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If you haven't been following along in the PES 2014 Gamescom video thread, you might have missed this new video from the latest PES 2014 build, currently being showcased in Dubai. PES European Community Manager, Adam Bhatti discusses the match between FC Bayern München and Manchester United with TrueGaming.

Thanks to Beetlebum for locating it!

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# 1 jr86 @ 08/31/13 05:25 PM
While everything on the whole looks much improved....that 2nd goalwas just painful to watch....2010 anybody!??
Cpu players backing off and backing off letting Ribery run about 60yds unchallenged and then sliding a pass to Kroos while the 2 Cb's do absolutely nothing!!! And to make matters worse it is just when he is talking about how much the cpu ai has improved...lol
Yes he was playing it on Regular but this had better not carry over to the harder levels or we are in real trouble!
# 2 Yeats @ 09/01/13 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by Profit89
The collisions in this game look extraordinary. The best I have ever seen in a sports game. And I have been gaming since the Commodore 64 days. Absolutely extraordinary.
I read an insightful write-up on this yesterday. The person was comparing EA's collision system to Konami's. He mentioned how in FIFA players collide and fall over in a random and indiscriminate manner, a byproduct of the physics coding and nothing more. Whereas in PES a player reacts to being tripped with the same sense of immediacy, self-preservation and thought almost as a human being would.

# 3 LingeringRegime @ 09/01/13 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by steveeee
yeah they are probably the best I seen as well in a sports game.

this video is so beautiful to me

Part 2

# 4 ty5oke @ 09/01/13 06:04 PM
The game is looking great but I fear ML will be a let down once again.

Hopefully, now that gameplay/physics/graphics look to be on point this year they can begin focusing on game modes like ML.
# 5 LingeringRegime @ 09/01/13 11:18 PM
So when does the demo drop for the rest of us???
# 6 ezio @ 09/04/13 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by LingeringRegime
So when does the demo drop for the rest of us???
September 11th for PS3 on the UK Store. September 12th for the Xbox also on the UK store. Not sure about the US store.

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