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Football in 2013 is in a state of change.

Rules changes to continue to make the sport safer have changed how the game fundamentally operates. Mobile QBs have been rare successes in the NFL, with a more hybrid to simply pocket passing QBs being the favored type of QB in the pro game.

In college, the game has always saw a wide variety of QBs, as it should with so many major programs.

But what about you? What type of QB do you most prefer to play with? A traditional mobile QB with greater speed but less of an arm or a pocket passer with a deadly accurate arm but little mobility?

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# 1 weaponz248 @ 09/03/13 01:58 PM
Balanced. I prefer a pocket passer with the ability to go mobile if need be.
# 2 suave Lave @ 09/03/13 02:11 PM
I prefer mobile QBs. Opens up your offense more just because of the fact that the defense has to account for them
# 3 Very High Guy @ 09/03/13 02:27 PM
A mobile QB with high throwing power can't be beat. Since accuracy doesn't come into play much on default settings, that's the way to go.
# 4 Sportzfan0290 @ 09/03/13 02:42 PM
Mobile QB's half the time you don't even need a playbook just outrunning and passing the defense with a qb is good enough. Especially with smaller schools that are fun to play with like the Marshall's and FAU's of the country.
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/03/13 02:44 PM
Mobile QB's are great with the system I run. If they can throw with accuracy, it's just gravy!
# 6 loubob7777 @ 09/03/13 02:53 PM
Mobile: The option is deadly this year especially with the system I run with the Vikings, AP gets monster yards
# 7 StayPlation82 @ 09/03/13 02:59 PM
Mobile. I don't buy into the less of an arm argument so they need to be able to throw hard and accurate.
# 8 chrisuf08 @ 09/03/13 03:09 PM
Mobile is nice. But what makes the read-option so powerful in the NFL is the newness. don't expect it's effectiveness down the field as much this year. WHY? B/c safeties/secondaries are professionals and have had a year to fix their mistakes of the past. Eye discipline and focus on run/pass keys are the main thing. Play action pass of the read-option is what made good QBs great last year. Don't expect that as much this year b/c the giant openings in the middle of the field won't be there. Again, safeties/linebackers are ready now to focus on not being faked out. Just like they have become solid at stopping pro-style play action.

Long-term you want a pocket passer with great accuracy/power coupled with very strong play action ratings. Again, in the nfl everyone can run so you have to fake a guy out. Let your RB take the hits, not ur QB, and run regular NFL staples. Once you do that throw some play action. Nothing really complicated. All things regress to the mean boys!
# 9 paconaifas @ 09/03/13 03:28 PM
I prefer...Aaron Rodgers!!!!
# 10 Reed1417 @ 09/03/13 05:49 PM
I prefer a mobile type QB. If he can throw and run then I want him on my team!
# 11 Raw Energy @ 09/03/13 05:59 PM
Balance with alot of throwing power. I can mimic most qb styles. So I can stay in pocket and shred defense. Make plays like BIg Ben/Rodgers/Vick. I prefer to stay in pocket even if i have a mobile Qb. No fun scrambling unless i really need to.
# 12 Hurricanes919 @ 09/03/13 06:34 PM
As a fan of the Panthers, I love knowing that my teams QB is what I guess we're calling 'balanced'. His mobility saves a lot of plays and his passer ability and arm is certainly adequate. Maybe lacking a little in consistent accuracy to date but here's to a new season, right? On Madden however, I prefer a pocket passer for three reasons.

1. I played QB in high school and was never known for my blazing speed or escapability in the pocket. Sure, I had a 74 yard option run for a TD once that a local HS sports writer said would have made Tom Osbourne proud, but those moments were few and far between. I mostly took 3 and 5 step drops and slung it downfield. So while I like knowing that the hybrid/balanced QB is running my favorite team, I prefer to play the video games like I played in real life.

2. Turnovers and such man. I feel like every time i run out of the pocket on Madden and cross the line of scrimmage, the football seems to be covered in egg and butter just slipping and sliding out of my hands all over the field at the slightest bit of contact. I play as the Bengals in an online CCM and Andy Dalton sharts himself when he leaves the pocket and sees Troy Polamalu or Lawrence Timmons coming for his head. Then the ball falls out.

3. Lastly I avoid mobile QB's because I feel so obligated to go be mobile with them. If I'm RG3, or Cam or Kaep back there I feel like I ought to be moving around trying to run for first downs. I know that's just me caving under some pressure or what not but it takes away from my ability to stand in and go through whatever progressions I am trying to go through downfield.

My favorite QB's to play with on Madden right now are (not in any order):

1. Andy Dalton (Due to it being my CCM team.)
2. Tony Romo (He's the closest thing we have to Favre now.)
3. Matt Ryan (Hate the Falcons. Love Matty Ice.)
4. Matt Stafford (An excuse to throw the ball 50 times a game.)
5. Peyton Manning (Peyton Manning.)
# 13 The_Gaming_Disciple @ 09/03/13 09:01 PM
#5 Jameis Winston
# 14 brent3419 @ 09/03/13 09:05 PM
6-4 or 6-7 tall lanky balenced qb. need mobility put the play actions which i run alot, and i want accuracy higher than power. i run a quick mixed pro style offense and these qbs usually fit my scheme
# 15 Hurricanes919 @ 09/03/13 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by brent3419
6-4 or 6-7 tall lanky balenced qb. need mobility put the play actions which i run alot, and i want accuracy higher than power. i run a quick mixed pro style offense and these qbs usually fit my scheme
6'7"?! This kid is a monster!
# 16 ratedmoney @ 09/03/13 10:19 PM
I prefer a balanced QB. Good from the pocket and can scramble when need be. AR12 comes to mind. Typically in NCAA I like to recruit mobile QBs and develop them into balanced QBs.
# 17 tarek @ 09/03/13 11:11 PM
As a coach mode player, I prefer a pocket passer in Madden. Since coach mode in NCAA14 is more complete, I go with a more hybrid QB as I like to get out and run when needed.
# 18 megarover @ 09/04/13 12:14 AM
I like balanced QBs. When I use mobile ones I feel obliged to run sometimes with them even if its not the right play.

And I don't like not having the option to escape the pocket when it collapses
# 19 CT Pittbull @ 09/04/13 04:18 AM
A good player can win with either/or. Even if m using a mobile qb I rarely run with them. Mobile qb's are a little to dominant in madden over the years so running with them for me is an after though 98% of the time. I play sim offline and im not interested in racking up stats or exploiting the defensive deficiencies of this game. Some may like to do so, but that just isn't fun for me
# 20 pabryant @ 09/04/13 11:53 AM
Andrew Luck is a great prototype for the type of quarterback I prefer. Tall-6'4"+, solid-220lbs+, a strong arm, accurate, and having the ability to run for a 3rd and short to 3rd and medium for the first down. Just so happens I live in and play with Indy so that works out well for me.
But even in NCAA, that is the type of quarterback I have always favored. I like to stay in the pocket and get the ball down field. No matter which game I am playing, my offensive line is always one of the first things I address. I need a comfortable pocket for my QB to move the rock.
Having speed like Luck's, however, is more of a luxury to me. Its nice to know, when a play breaks down or I see wide open field, I can take off. This usually happens 2 or 3 times a game for me. Usually catches my opponent off-guard and results in game changing plays.

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