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EA Sports will reveal details on NHL 14's Live the Life mode tomorrow. What are you hoping to see?

To become an NHL superstar, you need to work hard to get through the minors. You also have to handle situations off-the-ice properly. NHL 14 Live the Life offers a look at what it takes to truly become one of the best hockey players in the world.

Every decision you make shapes your legacy in Live the Life. Interact with teammates outside of the rink through off-ice events. Take part in media interviews, earn endorsements, and track your relationship with fans, teammates, family, and team management. These factors will influence your skills, progression and performance.

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# 1 Mongo14 @ 08/06/13 05:45 PM
YES! Let's Go!
# 2 Peter10 @ 08/06/13 05:49 PM
Finally, this is the make it or break it for me. Just make it kind of 2k like and I will be more than happy.
# 3 Griffey30 @ 08/06/13 06:14 PM
If it is anything like Nba 2k my player mode than the game is worth the money in my opinion
# 4 savoie2006 @ 08/06/13 06:15 PM
If the team management logic and AI are still flawed all this fluff won't make the mode any better. That's one thing that irritates the heck out of me about sports games. They can have great depth and bells and whistles, but crap AI and Cpu team management ruin the experience no matter what. It's like having a decked out car with a crap motor.
# 5 13whitebread @ 08/06/13 07:18 PM
At least something new from the NHL series hope it a great addition. It must be really cool to put that sweater on and step on the ice for the first time. That's what I want with live the life immerse
me into the game.
# 6 Moose Factory @ 08/06/13 08:11 PM
Bout f'n time! I hope gameface is part of it.
# 7 SharksG @ 08/06/13 08:11 PM
I decided a while ago that I was going to skip this year and just get it next year on the next gen consoles, but this might make me buy it...
# 8 Mongo14 @ 08/06/13 08:15 PM
I just hope EA didn't lose their CHL license. I haven't heard the "Life" including playing in Juniors
# 9 ozcore @ 08/06/13 09:15 PM
off topic. are they making a nhl 14 next gen as well?
# 10 jyoung @ 08/06/13 09:32 PM
No, Xbox 360 and PS3 only this year.
# 11 Mongo14 @ 08/06/13 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by ozcore
off topic. are they making a nhl 14 next gen as well?

no. Next year
# 12 canucksss @ 08/07/13 01:02 PM
i guess many of us is turned off after EA released info regarding this mode.
# 13 Stormyhog @ 08/07/13 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by canucksss
i guess many of us is turned off after EA released info regarding this mode.
I never get turned off from the game as I love the sport and always look forward to the new release. I've been playing since the first one in 91 just called NHL Hockey. These gimmick modes never hold my interest at all. I guess because the modes back when I played in the 90's were more barebones that I don't need all the extra fluff. It just feels like they are running out of ideas. Here's where it all started for me.
# 14 Moose24x @ 08/07/13 06:20 PM
I agree with you, and I never skip a year or "boycott" the game to "make a statement" but, what does put me off, is that EA claims to put effort into the game each year and that these new features will be revolutionary and amazing and they always end up being low effort, tacked on gimmicks. Meanwhile, the core gameplay gets SOME (much appreciated) tweaks and fixes each year, but numerous glaring issues go unaddressed with each iteration of the game.

It puts me off knowing that this "Live the Life" mode is something that EA supposedly focused their time, effort and resources into developing when it's totally lame and whatever they did put it into would have been better spent doing significantly more to improve that core game experience and leaving the existing BAP as is (not that it doesn't require massive improvement itself to be a worthwhile game mode, but this text based mini game is not the solution).

To top it all off, they claim to not be able to include more relevant equipment, player faces, detailed and realistic arenas, etc. because of memory limitations on the game disc, but then waste that apparently precious space with garbage fluff game modes like this, NHL 94 mode, the Winter Classic (maybe if it was included in BaGM it would make sense, but as a stand alone option?). Just improve the damn BaGM, have online versus and online EASHL, get rid of all the other crap that wastes disc space and make everything else super realistic and detailed with all of that freed up disc space and development resources.
# 15 canucksss @ 08/07/13 06:58 PM
you hit it on the head Moose. Like some of you here, ive been playing NHL video games since 91. It seems that this year, I will not be buying NHL video game. not because i dont like the game...its the effort that EA is putting in this game.

FULL of potential...but lack of effort.

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