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The FIFA 14 demo has been released for PC users, via EA's Origin service.

Demo teams are FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund, New York Red Bulls, CA Boca Juniors, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.

Download it, play a few games and post your impressions.

We will have a separate topic for PS3 and 360 users when it becomes available.

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# 1 stagnant @ 09/09/13 08:47 PM
Spurs in the demo... I now need this things to be available on XBOX at the strike of midnight.

Can you tell me what their starting 11 looks like? Is Lamela and Erkickson on the team?
# 2 CarryTheWeight @ 09/09/13 09:02 PM
Only played one game (0-0 friendly between Barca and Milan) so I don't have any really in-depth comments to make, but I'll make a few general observations:

-Can set difficulty/style/controller configurations after the FIFA splash screen like on first boot in previous years (Beginner-Experienced-Advanced settings, which will determine difficulty and level of assists)

-Playable modes in demo are kick off (play now/exhibition/friendly) and a demo version of Ultimate Team (which I didn't try). EDIT: Practice Arena is also available in the "play" menu.

-Other game modes are selectable, BUT display a menu screen describing the mode and its improvements.

-3 Minute half length for friendlies, which is unchangeable.

-Only match options that are editable are weather, difficulty, game speed, gameplay sliders and level of controller assists/controller configuration. Will check again later if anything else comes to mind.

-All (kick off/friendly) demo games are played at Camp Nou. Again, haven't tried FUT.


-Only going by one game here and I don't want to upset/disappoint many so I'll say it as generally as I can: if you loved the past few years of FIFA football, you'll love this year's game as well. Same may apply to if you disliked it. Default game speed, like last year, is still quite fast. Will play a match on slower settings to see how that compares (as that's the speed I played 13 on).

-Only played on the intermediate difficulty level with assists off and didn't notice any dramatic differences in AI. There have been some new animations added and a few things are a bit less wonky in the physics end, but nothing too dramatic.

-Presentation is among the best of any EA title. A new member of the commentary team introduces the game and the commentators. The studio host also introduces the halftime highlights. Martin/Alan have a few new in-depth lines to start the match. My match had a few longer asides about Neymar joining Barcelona and the Camp Nou stadium, as well as Barca's struggles during the Champions League and their "more than a club" philosophy "breaking down" with Messi out of the lineup. It was really informative to hear them talk at length about this and it reminded me of how NBA 2K handles its "storyline" commentary.

-Some of the "living worlds" stuff I saw in FIFA 14 next-gen Gamescom videos made it into the PC version, including cameras that follow the ball and walking stewards/officials. The "other game" had these small environmental details aplenty in previous iterations, but I don't recall FIFA having the same last year. Managers have been removed from the sidelines for some reason.

-Face models are both accurate and excellent for Milan and Barca, as expected (two of the most prestigious teams in the world and the starting 11 also received facial scans from what I recall).

-Small detail, but replays at halftime and full-time now feature information in the lower third:

Once again, my observations/impressions are all very general at this point. Let it be known that I also plan on purchasing next-gen FIFA and "that other game" instead of the current-gen/PC version. Thankfully, this version is definitely on par with the new current-gen versions of 14 and isn't a re-skin like Vita's infamous "Legacy Version".

Will reply with more observations the next time I'm able to play another quick demo game.
# 3 CarryTheWeight @ 09/09/13 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by stagnant
Can you tell me what their starting 11 looks like? Is Lamela and Erkickson on the team?
Unfortunately, it looks like neither made it in. Rosters in the demo are pre-Deadline Day, as Bale and Dempsey are still in the first 11:
# 4 Yeats @ 09/09/13 09:25 PM
Downloaded and played it. Some noticeable and nice changes to the player movement: additional animations and players have more momentum. Core game and gameplay is still very much like FIFA 13, which was like FIFA 12: fast with very little CPU buildup. Not enough for me this year to justify a purchase at this point, looking for something different this time round I guess.
# 5 rckabillyRaider @ 09/09/13 09:56 PM
played one quick game using Boca vs NY on world class, slow, default sliders. First of all, my PC ran it very smooth so that's good. Feels ALOT like last year's game. Difficulty might be a tad amped up. The only noticeable difference to me is the momentum of the players. Once you make a turn, it takes a second to regather yourself. Will try some more games/teams
# 6 Matt10 @ 09/09/13 10:00 PM
The fact that it still feels like FIFA 13 is not necessarily a bad thing; it's a matter of how the defense works for me. I hope it's not an end to end action type of set up in every match.
# 7 rckabillyRaider @ 09/09/13 11:59 PM
Yeah, the defense does feel tighter. I've lost the possession battle in every game and have barely got any shots off. Adjusting the sliders also makes the game play better. So Basically same as last year with some small improvements. I like it.
# 8 HKPound @ 09/10/13 12:45 AM
Has defensive AI improved? especially on counter attacks? Some of the movements centerbacks would make was puzzling on breaks. Recently just had a scenario with 3 defenders, 2 attackers and the guy with the ball was easily covered and all the two center backs had to do was track the strikers run. However, one of my center backs shaded over towards the guy with the ball for whatever reason leaving the striker open for an easy through ball and goal.
# 9 Yeats @ 09/10/13 03:56 AM
Originally Posted by rckabillyRaider
Yeah, the defense does feel tighter. I've lost the possession battle in every game and have barely got any shots off.
You can't really go by the demo IMO. It feels like the CPU has been locked on high pressure specifically for this 3-minute demo. Yes there's more CPU off-the-ball pressure than default FIFA 13. But the moment they gain ball control, they boot the ball upfield to an open FW. That's how the CPU played in the final minutes of every game in FIFA 13 when running their high pressure game.

