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2K Sports has released the first full details on this year's NBA 2K14 gameplay with a new Developer Diary video.

Mike Wang, Lead Gameplay Designer, addressed the skepticism that people might think the game will be a minor upgrade saying, "We really wanted to stomp that right away and make sure everyone understood that NBA 2K14 will be a fully upgraded game."

Rob Jones, Senior Producer, said the AI is much improved on both offense and defense.

"Spacing is much butter," Jones said. "I think this year is the first time we really got a feeling 'these guys know what I'm trying to do' (in regards to their floor spacing."

Wang said attacking the basket is "more gripping" and "you can't just go anywhere you want with the ball". Players attacking the rim should expect more contact in the paint, as it should be.

2K looked at the blocking system and made improvements and "even rewrote the system."

Producer Jerson Sapida said, "We're just ensuring the user can get the best possible block attempt that they can make."

2K, in the past, artificially dropped shooting percentages when players drove towards the rim. This year, says Mike Wang, the approach is different. This year the contact in the paint, the fouls, the blocks, etc. will all be much more natural and authentic to what you would expect to see.

"To me, it's one of the biggest upgrades the series has seen in a long time," Wang said.

We are expecting even more NBA 2K14 info soon, as the game is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 1.

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Member Comments
# 1 Vni @ 09/18/13 06:10 PM
Was expecting more info.
# 2 MrBigShot1 @ 09/18/13 06:11 PM
2k14 current gen is a minor update imo. Waiting on next gen...
# 3 myownsun @ 09/18/13 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by MrBigShot1
2k14 current gen is a minor update imo. Waiting on next gen...
Nothing more to add i agree 100%
# 4 Dimage25 @ 09/18/13 06:16 PM
Nice little insight and nice to hear what the devs have to say about the game, now obviously i had hoped for some more info, but the gameplay looks good and i'm pretty excited to get my hands on the game
I hope they'll release some more videos soon.
# 5 DaWolf @ 09/18/13 06:17 PM
Emm 0:43 is this next Gen 2k14???
# 6 LD2k @ 09/18/13 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by DaWolf
Emm 0:43 is this next Gen 2k14???
Let's squash this now.

# 7 alabamarob @ 09/18/13 06:23 PM
Game looks good. Defenders were making proper contact with off ball cutters. You can draw body contact on shots in the paint by holding your hands up. They say there will be a realistic amount of fouls called.

Only thing missing for me is the toning down of full court passing accuracy, addressing charge calls, and realistic free throw difficulty.

Once they give a demo date and details I am good.
# 8 alabamarob @ 09/18/13 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
Let's squash this now.

Did they tune the full court pass accuracy and charge calls?

Good video.
# 9 MarvinOida @ 09/18/13 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by DaWolf
Emm 0:43 is this next Gen 2k14???
Maybe but I don't think so. The scorebugs are the same, the reflection looks similar to current gen, and the crowd looks as bored irl for a Bobcats vs Cavs game
# 10 JasonWilliams55 @ 09/18/13 06:31 PM
Good info straight from the makers, balance, balance, balance.

Online is gonna be fun this year with being able to play SOLID defense.
# 11 SouthBeach @ 09/18/13 06:33 PM
I just hope the blocks occur in the correct context and not every time my opponent attempts to block a dunk.

We rarely see a dunk attempt resulting in a clean block. So I hope that's reflected with the new system.

Looks good and I definitely see a lot smoother animations.

# 12 RipCity71252 @ 09/18/13 06:37 PM
Excited to get my hands on the demo for this even though it's hard to get my mind off of what hides behind the curtain for next gen.

Spacing, defense (lack of contact and blocks, closeout speeds) , and passing (overall speed and catching animations) were my biggest beefs in 2k13. If these are as improved as they look to be, the wait might not be as painful.
# 13 LD2k @ 09/18/13 06:40 PM
Everyone who has played it has enjoyed it.

Every aspect in gameplay has been carefully looked at and balanced. It's just extremely smooth. Visually, yes, we're near the limits on CG, but the feel of it is outstanding.

JasonWilliams can attest to this as well. He had tons of hands-on in Vegas and believe me, you OS'ers came with questions hard and fast. Glad the fellas that were up there could play it and FEEL it for themselves.

Current gen users have a TON to be excited for. Game is FUN and balanced.
# 14 TheLetterZ @ 09/18/13 06:43 PM
Sounds tremendous. I'm excited about the spacing and defensive improvements.
# 15 Dimage25 @ 09/18/13 06:48 PM
Bring on some myteam news @LD2K, i think myteam is gonna be awesome
# 16 VDusen04 @ 09/18/13 06:51 PM
It was interesting to hear the piece on how 2K used to just artificially lower the percentages for shots inside that were contested. Trying to find a system that works where a player is able to make contested shots but not too many contested shots seems like an absolute pain, so I'm hoping the changes in that regard are for the best. I definitely was not a fan of the previous system, where I knew if I was going to miss a shot (regardless of distance, positioning, angle, momentum, and ability) based upon whether a defender was able to trigger a "contested" outcome.
# 17 thedream2k13 @ 09/18/13 06:51 PM
It looks great to me I'm buying it! To those of you who never post but want to let everyone know that this looks like 2k13 , keep NOT posting and hold your opinion until demo next week
# 18 Norris_Cole @ 09/18/13 06:57 PM
Contact looks great, paint defense looks great, animations so smooth, and shotblocking amazing. Just for these reasons alone I dont know how people can keep saying "nba 2k13.5" I gues people just look at the graphics and nothing else
# 19 VDusen04 @ 09/18/13 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by BADBOYS3
I think the "feel" of this game is gonna be a deciding factor for a lot of people. Kinda sucks for 2K, since there's only so much talking you can do about that. Hopefully they get a demo out soon. Cool video though. At least I know what to check for.

(Pistons haven't worn that red alternate in probably 4 years, btw. Gotta show off the new navy blue uniforms )
I think you're right. The game looks like NBA 2K13 but I agree that it'll be a matter of whether it plays like 2K14, if that makes sense. I am curious to see how much difference the on-court improvements really make.

And I was thinking the same thing as you about those Pistons reds. I'm cool with that though because I'm a fan of super deep jersey selections (past and current). Also, those reds take me back to good times:

# 20 TreyIM2 @ 09/18/13 07:04 PM
Damn. I gotta get more time with 13, still. Just got my fixed PS3 back less than 2 weeks ago after almost a year of it being shutdown and only played a smidge of it that night. Still love it and won't trade it in but now that I can't stop playing GTA V and 14 on preorder, not far off, this is gunna be tough. I'm just a little concerned about the new pro stick, tho, which is apart of y I'm hanging on to 13. Will see...

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