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EA Sports and NFL.com have launched a new project entitled the Madden NFL 25 Rankings Hub, which will be a new destination where fans can rank their favorite players by position for a chance to see their ratings increased within Madden NFL 25.

Each Monday through Wednesday, fans can visiting the Rankings Hub and rate who they believe are the top performers at key positions in the NFL. Fan feedback is sent to EA Sports' Madden Rating Czar Donny Moore, who will take the pulse of the community when deciding which players will be movers and shakers each week within the regular roster updates.

Also, in addition to the rankings on the site, fans can also cast their vote every week for the Madden NFL 25 Next Generation Player of the Year. The nominees for this award are comprised of the most promising young players within the NFL, which the community will decide upon.

All in all, it seems a cool way for fans to interact with EA and get their .02 in on which players should be moving ratings wise. Will you be using the Rankings Hub on NFL.com?

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Member Comments
# 1 Tomba @ 09/10/13 03:57 PM
Sim Players Rejoice!

Ummm... wait?
# 2 roll2tide @ 09/10/13 04:03 PM
Baffling to me.
# 3 azdawgpound @ 09/10/13 04:07 PM
they had something like this back over on the ea site back in 2011..... it didn't go over very well cause the czar didn't really listen and rated them whatever he felt they should be.
# 4 raguel @ 09/10/13 04:44 PM
While I have to admit that EA has been a little better about this lately, it upsets me that they put more time into this sort of thing that explaining to us what the attributes really do.
# 5 SirStuckey @ 09/10/13 04:47 PM
This is done in a weird way and they don't even have Terrell Pryor under the QB section despite having a bunch of other backups and Tim Tebow.
# 6 ggsimmonds @ 09/10/13 05:08 PM
You're doing it wrong EA
# 7 roll2tide @ 09/10/13 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by ggsimmonds
You're doing it wrong EA
Welcome to my signature.
# 8 BigBuzz5 @ 09/10/13 05:16 PM
They are just stalling so we can forget about next-gen gameplay. I figured it out lol
# 9 MuchToLearn @ 09/10/13 05:22 PM
Tim Tebow .. 99 in EVERYTHING!!

i wonder if they'd actually change his rating in-game
# 10 jtswag187 @ 09/10/13 07:07 PM
this is just a popularity contest, not talent of each player all this will be 99ovr cowboys and packers
# 11 N51_rob @ 09/10/13 07:09 PM
Awesome, so a guy that doesn't know anything or use real metrics for the ratings will now get help from fans that know nothings or use real metrics to form their opinion of players.
# 12 friscob @ 09/10/13 10:28 PM
Ratings hardly even matter. I can put a 4th string TE at running back and make all the same cuts to gain yards.
# 13 TheBuddyHobbs @ 09/11/13 09:05 AM
Hope for sim Madden next gen just died...

# 14 Gosens6 @ 09/11/13 09:14 AM
Thank god for Madden Share and Operation Sports. All I can say.
# 15 Demoncrom @ 09/11/13 09:38 AM
This is lazy crap, just plain crap. 2K announced Dynamic living rosters based on actual states compiled by an actual statistics company and EA thinks that mob based stats is the way to go what a joke!!!


try again lamEA
# 16 Demoncrom @ 09/11/13 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by friscob
Ratings hardly even matter. I can put a 4th string TE at running back and make all the same cuts to gain yards.
Which is why Madden sucks at this point. Broken engines
# 17 GlennN @ 09/11/13 12:03 PM
Once you start a CFM, what does it even matter? By then, my universe goes on its own.
# 18 GoodImmigrant @ 09/11/13 01:03 PM
Bad Idea. they did this a few years back for the first round picks during the draft and every player got a +5 boost to their Overall rating. you can already edit ratings to players you think deserve a bump in their rating.

having to knowing who people think deserves a boost in ratings, is the same as having to listen to people's tweets about the weather during the morning news. don't care.
# 19 NYwRiter94 @ 09/11/13 03:38 PM
I just got to QBs and they literally forgot to include Eli Manning.
# 20 infemous @ 09/11/13 09:13 PM
This is embarrassing to read.

Its a really sad state of affairs when something as crucial as player ratings are made available to be tampered with by homer fans.

It also proves how EA is so ashamed of their product and the fact that it can't sell itself on its own merits that they have to create 'innovative' and new marketing strategies to involve their fanbases and gain some discourse about their game.

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