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With today's impending Season Ticket release of NHL 14, we just have to ask the obvious question: why isn't it like this for all game releases?

Think about it: full game releases on Fridays with all weekend to play. You can take a sick day and play a game three full days before having to head back to work. There is so much which makes sense for consumers.

However, there are reasons why games are released on Tuesdays and they all revolve around retail. Everything is released on Tuesdays, from books to movies to music. Not only that but retail is typically slow on Tuesday, so media gives it a boost and outside of that a lot of the business model works better with Tuesday releases.

But we're not here to ask stores what they prefer, we're here to ask you. Would you prefer full version releases of video games were done on Friday rather than Tuesday?

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# 1 Fiddy @ 09/06/13 11:07 AM
Fridays, no question!
# 2 karlos @ 09/06/13 11:28 AM
Games are usually released on Fridays in the UK so we have to wait until the 13th for NHL 14.

Sometimes blockbuster worldwide releases are on Tuesdays like Halo etc but 95% are Fridays.

Strangely we will get Season ticket tomorrow and will last until Friday (well Thursday at midnight).

Season ticket ran out though and not renewing despite having found it worthwhile because of transition to next gen.
# 3 AllJuicedUp @ 09/06/13 11:44 AM
You have Soundscan (which is owned by Nielson) to blame for the Tuesday release schedule.

Soundscan is the tracking system used to track sales of DVD's, CD's, video games, etc. The system tracks on a Tuesday-Monday schedule, so in order to easily compare first week sales to every other week, digital media companies simply adopted the Tuesday release day, which gives them 7 full days for week 1.
# 4 LingeringRegime @ 09/06/13 11:47 AM
Tuesdays are fine with me. They come earlier in the week than Friday.
# 5 bghost @ 09/06/13 11:59 AM
I prefer Tuesdays as it helps to break up the monotony of a typical work week.
# 6 Cod @ 09/06/13 12:23 PM
It has nothing to do with consumer convenience and everything to do with the business-side of things. There are two primary reasons video games are released on Tuesday:

1) Shipping schedules. The majority of business shipping is coordinated early in the week, sent out in the middle, and received by stores at the end of the week. I worked for a shipping company contracted to Paramount Studios and the aforementioned schedule was posted everywhere. Also explains why I worked more hours early in the week.

2) Sales numbers. This is probably the biggest reason for the Tuesday releases. Sales numbers for all entertainment mediums (games, CDs, etc.) are released on Mondays. If games released on Fridays, initial numbers would look awful and investors wouldn't be happy. Remember, a lot of investors have NO interests in the product they invest in as long as it doesn't lose money.

There you have it...my two cents.
# 7 Majingir @ 09/06/13 12:46 PM
Friday would lead to biggest rush to get it cause last day before weekend so lots of people will want to get it.

I'd rather it be Wednesday though. Right in the middle of the week so that you have something to look forward to for the first 2-3 days of the week.
# 8 statum71 @ 09/06/13 02:55 PM
I have NEVER understood the Tuesday thing.

# 9 Td1984 @ 09/06/13 04:13 PM
Fridays so you have the whole weekend to play it right away. Plus it's a more convenient day for people to go out and buy it.
# 10 agreene7 @ 09/06/13 05:57 PM
Fridays so I can play for hours because I won't have to work or go to school bright and early the next morning.
# 11 WelshWizard @ 09/06/13 08:11 PM
It's Friday in the UK already so get them Thursday and have a long weekend. I would have anyday as long as was same day release as USA and Euro tbh.
# 12 TheManofSteel3kO @ 09/06/13 11:28 PM
The reason business usually release their products on Tuesdays, is because Tuesday is the Norse & Roman god of war. So this is basically "war day" for competing businesses so to speak.

But it should be Fridays in my opinion because it would essentially give those who purchase time to play them over the weekend and there are games that are dropped that are bringing in motion picture type money and are like interactive motion pictures anyways. Also, I'm sure many people who buy games mostly get paid on Fridays so that would help too.
# 13 IrOnKoBe @ 09/07/13 11:44 AM
I'm happy with Tuesday cause most kids are in school and most people work that means I can own them when they get off
# 14 mikemck09 @ 09/07/13 12:12 PM
Friday, absolutely!!!
# 15 Sinner @ 09/07/13 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by LingeringRegime
Tuesdays are fine with me. They come earlier in the week than Friday.
Ahh but if it's the previous Friday you get it earlier than that Tuesday.

Would love Friday release just for having more time to play it without having to take a day or go back t owork the next day from staying up late.
# 16 scottyo60 @ 09/07/13 01:10 PM
They could always do digital releases on Friday and then retail copies on Tuesdays? That would boost digital sales one would think
# 17 GetNadedScrubs @ 09/07/13 01:47 PM
Fridays and Tuesdays are the best in my opinion. Try not to release it on the same day as a big game like GTA 5 , etc..
# 18 bonannogiovanni @ 09/07/13 05:12 PM
Games can be released any day of the week, If I have time I'll play that very day, if not, when I have, what's the problem....
# 19 Bobhead @ 09/07/13 11:46 PM
Tomorrow. All of them.
# 20 baseballkid97 @ 09/08/13 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by LingeringRegime
Tuesdays are fine with me. They come earlier in the week than Friday.
Or 3 days earlier?

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