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EA Sports has posted their NHL 14 Live the Life trailer, as well as a blog with many more details about the mode, including player interviews (and when they occur), off-ice events, endorsements, likeability meters, on-ice performance and more.

Check the full press release below.

Live the Life Mode Features

In the Be a Pro Career Mode you could take your created pro from the minors to the NHL, as you attempted to become an NHL superstar. Inspired through working with real NHL and junior hockey players, Be a Pro in NHL 14 has evolved. For the first time ever, you can truly Live the Life of an NHL player as the mode now includes off-ice events.

With Live the Life, whether you’re on or off the ice, every decision you make shapes your legacy. Interact with teammates outside of the rink through Off-ice events. Take part in media interviews. Earn Endorsements. Each choice you make will affect your relationship with fans, teammates, family, and management, influencing your skills and progression.

What’s New in Live the Life

Player Interviews
As you progress through your pro’s career, certain events will trigger an interview with media or management. These interviews will include a question or a series of questions with four answer choices each. Your answers to these questions will affect your Likeability rating with fans, teammates, family, and management.

When do interviews occur and what are they focused on?
  • Pre-game – These interviews will focus on either the team you’re about to play, your recent performance, or upcoming career milestones.
  • Post-game – These interviews will focus on either the outcome of the game you just played, your performance in the game, or the milestones you accomplished in the game.
  • News – Interviews can be triggered by events and news from around the league. For example, if a player signs a contract with your team or someone gets traded.
  • Pre-Draft Interviews – Pre-Draft Interviews will occur a few days prior to the NHL entry draft. These interviews will give the user a chance to move up or down in the draft based on whether or not a team likes the answers you have provided. You will be interviewed by three teams that are within the range of where you are projected to be drafted.
Off-Ice Events
Off-ice events can occur at any time throughout the season. These events put you in a scenario that forces you to make a decision for your pro.
Ex. It’s a game night and your teammates ask you to join them for a night on the town. You’ll probably get back late and if your coaches found out, they might not be too pleased with you. What do you do?

Remember each action you take can produce a positive or negative reaction that can affect ratings and your likeability, so choose carefully.

If you’re doing the right things on and off the ice, this will lead to positive Likeability ratings. The higher your Likeability rating, the more likely you are to be approached with endorsements. Endorsements allow you to get some extra cash as well as some cool looking pictures for that mantle of yours'. Collect enough money throughout your career and you’ll unlock an achievement.

Likeability Meters
Likeability meters can increase or decrease based on your actions on and off the ice. They track how you are perceived by fans, teammates, management and your family.

These meters go from -100 to +100 and will produce consequences (positive and negative) based on how much the meter is filled.

Fan Likeability
  • The Fan Likeability meter defines your relationship with the fans of your team and the league.
  • A high Fan Likeability meter will increase your chances of receiving higher quality endorsements. On the ice your fans will cheer you on and you may even notice some camera's flashing when you touch the puck.
  • A low Fan Likeability meter will get you booed by your fans and fans around the league. If your Fan Likeability meter is low enough you may even get run out of town.
Teammate Likeability
  • The Teammate Likeability meter defines your relationship with the members of your team.*
  • A high Teammate Likeability meter increases your chances of receiving off-ice events. If your teammates like you enough you can even become the captain of your team but remember things such as age, your overall rating and your Management Likeability also play a role in determining if you’ll get the ‘C’.
  • With a low Teammate Likeability meter, you’ll be presented with fewer off-ice events. If your Teammate Likeability meter is drastically low, your teammates may even stop passing you the puck when you call for it.
Management Likeability
  • The Management Likeability meter defines your relationship with your GM and Coach.
  • A high Management Likeability meter makes it harder for you to be demoted to the minors as well as making it easier to get to the NHL. If Management likes you enough you can even become the captain of your team but as mentioned above, other ratings factor in here.
  • A low Management Likeability meter will make it harder for you to progress to the NHL and makes it easier to be demoted to the minors. If your Management Likeability meter is low enough you can be put on the trade block and potentially traded.
Family Likeability
  • The Family Likeability meter defines your relationship with your Family and will have a positive or negative effect on your on-ice attributes based on your rating.
On-Ice Performance
Your on- ice performance modifier gives you more leeway to act unprofessionally. The better you perform on the ice, the more your fans, teammates, management and your family will be willing to put up with your off-ice antics.

