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EA Sports has released a Madden NFL 25 next-gen teaser trailer with more information and details arriving on Monday.

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# 1 myownsun @ 09/27/13 11:08 AM
Great find Tnixen!
# 2 Kevin26385 @ 09/27/13 11:09 AM
What do you guys think of the quick footage they showed?
# 3 tnixen @ 09/27/13 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by Kevin26385
What do you guys think of the quick footage they showed?

It was so quick it's really hard to tell but the running animations look pretty good in this short video. Hopefully they will be a lot better then current gen.
# 4 myownsun @ 09/27/13 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by Kevin26385
What do you guys think of the quick footage they showed?
I don't what to think, I just hope the videos we get on Monday will be actual behind the offense gameplay footage.
# 5 cthurt @ 09/27/13 11:22 AM
I just want to see what the open field running animtion looks like but so far looks good, nice to see the Deion high step back in the game tho.
# 6 Gotmadskillzson @ 09/27/13 11:47 AM
Ok now that I have seen the whole shot of the video, it looks like a nice highlight reel showing off stumble recovery, spin, hurdle attempt tackle, back juke and showboating into the end zone. Quick clip, so that is all one can really get out of it.

Hopefully Monday will be 5 minute long footage of real time actual game play. Preferably a CPU vs CPU game for we can see just how good the AI really is on next gen.
# 7 ratedmoney @ 09/27/13 12:04 PM
All I could take from the vid was graphically it looked great.
# 8 tnixen @ 09/27/13 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by ratedmoney
All I could take from the vid was graphically it looked great.

I think one of the big things that will stick out between PS3/ X Box 360 sports games and PS4/ X Box One Sports game is photo realism. Sports games on next gen will look way more photo realistic then last gen! In fact when you look at PS3 and PS4 of games side by side the PS3 version looks more like a cartoon where as the PS4 version looks more like real life.
# 9 Brooke2011 @ 09/27/13 12:11 PM
In that video, you can def see the matte finish on the Vikings helmet. And the grass looks 10 times better.

I'll be honest ,it looks like the same engine as the infinity , but smoother.
# 10 ratedmoney @ 09/27/13 12:12 PM
It said see it September 30th. Hoping that means actual on the field gameplay. In a stadium, crowd, sidelines everything.
# 11 tmac747 @ 09/27/13 12:20 PM
Honestly, the graphical look reminds me of M12, M25 current gen graphics was purposely made lackluster to make the consumer feel like it had been up-graded. Lets see if the AI plays smarter and more like football should be played.
# 12 StL_RamZ @ 09/27/13 12:22 PM
Same broken spin tackle animation, looks like the same old engine. hmmmmm graphics are great tho
# 13 pdawg17 @ 09/27/13 12:26 PM
I'll be happy if the menus don't lag...
# 14 Brooke2011 @ 09/27/13 12:26 PM
Ok , so I went back and compared the Vikings uniforms to madden's uniforms. And sorry to say they still dony have the right fabric or color pants with the Vikings. Nike uses a fabric base pants that have a dull finish like the jerseys . In madden , it seems the pants have a shine to them like they did when reebok was the designer. It also seems that the color purple is too bright compared to the what they look like in real life..

This is only a small detail, but for Vikings fans it might mean so much more.
# 15 NicVirtue @ 09/27/13 12:33 PM
It was too fast to even begin to break anything down, as most of their trailers. I was hoping we'd see the Cloth aspect of the Ignite engine in terms of the jerseys, but now I have doubts it will make it in this years Madden.
# 16 RipCityAndy @ 09/27/13 12:33 PM
# 17 green94 @ 09/27/13 12:37 PM
**** yes.

More please!
# 18 BigBuzz5 @ 09/27/13 12:39 PM
I'll tell you what. The running animations, for what I saw in the video, looked pretty good. You could actually see acceleration and Peterson turning the corner. Graphically, it looks ok. Hopefully, we see actual gameplay on Monday. So far, ok EA.
# 19 Daywalker86 @ 09/27/13 12:39 PM
Ohhhh buddy...
# 20 SmashMan @ 09/27/13 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by lookatmenow
Once again the AI is horrible, players out of position to make a play, guys flopping all over the place, to much space between animations, not realistic at all. How come in madden the running backs always running through 2-4 guys and jumping all over the place. How often do you see that in a real NFL game.
MLB THE SHOW and 2K SPORTS games are so realistic that you get to feel like you are playing a real game that calls for real decision making. EA games just don't happen in real sports and the crowd, sideline and commentating is always awful.
It's pretty amazing that you picked up on all that from this video. It doesn't read like this post was prepared for whenever next-gen news came out - nope, not at all.


Not much to tell from this hype video, aside from the obvious graphics improvements. I'm assuming the Monday news will be more about graphics, considering the "See It" focus. It's nice to start seeing some info come out though.

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