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NHL 14 has hit store shelves just about everywhere today, so it's time for us to take your pulse on how you feel about EA's new hockey sim. What do you think of this year's game?

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# 1 SinisterAlex @ 09/10/13 04:45 PM
I voted Good.

It's just a more refined version of NHL 13.
# 2 Bryzine21 @ 09/10/13 05:24 PM
Excellent game. Wish I could say the same for current gen Madden.
# 3 skrody @ 09/10/13 07:56 PM
cheezers will love this game because you can still score the same as NHL 13. i will not play 1 second online because of this.

i voted average because of the offline experience. CPU still soots 90% top shelf blocker side (hmmmmmm i wonder how to score). its a roster update over NHL 13 as far as im concerned.
# 4 ericromain @ 09/10/13 10:36 PM
I played online only (1 game online vs, 5 games HUT). This games is much more fun than NHL11,12, or 13 so far.
The game feels sooo much different than NHL13 on the online settings, but in a great way. The pursuit angles, momentum, and choppy grittiness of the game feels great. I"m seeing great goal variety.

HUT is annoying because everyone already has 3 lines of NHL stars and my fresh out of the box OHL dusters can't compete with them, i enjoy the challenge and don't mind losing 5-0, but i don't think they're making the game very accessible.

Online VS feels great.
# 5 BaylorBearBryant @ 09/10/13 10:47 PM
Without a doubt this and FIFA are EA's best sports games. I'll be playing NHL 14 online until NHL 15 comes out.
# 6 Bleak5170 @ 09/11/13 06:11 AM
I voted "Good". Now the game play is mostly great but the A.I. still needs as lot of work. Plus the entire presentation needs a massive overhaul.
# 7 adayinthelife @ 09/11/13 08:54 AM
Probably too early to judge, but I picked "great" if only because I've managed to put a fair bit of time into it (more than I normally would) over the weekend/couple days this week and I'm still actually really enjoying it with the right slider tweaks, etc. I actually had one of my most enjoyable games just last night.

It's hardly revolutionary given that this engine has been powering 8(!!!) versions of this game at this point, but it is the best hockey game this gen bar none imo. Series fatigue is all that will be holding me back as far as I can see.
# 8 Dolphins88 @ 09/11/13 09:07 AM
The gameplay is more refined than 13 with better hitting physics and fighting so I gave it good. To make this great they need to overhaul the presentation with the NBC team (listening EA) with in between period intermission reports w milbury and jones and post game reports with 3 stars. Each team should play their own style eg bruins should play hard physical forecheck , pens play fast offensive game, hawks a bit of both with pinching defensemen, etc. There should be more puck physics( rolling, bouncing, deflections), more skill categories with even more player differences ( not everyone should have a slap shot like chara crosbys speed or datsyuks puck control or kanes stick handling/spin moves), arena differences( rink size, boards, jumbotrons, rink sounds ( eg kings guy, goal horns, team chants, shark tank, oilers, hawks song, etc), more detailed player faces, coaches. The AI needs more improvement definitely- each player should have different skills so you know when your playing with a Crosby or datsyuk or Malkin, etc.
# 9 Fiddy @ 09/11/13 10:26 AM
some good, some bad about this game.

typical tread water by EA with this.

this game while enjoyable under the right situation is just average at best!
# 10 jhamlin1971 @ 09/11/13 12:15 PM
I am really enjoying this years edition! I think they have steadily improved each version and this year's just seems to come together. I do not play online so I can not comment on that side of things. I think the AI is good overall and at default All-Pro settings, I am finally seeing realistic shot numbers, faceoff wins and hits with no adjustment to the sliders. I agree that the penalties that the CPU takes needs to be improved.

Is it perfect? No, I don't believe any game is. Its hard to cater to each individual when it comes to either simulation or arcade gameplay. I find the broken offplay music playlist irritating. Hopefully a patch will fix this soon, releasing with this glitch is inexcusable since its worked in every other one.

The fighting engine being completely redone is a huge plus for me. I think its relatively believable to what occurs in an actual hockey game. I know some complain that certain players would never instigate a fight, etc etc.

I agree with the previous comments about how NHL and FIFA are EA's strong sports offerings. This will receive more playtime for me than Madden and I am more of a football fan.

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