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FIFA Soccer 14's demo has been on the market for a week now, and our staff has had plenty of time to dig into the demo and share their impressions. Is the current gen version of FIFA 14 a must buy? Read on to find out.

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# 1 DaWolf @ 09/16/13 04:28 PM
Fifa on next Gen isnt a Giant leap either, played it at gamescom.
# 2 TheLetterZ @ 09/16/13 04:28 PM
Nice write-up, guys.

I like FIFA's core game mechanics. The AI as a whole can improve, but it plays well enough.

The lack of player and team individuality in FIFA frustrates me. I end up getting bored of FIFA after not too long because AI opponents tend to play very, very similarly. Sure, Barcelona and Messi are good, as they should be. I just don't feel like they play LIKE Barcelona and Messi.
# 3 Yeats @ 09/16/13 04:30 PM
1. Fair reviews. I especially appreciate the insight regarding the AI issues with this series; all very true.
2. I'm not going next-gen, therefore I'm more focused on this game which maybe explains why I might seem more impressed with this current-gen demo than the three writers appear to be.
3. Seems a lot of energy is being put into the idea that next-gen is going to be some great leap. Guess nobody remembers what went on with "next-gen" Madden the past seven years.
# 4 hedache @ 09/16/13 04:37 PM
I'm playing the demo on XBOX and I find the computer CPU trying different things and styles with different teams. So I'm not sure why Jayson is not happy with the AI. Well AI is not at its great, probably far from it, but not as bad as he made it sound like.

I've seen Barcelona make real quick passes and get behind my defense when I'm up and create some nice 2 on 1 situations. I've also seen them go all the way back to their CBs when my defense is too collapsed. I did like the way they passed around to find a gap in my defense patiently while this was not always the case like in previous years. When they see something they go for it without wasting time.

I've also seen nice through balls sent into paths of runners. But I must also mention that I have modified the sliders (run frequency and full back positioning may be a big factor here, along with line length, height and width). So that might be creating the better AI movement in attack.

I'm pretty hopeful about the offline experience in 14, while I play the game online mostly.
# 5 hedache @ 09/16/13 04:41 PM
I must note that I've easily played more than 40 games if not more. And I've used a good variety of match ups, even teams, strong vs weak, weak vs strong...

While at it, on my second post, this is just a prediction: I don't expect 14 to be much different on next gen. I think they will start utilizing the new hardware better as time goes, which may be 15 or 16. That's my expectation.
# 6 Gnemi @ 09/16/13 05:02 PM
I wish I could disagree with Jayson's summary of issues with the demo, but I can't. EA seem to have done a lot of homework in their approach to changing the gameplay mechanics of FIFA '14 but in terms of AI teammates, it's still very disappointing and I'm not sure if sliders will address things sufficiently.

On the one hand, patience is required if you want to break down the AI's defense; however, your own AI teammates are quite simply incompetent.
# 7 BQ32 @ 09/16/13 05:35 PM
Man you round table dudes never give Fifa credit, every year its like a mixed bag yet you rave about inferior titles such as NBA 2k. This year the gameplay has improved greatly just like 13 from 12, 14 from 13 makes subtle changes that completely refine how to properly play the game. This demo plays much more realistically with the added weight and momentum system, and damn, the physicality of this game is just beautiful. There is a true sense of fight and jostling for ball control while maintaining the ability to really finesse and juke defenders. From a strictly online players perspective it is great to see that each year fifa becomes a better and more skill based game. The AI is definitely not perfect but they are BETTER then fifa 13 for sure. The game initially does not feel better then 13 but the more you play it and master the ability to control players with the feel of actual weight it becomes clear how much fun it is to play and what a gameplay upgrade it really is.
# 8 BQ32 @ 09/16/13 05:43 PM
For you guys struggling with the spacing of the players, which the AI can occasionally crowd your space or run away, play at a slower pace. I find most players try to rush around and bing passes around, but if you take your time, hold the ball a bit and see where the openings are your AI problems drop drastically. I like to use the possession quick tactic, your AI teamates will be much better about giving you proper passing lanes, especially if your not afraid pass it backwards. The AI gripe I still have is with the defensive marking. Even there though it is much improved from 13 where at times it was non existent.
# 9 razorkaos @ 09/17/13 07:08 AM
well, i have to disagree with 90% of your reviews. as hedache told, i have seen the CPU teams making different plays, they actually value possession and they try to make good use of the ball. Also, the ref is calling offsides and fouls in equal amount for both sides. As i mentioned on the other thread, i saw the ref giving a red card to a CPU player that was not booked before, for a tackle from behind. i didn't see such a thing in the last 2 years playing fifa on a daily basis.

the only problem i have with the AI, is with the offensive AI, cause yes, i agree when you say that your teammates doesn't know how to use open spaces to give you an option. Instead, they run towards the defenders, and it makes me sick.

fifa 14 may look like fifa 13, but certainly doesn't play like any of the previous titles in the series.

i can't wait for the full game, and i'm angry as hell, cause the game will be delayed here in Brazil (WB games does it again...), and i won't be able to play till october 3...
# 10 DBMcGee3 @ 09/20/13 05:26 PM
It's a really good game in a lot of ways, but I think these reviews are fair in their assessment of the computer AI, at least with default game sliders. I've played the demo plenty of times by now, and for the most part the cpu never makes me work very hard to get to the ball. They mass pass a few times (never backwards though), but inevitably someone dribbles right into range of my defender and the ball pops loose as soon as I touch him. The ball physics feel off to me as well, the weight of the ball just doesn't feel right on shots or passes.

Although I'm a bit concerned about some of the frame rate issues I saw in video reviews of PES 2014, including things I wasn't seeing in the demo, it still plays a much more realistic, organic game of football in my opinion. But hey, this is one of the few remaining franchise battles that actually matters, I'm glad to be choosing between 2 very good games.
# 11 hedache @ 09/20/13 08:39 PM
What is the level on these games that you don't have to work hard for winning the ball? I play on World Class and the AI very well makes me work hard to win it back once I lose it.

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