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The achievement list teased the announcement earlier, but 2K Sports has now confirmed NBA 2K14 will feature Crew Mode. As Shade8780 points out, it looks like it could be current-gen only, at the very least we won't know about its status on next-gen just yet.

For those asking, yes full court 5v5. Community Team up guys were playing a 3v3 halfcourt game. CREWS 3v3 or 5v5 at this time.
(via @LD2K)

Crews feature 3v3 half court or 5v5 full court with name/logo customization & leaderboards.
(via @Ronnie2K)

More news coming soon, what are your thoughts?

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# 1 MarvinOida @ 08/14/13 02:02 PM
No surprise. But how much in depth is it.

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# 2 BEasy20 @ 08/14/13 02:02 PM
Hype to have it back just hope its not hacked by next summer when ill be able to start playing
# 3 bateman11 @ 08/14/13 02:04 PM
Can't see much, but player locomotion looks to be much better/smoother.
# 4 cb1115 @ 08/14/13 02:05 PM
It's only for current gen. I find that kind of hilarious.
# 5 packerboy71 @ 08/14/13 02:05 PM
That is just wonderful news.
# 6 BEasy20 @ 08/14/13 02:05 PM
There playing on the blacktop half court. Is that where all the games will be played or will it have arenas like it used to and be a full court game?
# 7 LakerPride @ 08/14/13 02:06 PM
Sucks. I am heading off to college this week and won't be able to play this game until next year at the earliest.
# 8 jayman504 @ 08/14/13 02:06 PM
You dont say....lol Oh well should make some people quite happy !
# 9 zmcman1 @ 08/14/13 02:07 PM
Looking like 3v3 with Leaderboards
# 10 LD2k @ 08/14/13 02:08 PM
It's 3v3 or 5v5 with leaderboards.

CREW Mode is back.

# 11 gluecows @ 08/14/13 02:08 PM
Hopefully it's not limited to playing on the blacktop like in the 2k video.
# 12 MarvinOida @ 08/14/13 02:09 PM
Looking back, what I see:

-Logo in the back for locker room
-Fatigue is in this now
-Yippie! Leaderboards!

Yep, exactly the thoughts, a waterdown version.

EDIT: thanks Ld2k. For proving me wrong

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# 13 BEasy20 @ 08/14/13 02:09 PM
LD2k so its only a half court game on the blacktop then?
# 14 mvp kobe @ 08/14/13 02:09 PM
I am pumped for our amazing, passionate community. CREW Mode will be bliss. Also, more news today. #NBA2K14
# 15 Tomb Of God @ 08/14/13 02:10 PM
The single-most requested game mode is back! Face off against opposing crews online using your MyPLAYER. Create your logo and face off in 5v5 battles with other crews featuring leaderboards and stats.
It will be 5 v 5 again.
# 16 MarvinOida @ 08/14/13 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
It's 3v3 or 5v5 with leaderboards.

CREW Mode is back.

Can I create jerseys for 5v5?
Or is it the street clothes?
Will this be in arenas or Rucker Park/The Cage?

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# 17 MarvinOida @ 08/14/13 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Shade8780

Read the bottom of the photo. Nooo!
Could care less. It's the last marketed 2K for this gen.

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# 18 iimrampage28 @ 08/14/13 02:14 PM
This better not just be my player blacktop with the word "CREW" slapped in front of it and leaderboards. From the video thats what it looks like.

Edit: And if crew games go to just 21 then they're really ****ing us over. How are we supposed to play a 3v3 half court game for 4 quarters? And in 5v5 do we have to have 5 players to start a game or will the CPU fill in? So many questions....We are not amused!!!
# 19 Vni @ 08/14/13 02:15 PM
Can't take theses youtubers anymore.
# 20 Matayeus @ 08/14/13 02:16 PM
5v5 full court , stats tracked the same way it was in 2k11 please!

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