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Member Comments
# 1 TommyWizard @ 08/07/13 08:47 AM
All Text and Box. Nothing really stands out just the added changes in everything else regarding play. The nights out and possible attributes being adjusted may make it interesting but I cant help to feel its gimmicky.

Only when I get the game will I know if it prolongs and keeps BAP interesting or if I completely avoid the mode altogether now.

EDIT: It's not a difficult thing to add into a game, which annoys me to see it visually like that.
If the interviews and that happen as suggested (couldn't listen to video) then thats what close to 85 maybe 90 interviews you will have to go through in one season. You pick all the brown nose anwsers and your 17 year old BAP is suddenly captain of the Red Wings...

Could have been so much more. Like turning up for corporate interviews in ripped jeans and a wifebeater getting you demoted to the minors. Would have been hilarious.
# 2 ComaFaction @ 08/07/13 08:48 AM
# 3 Mongo14 @ 08/07/13 08:58 AM
I honestly feel like they took the option to play in Juniors out of the game. Either that or you don't reach the "Life" part until you're in the NHL. It'll add something to Be A Pro, but it's not mind blowingly awesome. If there is no option to play in Juniors then I'll be VERY disappointed.

I see there is a Pre-Draft Interview, but I wonder if it is after playing a prospect game or 1-2 years in Juniors
# 4 Money99 @ 08/07/13 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by Mongo14
I honestly feel like they took the option to play in Juniors out of the game. Either that or you don't reach the "Life" part until you're in the NHL. It'll add something to Be A Pro, but it's not mind blowingly awesome. If there is no option to play in Juniors then I'll be VERY disappointed.

I see there is a Pre-Draft Interview, but I wonder if it is after playing a prospect game or 1-2 years in Juniors
That would be ideal. Your personality could be formed by the time of your draft and depending if you're a jerk, your stock could plummet.

They also need to incorporate European leagues for those that don't get drafted and need to refine their games.
Or maybe you get a huge contract offer from the KHL?

With almost every amatuer and pro league in the game, EA can do so much more with those licenses and modes; including Be A GM.
# 5 Pezell04x @ 08/07/13 09:21 AM

It's a half assed attempt at copying what 2K has done with their My Player.

At this point, everything is just lipstick on the pig known as Be A Pro - which gets boring halfway through the season.
# 6 Schmackity @ 08/07/13 09:24 AM
Adding just text based questions? At least take the time to add characters communicating, I feel like someone designed this in Microsoft Word and then they decided it was all they needed.
# 7 Fiddy @ 08/07/13 09:57 AM

to quote my buddy just now via text..

"So NHL 14 (Be A Pro) Live The Life Mode now includes a bunch of text, some charts, and everything you could already do before? Vintage EA Garbage!"

so true..

IMO this is like talking up the GM Connected Mode last year, saying it was all new, this and that, yet it just was the old basic online league system with menus, stats, and standings pages.

so annoyed!
# 8 Moose Factory @ 08/07/13 10:33 AM
Ugh. Another let down. All the talk about them not having the pressure of putting out a next-gen title and having more time to refine this years and this is what we get? This is like pen & paper hockey. If I have to imagine it why would I have a controller in my hand reading text?

And I didn't see any gameface import option in the create mode! Now I'm getting upset!
# 9 Rhouston @ 08/07/13 10:57 AM
Indeed, this is a very half-assed attemped to compete with 2K's My Player. So far, the last two "big" announcements -- NHL 94 mode and "Live the Life" -- were good ideas in concept but are being poorly executed.

