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Let's face it, sports games are imperfect and one man's simulation is another mans arcadey mess.

Thankfully, sports games come complete with gameplay tuning sliders, which allow for a thorough customization of the gameplay experience within sports games. We're interested in how often sports gamers take advantage of sliders within sports games as part of some research we are doing on them.

So please, vote in the poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums and let us know how often you use gameplay sliders in sports games!

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# 1 jhogan3132 @ 08/28/13 01:51 PM
Every year I purchase NCAA I don't play a single game until the sliders and rosters are out. To kill time I spend my time customizing all the stadium sounds for the teams in the B1G.
# 2 savoie2006 @ 08/28/13 01:54 PM
Absolutely use sliders. Most games play like crap out of the box.
# 3 LingeringRegime @ 08/28/13 02:13 PM
Ain't nobody got time for that.
# 4 Majingir @ 08/28/13 02:31 PM
I always use sliders in sports games. It's almost like I can't play if I'm not able to adjust them. Everyone plays different, so it's great to have option to adjust sliders and stuff.

What makes me mad is when some games have sliders, but the sliders are reversed(so max sliders mean something has less chance of happening) and the game company DOESN'T tell people about it.

It has happened on numerous EA Games(Fifa and NHL are ones I've heard of being the main ones) where some sliders are reversed.

Another thing about sliders I hate are when some games have sliders that don't do much(if anything) to the game. They might change certain aspects of the game, but you can't change all of it. WWE games for example, the sliders don't really change gameplay much at all,and you can't even edit half the things without paying extra money for DLC to edit them.
# 5 Dwenny @ 08/28/13 02:35 PM
I had done sliders a lot in the past, but as of late, the settings have improved coming out of the box. I think that the slider forums, especially the people who work on them here at OS, has made a significant difference in that overall improvement.
# 6 quehouston @ 08/28/13 02:38 PM
Sliders are an absolute must have if you want realistic difficulty without feeling cheated by the AI.
# 7 Jadakiss88 @ 08/28/13 02:42 PM
I have adjusted sliders only a few times. NCAA 12 I used sliders from someone posted here. But for the most part I am weird about sliders. I feel like after so many seasons I completely dominate the CPU with the Sliders while it's fun scoring points in bunches it gets stale quick. So the Cheating the CPU does sometimes I believe is just Video Game Karma. Plus, everyone I play games with in person usually use the settings straight out the box the only thing that gets changed is the Difficulty and the Amount of time on the clock.
# 8 jeremym480 @ 08/28/13 02:54 PM
I can't play without sliders. There isn't a sports game out there that plays realistic enough on default, so I have to tweak sliders to get them where I want them to be.
# 9 F0rl3fclov3r @ 08/28/13 03:35 PM
I don't always use sliders, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
# 10 TeeDogg @ 08/28/13 04:25 PM
as a gamer from the days before sliders, when you were stuck with whatever you had out of the box. Sliders are the sports gamers best friend.................sorry dogs
# 11 rudyjuly2 @ 08/28/13 04:34 PM
Love sliders! Wouldn't know what to do without them any more.
# 12 statum71 @ 08/28/13 05:17 PM

For me personally, it seems like every year 2K makes the user shooting % horribly unrealistic. And Madden makes the user pass rush next to impossible.

That's just me.
# 13 statum71 @ 08/28/13 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by quehouston
Sliders are an absolute must have if you want realistic difficulty without feeling cheated by the AI.
Originally Posted by jeremym480
I can't play without sliders. There isn't a sports game out there that plays realistic enough on default, so I have to tweak sliders to get them where I want them to be.
Yes and yes!!!!!!!
# 14 jersez @ 08/28/13 07:21 PM
I didn't touch sliders prior to 2k12, I used to think it was cheating and you should just play the game the way it is. I couldn't bare playing 2k12, then I used the Sim-world roster and sliders and it completely changed my world. The game was enjoyable and it became a routine to load those sliders and roster as soon as the start screen was over.

And the same goes for 2k13, wasn't enjoying it until I used a PC roster and sliders, game is pretty damn good when configured properly, the issues are still there but not as bad.
# 15 Mazarati 2012 @ 08/28/13 08:46 PM
Once you find the right slider set for you, the games become more addictive. Without the sliders the games are too easy (no matter what skill level) and rather boring.
# 16 savoie2006 @ 08/28/13 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by footballfan41
Kind of a Bad poll to do!!!! Cause companies don't have testers No more, So they really don't know how the game going to play, from bugs to sliders....So you have to set sliders this day and time, I use to not use sliders but now it's a Must, We the gamers gets junk Sport games anymore, they No way in this world the Guys making our Sport games are Sport Fan, If they are then they should Not be making games, to let a game ship with some of the Bugs our Gamers have to find and tell them about!!!!!!!!
Sliders have nothing to do with testers or bugs in a game. They aren't there to cover up bugs that exist, even if they could. Sliders are so you're not confined to playing the game the way it comes. So you can set the gameplay to suit your style of play, geez.
# 17 Bobhead @ 08/28/13 09:36 PM
I understand baseball enough to create full sliders sets, I get on that the instant I first take the plastic off the game, and continue to work on them until I feel they are acceptable.

I don't know nearly that much about the NBA, about basketball physics and all those details... so I generally just leave everything on default. The only time I make slider changes in basketball is when something is REALLY egregious or obvious. For example, last year, I had to increase all the foul-calling sliders because I wasn't seeing absolutely any fouls called.

If for some reason I ever bought a sports game for another sport, I would just leave the sliders alone. I don't touch what I don't understand, and I don't really understand any other sports, lol.
# 18 DubTrey1 @ 08/28/13 10:51 PM
I always do. I think it allows all of us with different skillsets to get the game to play to what suits us better - while keeping the idea of how we "think" the game should play in our minds in sync with both of these settings. Games are better for it I think. I wish all games had sliders, not just sports games.
# 19 NoTiCe_O @ 08/28/13 11:20 PM
I'm basically an online only player so I don't touch sliders. Especially since we're in the era of online associations and leagues too.
# 20 KungPaow @ 08/29/13 03:08 AM
I don't use them that often, but I'll try on the newest ones.

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