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Every day, through August 10th, members of the Madden NFL development team and community (Game Changers), will announce the All-25 team, which consists of the greatest video game athletes (at the height of their career) at each position.

They kicked things off yesterday announcing the head coach of the All-25 team, John Madden. Today they have announced Mike Alstott, Fullback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Marshall Faulk, running back of the St. Louis Rams.

Tomorrow the team will announce the defensive ends. Who do you think it will be?

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# 1 R9NALD9 @ 07/30/13 08:51 AM
Not even cover boy Barry Sanders?
# 2 F0rl3fclov3r @ 07/30/13 09:48 AM
Reggie White and Michael Strahan
# 3 txhardhitta405 @ 07/30/13 09:49 AM
There's no way Vick isn't the qb..
# 4 coach02 @ 07/30/13 10:26 AM
Faulk as the RB. Ok i can see that. he was a beast in the game. As far as DE...i say Peppers when he was with the Panthers, and J. Abraham.
# 5 NUH_UHHHHHHHHHHH @ 07/30/13 11:03 AM
# 6 hargroverichie @ 07/30/13 12:36 PM
Man I miss watching Alstott in his prime.
# 7 reMicXz @ 07/30/13 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by Aggies67
Jack Youngblood and Deacon Jones. That's who the DEs should be. But it won't be.
I agree with this guy. but if it is in fact a "Madden All 25" team then i think the angle here is players that dominated the game of Madden over the 25 years because if it was all time greats then almost none of these players would be even considered. as for my DEs Simeon Rice/Reggie White. and whenever the LBs roll around. LT has to be involved no doubt
# 8 WSUCougars @ 07/30/13 01:29 PM
If Mike Vick and Julius Peppers aren't on this list, it's wrong. Plain and simple.

In all the years I've played Madden, no two players ever dominated their respective sides of the ball like those two. Peppers off the edge and Vick scrambling were almost undefendable.
# 9 Steve_OS @ 07/30/13 02:10 PM
Safe bet Mike Vick is the QB.
# 10 Steve_OS @ 07/30/13 02:29 PM
And Moss...
# 11 Aimbrogn @ 07/30/13 02:47 PM
This Madden25 "Superteam" is a neat list to watch unravel but speaking practically who are they going to play? Check out the "Superteam" in action against current teams or your Madden UltimateTeam in exhibition mode? Woo hoo, bring your daughter to the slaughter!

I know it boils down to licensing agreements but I would rather have actual historic teams/stadiums like Madden used to have way back in the era of SNES/SEGA/PS1. I had a faint glimmer of hope for that but I suppose the only way one can play as historic teams is through mods.
# 12 The ArkanSaw @ 07/30/13 03:56 PM
John Lynch would be great!
# 13 Indyboy180 @ 07/30/13 04:12 PM
I mean no offense to Marshall Faulk but how is Barry Sanders not the starting running back for the All Madden 25 team.
# 14 WSUCougars @ 07/30/13 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by Indyboy180
I mean no offense to Marshall Faulk but how is Barry Sanders not the starting running back for the All Madden 25 team.
Honestly, I'd go with Faulk.

Sanders was a good running back in Madden, but then again the running game didn't really seperate itself back on the '96 and '97 versions.

Faulk in 2003 was pretty damn unstopable.
# 15 Yrogergj24 @ 07/30/13 05:52 PM
Guards will be Steve Hutchinson & Larry Allen, you can see a white #76 and a Black #73 with a Rubber Pad on his arm
Tight End will be Shannon Sharpe
One WR will be Madden 09 Randy Moss (He will have 100 Spectacular Catch)
# 16 qdog @ 07/30/13 05:58 PM
DE's should be Reggie White and all-time sack leader Bruce Smith, with these two I dare you to drop back and pass
# 17 Yrogergj24 @ 07/30/13 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by qdog
DE's should be Reggie White and all-time sack leader Bruce Smith, with these two I dare you to drop back and pass
One of the Defensive Ends will definitely be 07 Dwight Freeney
# 18 mr_dukes @ 07/30/13 06:59 PM
Brett Favre should be QB or Vick

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# 19 oneamongthefence @ 07/30/13 07:03 PM
Mike Alstott has one of the worst face scans in Madden on the ps2. Looks like roadkill seriously...

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# 20 Tgar05 @ 07/30/13 08:09 PM
My guesses are

QB M. Vick (obviously)
RB M Faulk (obviously)
FB M Alstott (obviously)
WR R Moss (obviously)
WR J Rice
TE T Gonzalez
T J Odgen
T O Pace
G L Allen
G A Faneca
C K Mawae

DE M Strahan
DE J Peppers
DT W Sapp
DT C Hampton
LB D Brooks
LB R Lewis
LB B Urlacher
CB T Law
CB D Sanders
S J Lynch
S E Reed

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