 4 prowler @ 07/24/13 02:10 PM
I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying recruiting in 14, on the surface it looks simple but there's a lot of depth.
# 5 canesfins @ 07/24/13 02:16 PM
14 and it's not even close for me.
# 6 Bat @ 07/24/13 02:36 PM
I didn't get too far into a dynasty in 13. Takes too long. In 14, i'm already in year 2034.
# 7 poulka @ 07/24/13 02:42 PM
I have to go with 14. In 13 there were times if you had back to back bye weeks you could spend as much as 45 minutes just recruiting. For someone like me were my gaming time is much reduced now because of other priorities that was a buzzkill. This recruiting method is far better, give me the action on the field.
# 8 seasprite @ 07/24/13 03:16 PM
14 is the best in the series as far as recruiting IMO
# 9 seasprite @ 07/24/13 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by footballfan41
None, Ea has not done a very good job with any of them....EA needs to just go str8 at it like real College does, I can't say enough, (IF IT'S IN THE GAME, IT'S NOT IN EA GAME) as simple as i can put it.....
How exactly would you do that?
# 10 Dawgfan1 @ 07/24/13 03:52 PM
I think 14 is better because it is much faster than 13. In 13, I could spend up to 10 minutes just to do one week of recruiting. Now, I can do it in 5 minutes or less.

Also 14 has dealbreakers and complimentary/competitive visits which makes recruiting so much more realistic. Scouting is also a hundred times faster, and EA put recruits trimming their list of schools back into the game.

With all that being said, I still miss promises.
# 11 BA2929 @ 07/24/13 04:07 PM
'14 blows '13 out of the water. I don't even find myself missing promises. I just usually promised the 3 easiest things to each recruit anyway and moved on. In the past it was just SOOO tedious that I dreaded even going to the recruiting area and even went as far as putting the difficulty on Freshman. I actually look forward to recruiting now and find myself actually getting to know my recruits names more now than in the past.
# 12 Skyboxer @ 07/24/13 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by footballfan41
None, Ea has not done a very good job with any of them....EA needs to just go str8 at it like real College does, I can't say enough, (IF IT'S IN THE GAME, IT'S NOT IN EA GAME) as simple as i can put it.....
EA hasn't used "If It's In The Game" for years.....

Either way 14. As little as I did play 13 it was enough to hate the recruiting.
# 13 k_mac @ 07/24/13 04:32 PM
I feel more comfortable with the old system, just because I was so used to it and had been using it for a long time. But, I really like what they did with 14. In time, after I get a feel for this new system, I'll like it a lot better.

Sometimes change is good, this is one of those times.
# 14 Benz87 @ 07/24/13 05:12 PM
Definitely 14, this year is much less tedious and time consuming while making me feel the same amount of depth.
# 15 BaylorBearBryant @ 07/24/13 07:55 PM
I honestly haven't spent enough time with it yet to know for sure. The under the hood stuff is more what I'm worried about. But from what I've seen 14 is a little better; less monotonous work to do.
# 16 CoachModer @ 07/24/13 09:58 PM
NCAA 2001 it had a 24 team playoff, put the graphics aside and it is the best. No slidders either.
# 17 Kevin26385 @ 07/25/13 09:27 AM
Voted for NCAA Football 14. This was the first time recruiting has actually grabbed my attention.
# 18 StormJH1 @ 07/25/13 09:45 AM
NCAA 14. It's possibly the best recruiting system they've ever had, factoring in depth, efficiency, and realism. The only one that comes close, as I recall, would be around '05 or '06 when they were playing with the player discipline system. It was terribly arbitrary and unbalanced, but it added an interesting layer of depth for building trouble programs that could have been expanded. Somewhat understandably, the NCAA and schools weren't too comfortable with giving ratings and fake discipline issues to real life programs.

NCAA 13 had a good system, but it was often tedious for the sake of being tedious. NCAA 14 has TONS of under the hood depth, but also allows you to glance over it quickly and barely touch it from week to week if you don't have the time. '14 also works better with the web portal, which is nice for online dynasty. It's not perfect, but it's pretty great.
# 19 jeremym480 @ 07/25/13 09:51 AM
I really like the recruiting in 14. If they just added Promises (like no RS, game in a players Home State, etc.) back in, then I would love it.

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# 20 brent3419 @ 07/25/13 10:19 AM
as much as i liked recruiting on 13, 14 is quicker, easier, and less tedious. after getting a big gap on players i can go aggressive after some i lag behind in, 13 felt like a chore sometimes

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