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2K Sports sent us over 8 minutes of gameplay and presentation footage from WWE 2K14, let us know what you think. The game ships to PS3 and 360 on October 29th.

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# 1 sweatyteddytaco @ 08/21/13 10:06 AM
Looks good!
# 2 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/21/13 10:06 AM
Looks pretty good!
# 3 dochalladay32 @ 08/21/13 10:11 AM
The Michaels/Flair video stuff always confused the hell out of me. They show HBK tapping out, and then act as if Shawn won and Flair retires.
# 4 xman2k @ 08/21/13 10:18 AM
Just wish the wrestlers all have audio. That Bryan guy yelling during the match is something that's always been missing in wrestling games forever. Would love to hear the Hulkster hollering while being whooped or after a win at the camera
# 5 Mdnghtmgcn1 @ 08/21/13 10:24 AM
Cutscenes look very cool, but actual gameplay looks the same as last year which isn't necessarily a terrible thing as long as AI is improved. Hopefully the CPU isn't all about trying to do the OMG finisher through the barricade outside the ring this time around.
# 6 SmashMan @ 08/21/13 10:32 AM
Wrestler voices add to the presentation.
Crowd audio in scripted scenes (where they have more control) is pretty good.
Are those new sounds for hitting the mat? They sound good too.

Announcing is still pretty stiff.
Crowd in actual matches (where it has to dynamically trigger) is not good.
# 7 DocMurphy @ 08/21/13 11:03 AM
I'm not really a wrestling fan anymore and was basically only one for three years, but I've seen a good amount of WMs and am looking forward to this mode, I found Attitude Era mode lots of fun last year and it'll be cool to recreate some WM moments. I was surprised they had the spot where Foley dumps Lita and Edge over the ropes, though. Even though Lita was just hanging off him and harassing him, I thought they didn't want the divas and males interacting physically at all. Now I just hope the booking and cut scene situation is improved for Universe mode.
# 8 almostbobsaget @ 08/21/13 11:15 AM
It looks like Hogan has year specific models, so hopefully that is a sign that each wrestler has alternates from each match (and maybe Hall and Nash from 2003?).

I also noticed Austin had his ruthless aggression music in the one entrance, which is a nice piece of detail instead of giving him his generic theme.
# 9 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/21/13 11:21 AM
Usually not much on modes like this but this one looks pretty cool. I got to say it's becoming more tempting everyday to pre-order just still holding out for a few more tidbits of information.
# 10 Marino @ 08/21/13 11:43 AM
I love the little touch of Austin having the disturbed 2001 entrance, and the sounds of the action sound great aside from the announcers.
# 11 brent3419 @ 08/21/13 11:46 AM
the commentary seems so unenthusiastic, its a little bit better than 13 and i see they finally have stadiums in the game and i would like to see if they can be used in the create modes
# 12 Ice_Cold345 @ 08/21/13 12:13 PM
Outside of the god awful Ziggler entrance (why can't they get guys to just do their entrances or something because it's pretty obvious it's not Ziggler and doesn't even look like him doing it,) there is a slow improvement. The commentary is very dry, not much emotion to it, but I do like the improved themes, like Austins as well as the wrestler chants("Bang Bang", "NO!", etc.)
# 13 EAGLESFAN10 @ 08/21/13 12:36 PM
2K is usually good when it comes to commentary so this might be the last year it won't meet our standards atleast halfway
# 14 Dannyld @ 08/21/13 01:42 PM
My only gripe about wrestling games, and I'm sure it's one 2k will work on since commentary is something they're great at. But I really wish they could get audio from other commentaters. Watching the footage of Hulk v Andre just doesn't seem right at all. Thatd put the game other the top and make it a day one purchase if I could have Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan and others in the game.
# 15 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/21/13 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by EAGLESFAN10
2K is usually good when it comes to commentary so this might be the last year it won't meet our standards atleast halfway

10 characters
# 16 bigbob @ 08/21/13 05:30 PM
I'm loving it so far.

Better "Better Sounds"
Better Crowd Reaction (Woo! during the Flair Chop, I loved hat)
Trash being thrown at Andre

Top rope moves still seem a little weird, with wrestlers not having.. I don't know, a good sense of direction (Byran's Head Butt)
# 17 Iscariot666 @ 08/21/13 05:34 PM
Wow, looking good. Here's hoping Bobby Heenan is playable at least as a manager in the regular game. Please??
# 18 bluestar @ 08/21/13 10:00 PM
are there divas matches
# 19 bigbob @ 08/21/13 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by bluestar
are there divas matches
# 20 almostbobsaget @ 08/22/13 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by Jattbreed
The crowd is just way too dead during the actual matches. Need's more ooh ahh's.
Uh isn't that fully accurate for 75% of matches?

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