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Every day, through August 10th, members of the Madden NFL development team and community (Game Changers), will announce the All-25 team, which consists of the greatest video game athletes (at the height of their career) at each position.

Today they have announced linebackers Derrick Thomas (Kansas City Chiefs) from Madden 97 with a 99 overall rating, Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) from Madden 05 with a 99 overall rating and Derrick Brooks (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) from Madden 2003 with a 97 overall rating.

Tomorrow the team will finish off the Madden NFL 25 All-25 team with the defensive tackles. Who do you think it will be?

Previously announced below.

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# 1 nba2012 @ 08/09/13 03:03 PM
They could have picked Ray Lewis from any Madden game that he was in; he's always been rated in the high 90's and rightfully so..
# 2 johnnyboy8102 @ 08/09/13 03:21 PM
Nba2012 hit the nail on the head.

Lewis was always highly rated and was a 99 in Madden '02,'03,'04,'05,'06. Five straight years.
# 3 BigStevieCool26 @ 08/09/13 04:49 PM
05 he was on the cover right?
# 4 Gman 18 @ 08/09/13 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by BigStevieCool26
05 he was on the cover right?
Yeah he was

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# 5 jmik58 @ 08/09/13 05:48 PM
DT58! Although the screen of him decleating someone is a bit off, he usually just ran around everyone
# 6 Ryan97 @ 08/09/13 09:34 PM
Are they ever going to make a game where the running animation doesnt look so awkward.....still looks horrible after 25 years
# 7 Sheamazin @ 08/09/13 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by Irishwhiskey119
Hmm Lawrence Taylor seems to be missing.
I don't believe LT was ever in a Madden game. Their going of players that appeared in the Madden series. I think
# 8 Gronk4M13 @ 08/10/13 08:35 AM
Glad Lewis was chosen.
# 9 Sdrawkcab321 @ 08/10/13 01:00 PM
What's the point in all this if we can't put these players on the regular teams ? To play exhibition games ? Seems like they missed the point

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