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Sleeved jerseys in the NBA are becoming a bigger fad, as if the NBA is preparing us for the day soccer style advertisements are on every jersey known to man. The traditionalist in me says this is a horrible trend, the more reasonable side of me says just play basketball and to not worry about what players are wearing.

What do you think? Are sleeved jerseys good? Cool? Stupid? Or do you really even care?

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# 1 canesfins @ 09/25/13 11:20 AM
# 2 poloelite @ 09/25/13 11:25 AM
I don't really care, but the first shooting slump will be blamed on the sleeves lol.
# 3 Phobia @ 09/25/13 11:27 AM
I voted Everyone should have them, I want to see how this would look lol
# 4 jcmreds @ 09/25/13 11:27 AM
I thought it was a soccer player at first.
# 5 quehouston @ 09/25/13 11:28 AM
The sleeved jerseys are fine. But the way they are depicted in 2k is horrible.
# 6 c15dubb @ 09/25/13 11:33 AM
david stern's last attempt to set the NBA up to have advertising on uniforms.
# 7 jmik58 @ 09/25/13 11:35 AM
Looks like a volleyball jersey.
# 8 Cold_Fries @ 09/25/13 11:44 AM
They look fine to me.. Something to revolutionize the way the NBA looks.. If this becomes the norm, we'll be looking back the the current jerseys like "damn I can't believe they use to wear those loose *** jerseys" just as we are with the small *** shorts.. Lol
# 9 dghustla @ 09/25/13 11:56 AM
David Stern's last attempt to change the image of the league by covering players tattooed upper arms and backs. oh and as c15dubb said more advertising.
# 10 NUH_UHHHHHHHHHHH @ 09/25/13 11:58 AM
dri fit clothing is in style
# 11 RandallB21 @ 09/25/13 12:02 PM
god awful fugly
# 12 juicey79 @ 09/25/13 12:26 PM
Not bad in real life but horrible in 2k14....They are like football jersey on the b-ball court
# 13 XXstormmXX @ 09/25/13 01:13 PM
I actually think that these new jerseys are much better and will soon become normal...
# 14 arimamba @ 09/25/13 01:15 PM
i think is great 100% support
# 15 daveberg @ 09/25/13 01:36 PM
No grown man should be wearing anything that tight.

Just wrong.
# 16 eaterofworlds888 @ 09/25/13 01:41 PM
I don't like it; not much on change anyway.
# 17 Pokes404 @ 09/25/13 02:12 PM
Don't really care. They look fine. Let's just play ball.
# 18 eko718 @ 09/25/13 02:49 PM
I absolutely did not intend to vote awesome... That was an accident. They are horrendous. And now they're talking about nicknames on the back of jerseys? They already discussed ads on jerseys....too much.
# 19 andy112382 @ 09/25/13 03:14 PM
They look like NBA pajamas...
# 20 SinisterAlex @ 09/25/13 03:23 PM
I don't watch basketball but I voted horrendous. Why change something that has been a staple of a sport for years?

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