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Our daily poll is BACK! And not a moment too soon, with two big game demos dropping in the last couple of weeks there has never been a more pertinent time to get the OS community's feedback.

Today's question: What did/do you think of the Madden NFL 25 demo?

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# 1 Gorilla Glass @ 08/21/13 10:44 AM
The Demo was good and am definitely looking forward to the retail version.
# 2 geisterhome @ 08/21/13 10:55 AM
Like it a lot, was positively surprised. i couldnt play madden 13 anymore due to certain gamebreakers but this years iteration seems drastically improved. although i gotta say that ill for sure wait till the nex gen madden comes out. current graphics just arent looking right anymore.
# 3 BigD @ 08/21/13 10:57 AM
Huurrraaaay!! The old poll system is back!
# 4 damedash @ 08/21/13 11:15 AM
I thought it was an improvement, but I'm waiting for next gen for all sports games at this point.
# 5 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/21/13 11:22 AM
I thought the NCAA demo was better.. But I'm still looking forward to next Tuesday!
# 6 canesfins @ 08/21/13 11:24 AM
It was ok. Nothing really blew me away especially since I have ncaa already.
# 7 scottyp180 @ 08/21/13 11:38 AM
It feels like a more polished version of last year. If I skipped last year then this would have been a day one buy but ill wait for nextgen and hope there a some more improvements to those nagging legacy issues
# 8 xman2k @ 08/21/13 12:23 PM
I actually liked the farther away cam. It gave me a better view of all my receivers. I'm not a Madden fan and last years glitchfest threw me off. The presentation seems better even though sometimes in some scenes my team was on the wrong side of the field.
# 9 Skyboxer @ 08/21/13 12:58 PM
Didn't download. Waiting for Next Gen.
# 10 MarvellousOne @ 08/21/13 01:14 PM
definitely an improvement over past maddens, i felt it was a really strong demo. Aside from the disappearing players glitch
# 11 Demoncrom @ 08/21/13 01:15 PM
On Pro setting like the running which feels way more responsive, but can't help but notice the glitches at times as well as the canned animations. Its sort of crazy seeing the same old animations there for tacking when so much has been added in.

With every iteration they seem to focus on either offense or defense but this year there are some new things added for both. Defensive line push seems a lot better at times now but that may be due to the settings.

The surround sound separation is still crap and does nothing to mimic stadium sound - I know I should not but 2k5 had this an you can hear the difference.

Love the new overlays and faster overall interface. last couple of years have been boring on this front. for all the talk of true to life camera angles a lot of this stuff is still crap, there is one cam that follows the ball on a pass on replay that never actually zooms out far enough so you can see the player catch it - that seems just plain silly.

Moving the game to All-pro adds in the normal amount of straight forward cheating that you should be used to with madden. As opposed to having the players slightly increase awareness or something like that, defensive player will simply shed solid blocks faster and jump routes that they should not based on the coverage. Nothing beats throwing the long ball only to have the linebacker who is 8 yards away intercept a ball going 30 yards - there is thing crazy thing called trajectory and EA still does not know it exists.

All in all the demo is still pretty solid, but i will wait on the next gen version to hope some of these lingering issues are resolved. Fingers crossed.
# 12 l8knight1 @ 08/21/13 01:24 PM
The demo shows great improvement and appears to have something for everyone, but the PS3 issues of disappearing players is disconcerting, especially since it appears that those issues may in fact be 'gold'. Madden 25 appears to be what nex-gen Madden 2006 should have been...many of these things we already had in 2005.
# 13 adayinthelife @ 08/21/13 01:57 PM
Was planning on waiting for next gen, but decided to check it out. Enjoyed it more than anticipated. We'll see after Season Ticket weekend, but I may be getting this for PS3 and then selling it come November when I get my PS4.

As for the mention of disappearing players above, although it's ****ing crazy that this is a problem, haven't they already announced a day 1 patch with this issue resolved?
# 14 legacyme3 @ 08/21/13 02:11 PM
Madden - The Call of Duty of Sports.

Nothing felt that different. Overraated, overpriced, and overhyped. I'll pass, and just keep playing old maddens.
# 15 rjohnn @ 08/21/13 02:15 PM
Like many others have shared already, I did not download. Waiting for next gen.
# 16 CT Pittbull @ 08/21/13 02:23 PM
it's ok

-late game intelligence still an issue so far with the demo build

-camera angle was absolutely dreadful pre-snap. too damn far away

-I was buying retail version either way I love football too much to NOT have a game every year, unfortunately

-Danielle Bellini is a questionable addition. any sideline reporter actually IN the business would have been better. If EA went cheap and used her put her to work with a huge library of player/coach/franchise specific monologue. Her blurps are way tooo vague to even matter or add immersion value. just my opinion
# 17 F0rl3fclov3r @ 08/21/13 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by legacyme3
Madden - The Call of Duty of Sports.

Nothing felt that different. Overraated, overpriced, and overhyped. I'll pass, and just keep playing old maddens.

Madden continues to evolve in great ways. I wish I had all my wishes with every madden but that's not realistic. What they do provide and update, it's awesome. Good job EA.
# 18 debcaan1 @ 08/21/13 04:09 PM
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# 19 bmj2k7 @ 08/21/13 04:15 PM
The worst demo of this generation of consoles, i took a year off from madden to play other games last year, played this demo and the immediate notice of how bad this game looks is shocking bc when playing it every year i thought it started to look good, boy was i fooled. If this is the quality of games there bringing out, they need to lose the NFL license immediately. Why can't they put the quality into madden, like they do Fifa? This really has become the COD of sports, same ole same ole or maybe next year mentality. Maybe next gen will be better, one can only hope. But now I'm doubting there will be another GREAT madden, before Brady and Manning etc call it quits and head to the HOF.
# 20 sydrogerdavid @ 08/21/13 05:32 PM
There wasn't anything super special about it. I have no reason to buy the game at $60. Maybe I'll get it at $30 down the road. I don't play football games too much anymore. Just tired of so much football.

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