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This is a Madden curse 30 for 30 waiting to happen.

In their annual simulation of the NFL season, EA Sports' Madden NFL 25 is predicting that Adrian Peterson will break Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record with 2,139 yards.

However, while Peterson will break records according to the simulation, the Super Bowl will be played between the San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans. Other division winners and Wild Card teams include the New England Patriots (13-3), Denver Broncos (11-5), Cincinnati Bengals (10-6), Indianapolis Colts (10-6) and Baltimore Ravens (8-8) in the AFC; alongside the Atlanta Falcons (12-4), Seattle Seahawks (12-4), Green Bay Packers (11-5), New Orleans Saints (10-6) and Washington Redskins (10-6) in the NFC.

Interestingly enough, Peyton Manning will win the MVP according to the simulation despite the fact Peterson breaks a prestigious NFL season record. Rookie of the Year honors went to Montee Ball and Eddie Lacy on offense, and Manti Teo and Tyrann Mathieu on defense.

Another interesting tidbit from the release sent to us: Madden NFL 25 was played by more people for more minutes than any other Madden in history in the 25 hours after launch, with 12 million minutes played and six million points scored. In short: The game is a commercial success once again.

What do you think about the playoff and season predictions from the Madden NFL 25 season sim?

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# 1 Slim4824 @ 08/30/13 05:10 PM
Seems like its a realistic possibility

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# 2 KingV2k3 @ 08/30/13 05:21 PM
Well, this proves they ran at least one season long test on the sim stat engine, so the "question" is:

Will this prompt them to clean up the sim stats as a result?

They could start with the sub 50% comp / high INT numbers for the lower AWR rated QBs...

Overall, it's not nearly the mess it's been in years past, but it's also not as tight as it once was...

Your move, EA!
# 3 Datninja619 @ 08/30/13 05:50 PM
The 49ers vs. Seahawks is going to be a Superbowl game every time the play!
# 4 HadlerT @ 08/30/13 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by goh
Better result than the Panthers/Lions NFC championship game and Texans/Panthers Super Bowl I got the first time simming.

My first sim a couple days ago was the following:

AP set the record
Manning was the only player over 5000 yards
Kaep won MVP
Manning won AFCOPOY
Jarius Byrd won AFCDPOY (11 INTs)
Julius Peppers led the league in sacks (21) and won NFCDPOY
# 5 Gorilla Glass @ 08/30/13 06:31 PM
With the game getting soft and fining guys for good hits, its possible that he get the numbers.

We'll see soon.
# 6 Gosens6 @ 08/30/13 06:50 PM
Adrian Peterson can't stay healthy in ANY of my CFMs. He's always injured for weeks at a time.
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 08/30/13 06:52 PM
Hmm. AP on next gen cover...B,uhh,S on current gen cover(kinda symbolic, new vs. old, as well). I just hope for the best for AP...and BS...
# 8 TreyIM2 @ 08/30/13 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by TreyIM2
Hmm. AP on next gen cover...B,uhh,S on current gen cover(kinda symbolic, new vs. old, as well). I just hope for the best for AP...and BS...
Smiley face missing on end of that
# 9 tril @ 08/31/13 06:52 AM
seems possible. but I also bet all the starting running backs in this game also have career seasons. the running logic/AI defense to the run game in this years Maddens is horrible.
# 10 hanzsomehanz @ 08/31/13 12:46 PM
I rushed for 419 in one game w AP in CFM on all-madden default.

Im currently on week 16 and have 2600 yards rushing. Season Rushing TD record is also broken since week 14 or 15.

I was gunning for 3k and while it is still possible, I could have certainly hit the goal sooner but I hit a 4 week grind from week 9 -12 where I struggled to get even 5ypc and plus 10 yard runs - cpu d was honed in on AP w the heat seeker missiles.

It is certainly possible for the real AP to average 75 yards / 12 carries and 150 / gm on 24 carries per game.

He will be chunking the #s in his gameplan, all the prolific stat getters do. At 135/gm which is about 68 / half and 34/qtr - he will reach 2160 by season end. He set his goal for 2500 which is smart: if he falls short of the goal his efforts may still net him 2200 and the record.

"Shoot for the moon and even if you miss: you will still land on the stars."

His launch pad should send him deep into the record books - injury forbidden. All he needs is about 35 yards / qtr and 70 / half.

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# 11 BTownSlinger @ 08/31/13 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by Gosens6
Adrian Peterson can't stay healthy in ANY of my CFMs. He's always injured for weeks at a time.
Same. Always injured.

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