Last year after playing the FIFA 13 demo, I immediately knew I couldn't go back to FIFA 12, the improvements were that noticeable. Not this year. Feels like the same game with subtle tweaks to the player movement. I actually prefer some elements of FIFA 13 more. One example: FIFA 14, even on slow speed, plays so fast (again, pressurized) that some player animations appear to me to be jumpier, less natural, and not as smooth as FIFA 13.

EDIT: Have to backtrack a bit here, I am seeing slower, more-controlled buildup by the CPU, different than FIFA 13 for sure.
# 10 Yeats @ 09/10/13 06:15 AM
Al Pacino (soccergaming, not the actor) cl file to increase demo length to 6 min and skip intro; might even be able to change to 10, 15, 20 min, haven't tried that yet:

# 11 Yeats @ 09/10/13 06:15 AM
After several more games I will say this: definitely some very nice player movement upgrades with FIFA 14, that alone might make it worth purchasing even if the CPU AI is the same as ever (which it seems to be). Seems more like something they could have patched in FIFA 13 though when it comes right down to it, but that's the way it is with most sports games these days I suppose.
# 12 BrianFifaFan @ 09/10/13 07:25 AM
Has anyone noticed the new ball physics, yet?
# 13 Yeats @ 09/10/13 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by BrianFifaFan
Has anyone noticed the new ball physics, yet?
Two initial impressions: Ball is heavier and passing feels about right. Shooting feels different and FIFA 13 felt better is my first reaction.

Pure Shot: Shooting has been transformed. Players have the intelligence to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting the back of the net. Well-hit balls feel satisfying and goals are rewarding. As well as quality strikes, players can now shoot while off balance or rushed.

The new shooting features (curve, low driven shots) are contextual, so it's tough to get a quick read on how effective it is. Again, my first impression is the shooting isn't quite right. The ball feels quite heavy and there's not the same umph behind shots that makes FIFA 13 shooting so enjoyable. This could be something EA further tweaks before the full game is released. If you recall last year the demo played quite differently than the full game did (much to the disappointment and frustration of many).

Also, Messi in the arena was banging uber-curved FKs off the posts and crossbar left, right, and center while the GK seemed helpless and dismayed. Wondering if contextual shooting will be too effective.

EDIT: Not sure about contextual shooting. Messi in the arena can fire cannon shots with the outside of his foot, and with his leg motion moving across his body. He should almost be off-balance and falling over at that point. I'd honestly say many of those shots should be mis-hits and even tappers that bounce or roll up the GK, instead they're curling and screaming past the post or above the crossbar.
# 14 Yeats @ 09/10/13 09:34 AM
Game speed slow
Speed sliders 39
Accel sliders 45

This to me is about perfect, plays a very nice game of simulation-paced football.
# 15 BrianFifaFan @ 09/10/13 09:54 AM
Thanks for the info. Going to download it when I gt home. Figure there should be a demo expander out by then. I tended to play 13 with the game speed a little down from default, too. Your settings sound about what I would use. One question, can I switch to Pro Cam? That would make the demo perfect. Well, it would be perfect if Man U was a playable squad!
# 16 Yeats @ 09/10/13 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by BrianFifaFan
One question, can I switch to Pro Cam? That would make the demo perfect.
Pro cam is available yes. I created my own pro cam mod (only cam I ever use) that allows you to zoom in closer. If interested, create a cl .ini file with the following values in it, and place in the main game folder:


Originally Posted by BrianFifaFan
Well, it would be perfect if Man U was a playable squad!
There's a Manchester City team in the game. Aren't they like the same thing only blue?
# 17 NightmareBooster @ 09/10/13 10:29 AM
Speaking of Pro Cam, Yeats my man, I tried BAP again now that I play on PC with more sim gameplay thanks to the mods but I still can't do it. I just have to be in control of everything.
# 18 Yeats @ 09/10/13 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by NightmareBooster
I just have to be in control of everything.
Most do, yeah. Me, I've only ever played PES using the 3rd person player cam fixed on one player. Amazing rush to score a goal that way given you barely touch the ball all game. That's when I got hooked. I just discovered that FIFA (IMO) plays much better using player lock, so now I'm hooked on that as well.
# 19 NightmareBooster @ 09/10/13 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Yeats
Amazing rush to score a goal that way given you barely touch the ball all game.
I will admit that the first goal I scored in BAP was pretty awesome.
# 20 BrianFifaFan @ 09/10/13 10:57 AM
Thanks, Yeats. I'll try that Pro Cam .ini when I get home. As to your Man City joke, I'm going to have to say they are set up to be better than us. Our transfer window was straight turribul , as Charles Barkley would say.....

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