C'mon EA Canada! Don't let your big brother in Maitland pressure you into living its lifestyle!
# 10 GlennN @ 08/07/13 11:01 AM
Meh. Not something that would make me interested in BeAPro. I would have much rathered that they put more effort into refreshing the BeAGM mode. Can we see career stats of players yet? Teams played for? Awards and cups won through their careers? Yeah, I thought not.
# 11 onac22 @ 08/07/13 11:01 AM
If it won't make cash like HUT, then EA just don't give a F***.
# 12 BlueNGold @ 08/07/13 11:28 AM
Looks awesome. I really want to know what happens if the family likability meter gets to -100.
# 13 drewst18 @ 08/07/13 11:33 AM
huge fail :|
# 14 bwiggy33 @ 08/07/13 11:37 AM
It does not surprise me at all that this mode didn't change much and the stuff that did change is flat out cheesy. They are just looking for ways to market their game because they didn't spend a ton of time on 14. They put in a bunch of graphs, interview questions, and fluff but the most important thing that drives the mode wasn't even talked about. AI

The player management AI is pretty bad in this mode. You get sent to different lines even though you are tearing it up with the top one. The code that controls the decision making of this mode is just flat out bad and it doesn't look like that was even touched in the revamped "Live the Life" mode.

If they are going to half a$$ something don't put it in. Spend two or three years on it (like they did with the skating system) and put it in the game when it's ready. As I said though this BAP "overhaul" is just a way to change the name of the mode and put it on the box so people buy the game because they don't have much else to market this year.
# 15 Dolphins88 @ 08/07/13 11:40 AM
Brutal... Seriously.. The AI, physics and on ice gameplay need ALOT of work and this is what they waste space and time on..I can see having drafts from junior teams, etc but this and playing in European leagues is a waste of resources. Spend the time making each player in NHL unique and signature animations, skills and strengths so line matching is important. The gameplay become more organic and size/ physical play matters.
# 16 Stormyhog @ 08/07/13 12:24 PM
I have no interest in this stuff as I always find modes like this boring. I really have no interest in any of the modes actually. I just prefer to setup games in exhibition with the real life rosters. Not a fantasy sports fan at all.
# 17 Moose24x @ 08/07/13 12:32 PM
Supremely disappointing. All fluff.

The trailer is terrible. As far as I'm concerned, that trailer was "Here's footage of BAP from NHL 12 and 13, spliced with some screen shots of the new 'answer these questions' mini-game". Cutscenes, celebrations, Cup presentation, character creation and game play all look identical. Woohoo. I get fan likeability meters!!
# 18 canucksss @ 08/07/13 01:01 PM
hahahah...copy-cat of NBA 2k 13 MyCareer. Although this would be a nice addition to BAP but it could turn to be unrealistic. In NBA, within half of the 1st season, you player is playing 40 minutes/game, more than the star players of the team. I hope this would not be the same with NHL.

Also, one of my gripe in NBA 2k13 MyCareer is that you'll be interviewed every game....why not just the highlighted game that you'll get interviewed.

Anyhow, this is a poor improvement of the game if its just text. Cmon...EA...if you'll copy one feature make it BETTER not inferior.
# 19 StormJH1 @ 08/07/13 01:07 PM
Looks kinda horrible - ooh, a "text adventure game"! Since it's 1990 all over again, I can play a Bobby Brown cassette in the background to keep me from falling asleep.

Seriously, didn't Mass Effect introduce interactive dialogue trees in 2007, where the characters paraphrase what you're saying and you can see them talk? NBA 2k copied that and has done it well for years. Not too sure about this one.
# 20 SharksG @ 08/07/13 01:27 PM
Very disappointed. Was thinking this might be the mode that made me buy NHL14 instead of waiting until next gen, but looks like I'll be skipping it after all. Text questions and a few charts that could be added in 5 minutes is the "big overhaul"? No thanks.

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