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For all the flak sports games get for being nothing more than yearly roster updates, this is a case of why that might be not so far from the truth in some instances.

According to Polygon, EA Sports all but confirmed that the game will feature identical gameplay to the last two FIFA's on the Vita but only with updated rosters.

If you remember last year's FIFA on the Vita was virtually identical to the original FIFA soccer on the platform. It appears for the second straight new release on the Vita platform, EA has decided to deliver a literal roster update at the full price of entry.

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# 1 UK0wnag3 @ 08/23/13 11:39 AM
This **** writes itself...
# 2 NightmareBooster @ 08/23/13 11:40 AM
And this is why people give EA such a hard time. Really? All your doing is updating the rosters, something they've done at least twice for FIFA 13 on consoles, and you're charging full price for it? I would hope that this only applies to people who don't own a copy of 13 and are jumping in for the first time with 14 otherwise this is highway robbery, plain and simple.
# 3 Yeats @ 08/23/13 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by NightmareBooster
otherwise this is highway robbery, plain and simple.
If you stop the stagecoach, call the bandits over and hand them your cashbox, is that highway robbery or self-induced poverty?
# 4 NightmareBooster @ 08/23/13 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Yeats
If you stop the stagecoach, call the bandits over and hand them your cashbox, is that highway robbery or self-induced poverty?
It goes without saying that anyone who bought 13 on Vita and pays for 14 is an idiot, but the fact that EA would even charge for it is criminal. I honestly think the full-price is for anyone who doesn't own 13 but I guess we'll see.
# 5 believeinnow @ 08/23/13 03:59 PM
you have to look at it from both sides. For those people who haven't played a FIFA game on VITA, they still might want to pick this up. FIFA 14 has already announced a lot of new leagues (Chile, Argentina, Columbia) and new stadiums (The Bombonera, Goodison), so there is some value there.

But yes, if you wanted to move from 13 to 14, then it makes no sense since no gameplay improvements have been made.

Lastly, considering the poor sales numbers of the VITA, can you really blame them? They didn't bother to release a Madden game for VITA and even Konami isn't releasing on the system. Support of sports game on the VITA sucks and only Sony is to really blame for not pushing developers to making sports games for it.
# 6 Iceman87GT @ 08/23/13 11:29 PM
Eh, pretty weak move on their part, because there will be people who get fooled into buying a $40 Roster Update.

Can't say that I blame them for not putting a whole lot of focus on the Vita version of the game, as it's still a very small market base, and it probably won't grow until after the PS4 drops, and even then there will be some time before it gets big enough to justify throwing support behind it.

I expect there will be a Madden NFL 15 or 26 (whatever number they go with), but they didn't even bother to release a Madden NFL 25 with a Roster Update (and M13 for the Vita was M12 with updated rosters and new uniforms, and lesser graphics).

I'll probably get the downloaded version of 13 now that it is only $20 and then figure out the rosters from there, the only major change I would want to make would be moving Dempsey over to Seattle. I enjoy soccer but I've long since given up on following anything but International, I just feel no allegiance to anyone but the US, maybe when Atlanta gets a team in a few years.
# 7 dickey1331 @ 08/24/13 12:08 AM
terrible. Just terrible.
# 8 Dylonus @ 08/24/13 03:32 AM
How can anyone be surprised? The EA developers were the FIFA series don't care. That series is complete trash.
# 9 DJ @ 08/24/13 09:57 AM
Man this is bull. Guess I'll just stick with FIFA Soccer for another year.
# 10 sarlndr @ 08/24/13 10:03 AM
Konami this was your chance and you don't even release a Vita version. I love my little hand held to death but there is no way I'm paying for new uni's and roster. EA, I really don't know what to say at this point.

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